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Altidore, Araujo, Dike among the 25-player USMNT chosen to face Trinidad & Tobago


The final roster for the U.S. Men’s National Team’s first match of 2021 is set, and features several exciting young prospects from the U.S. Under-23 setup along with some veterans set for their USMNT returns after long absences.

Julian Araujo, Tanner Tessmann and Daryl Dike are among the members of the U.S. Under-23 squad chosen to help complete the senior USMNT roster that will take on Trinidad & Tobago on January 31 in Orlando.

Jozy Altidore and Cristian Roldan join Aaron Long and Sebastian Lletget among the experienced group of players in the squad, with Altidore and Roldan set to earn their first USMNT caps since 2019.

Here is the full 25-man roster that be available for the January 31 friendly against Trinidad and Tobago at Exploria Stadium in Orlando:

GOALKEEPERS (3)Matt Freese (Philadelphia Union; 0/0), JT Marcinkowski (San Jose Earthquakes; 0/0), Matt Turner (New England Revolution; 0/0)

DEFENDERS (9): Julian Araujo (LA Galaxy; 1/0), George Bello (Atlanta United FC; 0/0), Kyle Duncan (New York Red Bulls; 1/0), Aaron Herrera (Real Salt Lake; 0/0), Aaron Long (New York Red Bulls; 18/3), Mauricio Pineda (Chicago Fire FC; 0/0), Miles Robinson (Atlanta United FC; 2/0), Sam Vines (Colorado Rapids; 2/0), Walker Zimmerman (Nashville SC; 13/2)

MIDFIELDERS (7)Kellyn Acosta (Colorado Rapids; 24/2), Sebastian Lletget (LA Galaxy; 17/4), Benji Michel (Orlando City SC; 0/0), Andrés Perea (Orlando City SC; 0/0), Cristian Roldan (Seattle Sounders FC; 19/0), Tanner Tessmann (FC Dallas; 0/0), Jackson Yueill (San Jose Earthquakes; 8/0)

FORWARDS (6)Jozy Altidore (Toronto FC/CAN; 115/42), Paul Arriola (D.C. United; 34/6), Daryl Dike (Orlando City SC; 0/0), Jesús Ferreira (FC Dallas; 1/0), Jonathan Lewis (Colorado Rapids; 6/0), Chris Mueller (Orlando City SC; 1/2)


  1. I want to complain about some of the selections too (Roldan)…but there are so many games to play this year, I am kind of OK with this roster because it seems like it could be a gold cup type roster….

    that said, the overage players that didn’t make it should be concerned because they should have been better than the U23s….the U23s that didn’t make it, probably will play olympic qualifiers and olympics (assuming we qualify) which is not necessarily a bad option….

  2. IV,

    It wont let me post replies direct to you.
    Roldan is a marginal nat team playr, who has bene played out of position, every time he plays….and is exteremely versitile ( can easily play right back in addition to playing wing )
    just thought I should add that in defense of CRoldan.

    • Benji was used as a winger, primarily on the right. Coach Pareja sub him in for Mueller mostly. When Nani was injured or suspended is when Benji would start. Benji is fast as hell, but is more athletic than technical. He missed a few wide open 1v1 in a bunch of matches. Right now, he’s similar to Johnathon Lewis, or Charlie Davies. By comparison, he could have speed and not know what to do with it. …or put that speed to use without being tech savvy.

  3. I wonder if this will be the last time we see Jozy called up to the US team. Not because of his form but due to that he will more likely suffer more injuries

  4. Much like Lloyd and Rapinoe discovered in the recent USWNT friendlies, players like Altidore, Arriola and Roldan are about to be pushed aside by younger and better talent. Morris figured his roster spot was in jeopardy, and made the quick move, and Arriola should look to follow the same path. Dike will replace Altidore, and too many to mention are ahead of Roldan.

    Many in this U23 pool belong here, and based on the cuts made, we can see who in that group has a path forward. I’d anticipate more competition open up for roster spots later this spring and summer.

    • In the last 2 games Rapinoe has 2 assists and 2 goals as I recall. Don’t think she has been quite pushed out yet. As for Morris, his move has nothing to do with this and he’s good enough to play for our national team, no matter the opponent or internal competition. Arriola used to play in what was considered a better league than MLS. He started out in Mexico. Since he missed almost all of last year due to injury, don’t know that he would be getting any offers from abroad.

