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Wright named Danish League’s October Player of the Month

Haji Wright’s strong start with Danish Superliagen side Sonderjyske did not go unnoticed after being awarded Player of the Month honors for October.

The American striker was awarded the league’s Player of the Month award on Sunday after his blistering start with his new club. Wright becomes the first Sonderjyske player to win the award since 2016 and christened his achievement by scoring in a 3-0 league victory over Horsens on Sunday.

“It’s a price I’m very happy about,” Wright said. “It’s a result of the hard work that the entire team has put in this past month. It shows that the whole team has delivered well on the field and that we have done well together.”

Wright made the move to Denmark this summer has since scored six league goals in eight appearances. The 22-year-old capped off Sunday’s victory with a goal in the 78th minute at Horsens to move Sonderjyske to the top of the Superliagen table.

He was nominated alongside goalkeeper Lawrence Thomas and Midtjylland’s Anders Dreyer for the award, but edged them for his first individual achievement at the club.

Wright was not chosen for November USMNT duty, but could be in the mix for future appearances should he keep up his sensational form abroad. The club will next travel to Skive on November 11th in Danish Cup play.


  1. The reason Wright is not on the most recent USMNT roster is because he is not eligible to represent any (good) national teams besides the USMNT.
    5 of the 7 forwards named to the USMNT’s most recent roster are still eligible to play for other countries. If this was purely based on merit Wright and Johannsson would both be on the roster. They have both done more recently and more over the entirety of their careers than de la Fuente, Llanez and Soto. Wright has as much potential as those 3 players too.
    However, this isn’t about talent, accomplishments or even potential. This is about getting commitments from prospects who might be good some day, not guys that are currently ready to contribute at the international level.

      • The heck if I know. Lleget is the only US based player on the current USMNT roster.
        I guess it’s easier to get a last minute call-up from an out-of-season MLS player than an in-season player from Europe.

    • How about Haji “dropped” to this level…He was at Schalke for 2 years and spent 1 year on loan in the Netherlands and he did not stand out at all….perhaps this is the level he is capable of…with him, I would prefer to wait until he can perform through a whole season before judging…

      • I’m not saying Wright is great and he probably never will be, but he has a better resume than some of the strikers on the USMNT’s current roster.
        …and I’d like to see Soto do more than score in the Dutch 2nd Division before calling him a success. Soto probably wouldn’t score nearly as much if he was in the Dutch 1st Division like Wright was last year. I maintain the only reason Soto is on this team is because he got called up by Chile.

  2. A little bit surprised this guy didn’t get the call the first time. And if it’s true that Josh Sargent will not be available and other Bundesliga players will not be available, it sounds like there might be an opening on the roster for him.

  3. Haji hasn’t really had much of a pro career yet. He’s had a good first 2 months in Denmark, but let’s seek him do it a little longer before calling him a snub for the roster. He wouldn’t necessarily be out of place with this group, but I do not think he’s a snub at all. If he keeps it up he will get his chance.

  4. There was a time not that long ago where someone starting in the Danish league would be an automatic for the USMNT, and likely a starter. I know many want him called into camp since striker is one of our thinnest positions, but the fact he hasn’t been called is actually fairly telling.
    You could take it that Gregg believes we have better options or you could take it as a snub.
    While I wouldn’t be opposed to giving him a call, I do believe we have better options.

    • “You could take it that Greg thinks he has better options.” Or you could take it that Greg has poor judgment. Maybe Wright’s club won’t let him go, or something similar and Berhalter knew about it. Still, if it’s only a question of choice, how do you not pick him to replace Sargent after 6 goals in 8 games and being named player of the month? It especially makes no sense when Berhalter takes Lletget instead.


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