Jordan Morris ready for a busy 2021 with USMNT, and also open to a move abroad

Jordan Morris ready for a busy 2021 with USMNT, and also open to a move abroad


Jordan Morris ready for a busy 2021 with USMNT, and also open to a move abroad


The coming year is shaping up to be a busy and important one for the U.S. Men’s National Team, and also for Jordan Morris, who not only stands to play a key role in Gregg Berhalter’s plans, but also has a decision to make regarding his club future.

The Seattle Sounders star has been facing questions about playing in Europe ever since he made the decision to bypass an offer from Bundesliga side Werder Bremen to sign with the Sounders. Five years, four MLS Cup finals and a regular USMNT role later, Morris has made his decision look pretty good, but he readily admits that he is open to the possibility of making the jump to Europe that he passed on five years ago.

“(There are) definitely some some conversations ongoing, with Seattle, and in Europe a little bit,” Morris told reporters on Monday. “For me, it’s it’s a similar stance of kind of where I was before MLS Cup if if the right offer and the right team comes forward, definitely it’s something that I’d be interested in.”

Morris, now 26, has made the transition from young prospect to one of the key veterans in Berhalter’s set-up and his experiences as a college standout training with legendary USMNT players who mentored him has left him eager to take on a mentorship role of his own.

“What I really take away is how the the veterans in those groups embraced me and helped me grow and help me get used to the speed of play and everything that comes with playing for the national team and understanding the responsibility and the honor that it comes with, and I appreciate that so much,” Morris said of his early experiences with the USMNT. “They made me feel welcome and made that transition easier. And I remember feeling so nervous, and, of course, your first national team camp, and so as a young kid coming up, I know, I’m sure some of the players are, are feeling that same way. So whatever we can do is as the veteran group to make them feel comfortable and make them make that transition a little bit easier.”

The younger generation of USMNT talent coming up the pipeline should also push Morris, who is one of the top contenders for the wing roles in Berhalter’s setup. He has continued to play well in Seattle, establishing himself as one of the most dangerous wingers in the league. His continued improvement has cemented his place in Berhalter’s plans, while also leading to continued calls for him to make a move abroad.

There is reported interest in Morris from European clubs, but the difference between Seattle’s asking price and the offers coming in for a 26-year-old winger are still believed to be too wide to expect a deal to be done.

As far as Morris is concerned, he would be happy to stay in Seattle, though he has made it clear repeatedly, as he has for more than a year, that he is open to a move if the right one comes along.

“If things don’t work out, and I ended up in in Seattle, I love being there,” Morris said. “I feel like I’m growing a lot in Seattle. I think the league is growing. The quality of play is getting higher, and I felt myself develop there really, really well, in my time in Seattle. But yeah, if the right opportunity came, it would definitely be something that that I would look at.

“We’ll just have to kind of wait and see a bit but but still definitely open to those opportunities.”

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