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Matthew Hoppe scores in third straight Bundesliga match


Matthew Hoppe cannot stop scoring goals in the Bundesliga, adding his fifth in three games on Wednesday.

The 19 year-old American found an equalizer in the 57th minute, responding to FC Köln’s first-half opener. The strike appeared to earn Schalke a much-needed point, but a stoppage-time winner saw Koln walk away with an important win.

An attempted pass from Suat Serdar was not dealt with by Köln’s back-line, eventually spilling towards Hoppe. The forward beat Köln goalkeeper Timo Horn to the loose ball and slotted it into the goal.

Hoppe’s account makes him Schalke’s leading goalscorer for the season.

The loss moves Schalke to the bottom of the Bundesliga standings, with a match against league leader Bayern Munich on Sunday.


  1. Why does it seem that the Schalke players aren’t all that hoppe? You’d think they’d be going a bit more crazy given how scarce goals have been for them. I’d say it’s nothing, but it’s not the first goal where the other players didn’t seem all that enthused.

  2. Nice poachers goal. Happy to see he’s gotten into a nice grove, and hope he can keep it going. He’s starting to close the gap….but still believe that Sargent is our first choice # 9….and the others (Hoppe, Soto, Gioacchini, Dike) are fighting to be the back-up(s).

    • Sargent just continues to show not great off ball movement. I know it’s hard when the team stinks because he’s not getting great service but is that all his teammates or is some of it he’s not going where he should. He’s athletic and a good presser but is his tactical awareness good enough to play with CP and Reyna?

      • 2 years ago when Sargent played with Weah, McKennie, & Adams (Before Gregg was named coach), he was fairly successful under Dave S. I find it hard to believe that after 2 yrs of development that he’s become worse than he was 2 yrs ago. However, until they are actually in camp together again it’s hard to fully know what will happen. Part of the reason most of us were so disappointed that Sargent wasn’t able to participate in November.
        March is the soonest we’ll be able to see our European Players again….so hopefully Sargent & Hoppe both get a call. Then we can see which is able to best fit with Reyna, Pulisic, and the rest.

    • Right Sargent was fine in Dave’s let’s just roll the ball out there and hope for the best. Generally, we were just hoping to hit counters. I don’t think Hoppe is in front of him at least point. I’m just not really sure Josh is our best option. Last season at Bremen he had trouble pressing because he’d lose discipline and go off on his own leaving his teammates stretched. He apparently has fixed that which why he’s starting every week. We’ll see if he can improve his runs if he can, the US will be very very tough to stop.

  3. We found our number 9!!!! Sorry guys you can mention this guy or any of the MLS guys who aren’t better then Zardes. All eyes on Hoppe as the US starting CF

    • Haha, I’ll try to aim higher and describe it as Paolo Rossi-esque. The kid definitely has a nose for being in right place at the right time and has successfully turning those rare opportunities into 5 goals in 3 consecutive Bundedliga games thus far. Remember Hoppe is with Schalke 04 who play extremely poor defense and no playmakers, maybe except #25 Moroccan international, Amine Harit.


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