      • Arriola’s time with the US A-Team has basically ended. The more the USMNT moves towards a possession based team with Pulisic, Reyna, & Weah, the less Arriola’s hustle style fits with the team dynamic. With Morris, Musah, Boyd, Konrad, Uli, & Mueller also in the mix the only chance Arriola has with the 1st team will be as an injury replacement.
        Morris is still a viable option and will stick around a bit longer because he can provide additional coverage as a CF. But he’s been put on notice as well. His window of opportunity may be closing considering the talent coming up. His loan move will likely hold off the younger players a little while, but unless something drastic changes I don’t expect him to be around after 2022.

      • Roldan SHOULD be getting cut based on many caps and little to show for it. He also doesn’t quite have a “position.”. But GB is the one obsessed and who makes the decision. And he’s still getting called by GB whatever we think. Arriola is more complicated. People forget he was a pipeline kid and played abroad before coming to MLS, and he was somewhat productive at Gold Cup. I think he will be pressured but that will happen from the standpoint of being the starter this week and the default backup to Pulisic. GB has had him in twice in a row and wants that to happen. Just like Jozy should be gone based on Gold Cup and yet is here. Get down to it you have to remember who is coach and that GB will put his finger on the scales for the veterans he wishes made the team. I think the late year friendlies, while giving a window towards the available talent, may mislead about who GB prefers but let rest after MLS vs who showed well in the winter, OBJECTIVELY SHOULD BE SURPASSING, but the coach may really send to U23. The coach likes to favor veterans and decide things by pecking order and on paper theories independent of how games actually go.

      • I see the MLS haters are out in force. I like the young talent but no coach would just hand them the job over the best 3 producing NT forwards — 2 of the 3 in MLS — they would have to take it by outplaying them. Under any coach they would still be capped if but as subs. Now I think a Klinsmann type coach might speed up the transition based on superior talent — send them to the bench — but this is a risk averse pro veteran coach who is going to drag his feet on many of these Bradley Ream Jozy Zardes type decisions as long as he can. I think we should be swapping out over time but the idea it happens tomorrow is MLS hater at best and at worst not requiring the kids to come in and score goals and seize the jobs themselves.

      • Gary, I have to disagree on Lloyd and Rapinoe. They are both in their late thirties, and the Olympic schedule is uncompromising. It is inevitable they will be phased out over this year as the USWNT preps for the next WWC.

        I sense Morris sees the young, expanding offensive talent being groomed in Europe, saw the competition in the latest camp, and made the right move. I always felt, as do many others, that he should have joined Bremen when he was younger. If he is successful at Swansea this spring (I believe he will perform well), then his stock will rise again.

      • Gary please, he is good enough, now that me moved to Europe.
        Before, he was berated, even as he lead last years nat team performances.

      • There were rumors last week that Swansea are also looking to add Arriola on loan. Since the clubs share an owner it actually makes sense considering a likely late start to the 2021 MLS season. It is silly season though so there is a good possibility there is nothing too it.

    • Bull. Wrong. Ambition is as often driven by $ as competition. Morris is the top 2 most productive forwards for us right now. Playing for Seattle. He is going on loan to the Championship, not the EPL, and making a move at this part of the cycle only risks his status. If he stayed at Seattle he would not have playing time risk and could only be bumped by a RF candidate producing more than he does. This was about $ and perhaps a desire to go to Europe, not the snob theory that to save your job you risk ending up a sub.

      • I agree Imperative that Morris probably gave little to no consideration about the national team when making his move. My guess is that this is about going into better competition and getting a chance to stick with a club that gets promoted. Morris gets paid well by MLS standards, but if he starts for an EPL club, his salary probably at least doubles plus he gets 10% of what would probably be a hefty transfer fee (I would think at least $5 million). Yeah, he should have gone to Bremen initially, but he’s still a good player.

    • IV don’t forget Klinsmann kept CP on the bench for his 10 times in the squad, only seeing the field 7 of those. It wasn’t until he had 2g and 1a in 23 minutes against St VG that he got to start. Nagbe never started for JK in 16 game day rosters. Yedlin didn’t start in his first 9 game day rosters. Of course Brooks started his first appearance. Almost all international managers will favor veterans.

    • I think GB made a strong statement by holding this camp jointly with the U-23s. Any player eligible for this camp, too old for U-23, and was not selected has essentially been notified that the days of being capped are essentially finished. The eligible veterans at this camp who can fill a void or bring some tangible value were selected for the friendly. We still need Long and Zimmerman, to give the young defense pool a chance to grow.. Adams needs a backup. No one yet has stepped up enough to fully replace Altidore yet, but the potential is certainly there. The U-23s that were cut probably just weren’t ready yet, but likely a few will be within the next year.

