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The SBI Show: Episode 304 (with special guest Chituru Odunze)

The U.S. Men’s National Team’s tradition of standout goalkeepers is a long and storied one, and one of the top young prospects in that goalkeeper pipeline joins The SBI Show to tell his story.

Episode 304 of The SBI Show includes an interview with U.S. Men’s National Team and Leicester City goalkeeper Chituru Odunze. The 18-year-old was a part of the USMNT’s November squad, and joins the show to discuss his first national team experience, his professional aspirations, and what it’s like being a 6-foot-7 goalkeeper.

Host Ives Galarcep also breaks down the latest on the Americans Abroad front, including Weston McKennie’s Champions League elimination, Gio Reyna’s disappearance, and the current hot streaks being enjoyed by Daryl Dike and Josh Sargent.

Ives also dives into the Christian Pulisic dilemma at Chelsea, and why it isn’t time to write off Pulisic’s chances of regaining a major role at Stamford Bridge.

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  1. I loved the interview with Odunze — what a charming, humble guy! I think you have to say that all of these young, top USMNT guys really have their heads on their shoulders. They don’t have big egos, they all work hard and they want to learn… there is definitely something going right in our youth development that goes beyond skills.

  2. Thanks Ives

    Regarding Pulisic, I don’t doubt his resolve. I’m more distrusting of Tuchel.

    While I get the argument you made for what his thinking may be, I get the sense he’s stringing CP along.

    With Chelsea’s current record, he will be in no hurry to start CP in any games unless someone gets injured.

    I don’t know where Pulisic could go to get the fair shake I no longer believe he’s getting from Tuchel, while simultaneously not settling for the easy path. Based on their short history, I’m not convinced he will treat Pulisic the way he could/should…


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