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Soto added to USMNT roster for El Salvador friendly


Sebastian Soto may not be able to feature at club level for Telstar this coming week, but he could get the chance to earn his latest cap for the U.S. Men’s National Team.

U.S. Soccer announced Saturday that Soto has been called into this month’s camp ahead of next week’s friendly vs. El Salvador. He becomes the second European based player to be added to camp, joining Benfica’s CJ Dos Santos.

He was given approval by Telstar to join the USMNT after being suspended for two matches after receiving a red card on November 30th. Telstar’s next match is not until December 11th. 

The 20-year-old has worked his way through the youth ranks at U.S. Soccer and made his senior debut in a 6-2 friendly win over Panama in November. Soto scored two goals after coming off the bench as a substitute.

Currently under contract at Norwich City, Soto was loaned to Telstar this season and has impressed in the Dutch Eerste Divisie. His six goals in nine appearances currently leads the team, who will play their second match without Soto this week.

The USMNT closes its 2020 schedule out against El Salvador, a team it hasn’t played since 2017.


  1. Why not call up Tyler Boyd his club did him wrong. Lichaj is playing in Turkey and is American. That foreign player rule is straight dumb.

    • That is a good question on why not invite him. Most leagues have foreign player limits but in MLS you can’t sign more than roster spots you have. Bestikas signed new players thinking they’d move the old but didn’t get offers they thought were appropriate so they’ll sit them until Jan. and try again.

      • he should be working with his agent all fall lining up a new stop because what do you think the odds they keep you in the spring are when you couldn’t make the roster limits in the fall.

        i think he plays better actual defense than many of the pool LBs. i also think we should be more in the business of getting the rust off good players whose clubs don’t use them, and seeing if there is still value. we instead indulge in what i see as the unproven assumption that the club has seen something in the benched player. wood in 2018 for the US, dempsey while at spurs, horvath’s UCL play, soto’s play when loaned, all suggest we are foolishly letting dumb club coaches dictate NT player use. i don’t buy that good players suddenly lose their talent. i might believe in we find out someone parties or has a drug problem, but all these players play well when used. the problem is the situation and not the player. we should be giving them minutes at friendlies to get the rust off and show their value.

    • When was Dempsey benched for not playing at Spurs? He also played in 43 out of 52 for Spurs that year missing most of those with an injury. He played in every qualifier for the US while at Spurs as well.

      • he was left out of the squad for a few friendlies that year after averaging 60-something minutes a game for spurs. he still performed for the nats, as you admit. spurs’ relative disinterest ultimately predicted nothing for NT play. the heuristic you advocate is insufficiently predictive. there are plenty of NT dudes who could sit in club and produce for the nats, because their benching reflects not that they suck but a poor situation.

  2. I’m not going to complain but I know there was an ethics debate about this regarding Jermaine Jones doing January camp during a lengthy Bundesliga suspension. I think the logic was on a non-international date the player could end run the suspension by playing for their NT instead and that it was disrespectful of league punishment/the remorse process. You likely don’t spend much time “thinking about what you did” if you’re in NT camp instead.

    • I think it works out well because it’s probably his equivalent of the start Nico got. Maybe he continues to make a case and gets treated right, or maybe it was a fluke and he settles into his place in the pecking order.

    • There were some rumors in November that Norwich is trying to get him a better loan for January as well, the thought being that if he’s in a higher league he can earn his work permit faster. Another NT cap wouldn’t hurt that cause either.

    • If there are unethical issues for a player playing for the national team, or should be remorsefully sitting home while serving a suspension, FIFA should make a rule change to prevent that from now on. Otherwise, I do not have a problem for Soto to be included for the December camp.

      • all i know is klinsi expressed some ambivalence about doing it. you can say the rule is the rule and i’ll obey that, and fair enough as far as that goes. but jones went on to have further card and suspension problems. there is a fair question whether having to serve out a long suspension maybe addresses that for a change. and like i said my point is klinsi wrestled with it.

    • Didn’t Dempsey play for NT while suspended for tearing up the referee’s notebook. I feel like Carlos Ruiz played for Guatemala in a qualifier against the US after being suspended in the Guatemalan league.

    • Wasn’t Jones for a very serious relationship infraction that put him out for like 8 or 10 matches. Soto’s was just a regular old red card.


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