      • I don’t think there was non-U23 player in camp that wasn’t asked to stay on for the match with TnT. A couple with reported injuries and Morris needing to make his deal with Swansea but none cut for play.

  5. Anyone know who are the u23 eligible players on this roster? I have –

    Goalkeepers – 1
    JT Marcinkowski (San Jose Earthquakes; 0/0)

    Julian Araujo (LA Galaxy; 1/0),
    George Bello (Atlanta United FC; 0/0),
    Kyle Duncan (New York Red Bulls; 1/0),
    Aaron Herrera (Real Salt Lake; 0/0),
    Mauricio Pineda (Chicago Fire FC; 0/0),
    Miles Robinson (Atlanta United FC; 2/0),
    Sam Vines (Colorado Rapids; 2/0),

    Andrés Perea (Orlando City SC; 0/0),
    Tanner Tessmann (FC Dallas; 0/0),
    Jackson Yueill (San Jose Earthquakes; 8/0)

    FORWARDS – 3
    Daryl Dike (Orlando City SC; 0/0),
    Jesús Ferreira (FC Dallas; 1/0),
    Jonathan Lewis (Colorado Rapids; 6/0),

    Yes? I think I’m wrong on some of the defenders

  6. Without taking the trouble to see all the players available and going them over one by one, it’s hard to make specific criticisms. Still and nevertheless, you have to wonder about some of these selections. My first complaint would be Roldan. My first question is if Ebobisse is able to go yet. I’ll give Berhalter a pass on the Altidore selection just because it’s been so long since he has played an international it will be useful to see if he is still useful. Also, a chance to redeem himself since that horrible qualifier in T&T where Altidore missed at least 3 good chances.

    • Ebobisse wasn’t listed as someone who was injured while in training. It could be they resting him after his injuries at the end of last season or he has been the subject of some loan rumors so perhaps he’s headed overseas. Kind of interesting Michel is listed as a Midfielder, I don’t watch much Orlando but I thought he was primarily a forward.

      • I had thought he missed the MLS playoffs due to a concussion protocol, but don’t recall anything other than that.

    • Jozy is a waste of time. People liked the one Gold Cup goal but IT WAS THE ONE GOLD CUP GOAL. One long drought, that tournament, for him. You have kids coming in getting two goals in 10 minutes in friendlies. This is just pro veteran risk aversion. Call a familiar name. Who cares if the name actually scores. Jozy had 2g 1a this season. There was literally no one else with better league or NT production?

      • People like the other 41 goals not just the one at the GC. Jozy didn’t really seem to care about soccer too much last season. I’ve been a big Jozy supporter throughout his career but I was a little surprised to see him in this camp. If he stays healthy and motivated he’s better than the young guys but those two areas were lacking in 2020.

    • What we DO know is that Altidore has not been able to stay healthy for years- that will only get worse with age. Bring JA in a role as a mentor perhaps, but valuable game time absolutely needs to go to develop the players (Dike)we will have to rely on going forward. Guess we’ll see what GB has in mind soon enough.

      • Since it is a totally meaningless game and we don’t have a lot of our strikers in camp, it doesn’t bother me that Altidore is called in and plays. If he doesn’t play well, that he can be forgotten and ignored. If he does play well, then he can be called in for injury replacement if necessary (assuming he is healthy, of course).

  7. Based on the 25 remaining I’m guessing that Gregg rolls out:

    If Jozy and Roldan aren’t starting, I’d expect this to be their last camp/call-ups. Just too many younger options who have pushed them out of the picture. Acosta is on his last legs as well.
    Unfortunately I don’t see much change/experimentation at the CB positions.

    • Seems pretty likely except Vines is much better than Herrera and is left footed. I think Robinson has a chance to start with Long. He had a sophomore slump but really so did his whole team. I don’t think not starting would be any sort that of sign for Jozy given his injury history they might hold him out of game minutes to save his legs.

      • Zimmerman was only league defensive player of the year and called up recently? And has had some decent NT games. Robinson has yet to impress me in the shirt.

        Bigger picture the depressing thing on GB games is he will call some fresh faces to then sit behind the frustrating regulars. And if they score a brace in the last 10 he might not care.

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