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Report: Bayern Munich to loan Richards to Hoffenheim


Chris Richards has fell out of. the defensive pecking order at Bayern Munich for the time being, but will now reportedly fight for Bundesliga minutes elsewhere.

Bayern Munich is finishing up negotiations with Hoffenheim to send Richards on loan there for the rest of the season. Sky Sports reported Sunday. Richards did not train with the team on Sunday, with both teams putting the final touches on a deal, according to the report.

The U.S. Men’s National Team defender made his Bundesliga debut last season for Bayern, but has recently remained with Bayern II this campaign. Richards played in 30 3. Liga matches last season, helping Bayern II win the division, despite not being allowed to be promoted.

Richards, 20, has played in six matches for Bayern this season, while also making his UEFA Champions League debut. He has since been starting for Bayern II once again, playing in four matches to date.

A move to Hoffenheim would allow Richards to fight for first team minutes in the final four months of the season. Hoffenheim is currently 10 points out from the final European qualification spot, totaling 22 points out of its opening 19 matches.

The club also fell 4-1 to Bayern Munich on Saturday and currently has five of its defenders sidelined with respective injuries.


  1. “Falling out of favor” is a bit misleading. Loan moves like this are part of the natural progression of a young defender when they’re owned by a club like Bayern. Richards now has 4 months to get quality 1st team minutes for a decent club, which will help prepare him for Next Season.
    A solid showing at Hoffenheim either gets him to the point of being a rotational starter for Bayern next season, or helps Bayern interest for a Loan/Sale to another club over the summer.
    Either way good for the Richards development and good for Bayern.

      • Fro0m the standpoint of the USMNT, being a starter at a mid-table Bundesliga club is not a bad thing.Probably better than sitting on the bench at Bayern.

    • Sorry I realize I wasn’t clear. I think it was time to try a loan I’m just reserving judgment if this is the right one. We’ve seen guys like Green and Tillman loaned away to sit on the bench at other clubs. Recently we’ve seen Uly be loaned just sit on the bench in the Netherlands.

      • Per the article, “The club (Hoffenheim) also fell 4-1 to Bayern Munich on Saturday and currently has five of its defenders sidelined with respective injuries.”
        With that many defenders sidelined, Hoffenheim needs reinforcements and I would expect whoever they bring in would be expected to contribute. This more than anything else makes me believe that this is a good loan for Richards. A loan where he’ll be given every opportunity to get 1st team minutes.

    • I did a little basic research they play mostly a 3-4-1-2. They don’t use WBs they play AM in the wide midfield. They did use a 4 man back line in December before a converted CB playing RB got hurt (still out) and Sessegnon who was the LB got hurt. If they stay with the 3 man backline he may not get much time, if they go back to a 4 back he could play some RB.


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