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FIFA approves Perea’s one-time switch to represent USMNT


Andres Perea has been in the mix recently for the U.S. Men’s National Team and will officially be able to represent the team going forward.

U.S. Soccer announced Tuesday that Perea one-time switch was approved by FIFA, allowing him to play for the USMNT. Perea represented Colombia’s Youth National Teams in the past, but will now be a part of the USMNT pool ahead of a busy year.

“It was a very important decision for me. Colombia is my country as well, but it’s an honor for me to represent the United States as I did Colombia in the past,” Perea said.

“I’m young and I still have a lot to learn,” he continued. “It’s an opportunity that a lot of players dream of and I can’t let this chance go by. From now on, I will continue to give everything for this jersey, for this country and I’ll be very happy because there are better things to come.”

Perea was born in Tampa Bay, Florida to Colombian parents and had played in Colombia up to 2020. Orlando City added the versatile midfielder on loan from Atletico Nacional for the season, where Perea made 23 appearances with 11 of those being starts.

The 20-year-old received the news from USMNT head coach Gregg Berhalter in a call on Tuesday.

“I’m calling to let you know today that FIFA officially accepted the request. You’re now part of the [USMNT] Brotherhood. Congratulations!,” Berhalter told Perea.

Perea was called in to December’s USMNT camp for the first time despite not being allowed to play in an eventual 6-0 friendly win over El Salvador. He is also a part of the current January camp in Bradenton, Florida.


  1. reflects GB’s schizo approach to dual nationals. he initially focused on few but got them to officially switch. this is like that. i think that is wise because you get committed players. but meanwhile he’s also indulged “shopping” from dest, alvarez, akinola. i like the recent aggression about pursuing more dual nationals but i would like to see this level of commitment demanded to get “camped.” i think we should be rewarding the right decision instead of encouraging ambivalence. i also think there is a risk in letting the playbook into the hands of players who the next camp are trialing for mexico or canada. also somewhat concerned the recent dual national binge may be more intended to populate the olympic team than the senior squad. to me if this kid is good but also physical he should be adams’ sub and not down on U23 while i watch bradley, yueill, or some other “touch 6.” 6s picked for passing are a “punch down” tactic. when you play a good team you need someone who can cover ground and tackle.

  2. I always like it when players choose to represent the USMNT, but I must admit I don’t know much about this kid, or where he potentially stacks up in the player pool. Is he a Box-to-Box or is he more a CDM?
    Who among the recent call-ups is he similar to?

    As I said it’s always nice when someone chooses the US, but is he someone who has the ability to be a difference maker for us, or is he someone that’ll top out at the U-23 level?

  3. Aye!! Parcero!! Colombiano!!! I’m so glad OCSC have players in the USMNT pipeline! If Dike, Benji, & Perea play anything near the level for Orlando City last season, would make the Olympic squad that much better!! All 3 are dual citizens! (Benji is Haitian-American). A CF/9, winger, and midfielder, who’s better playing a 6, than an 8.


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