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Daryl Dike scores eighth goal of season as Barnsley wins again


Daryl Dike is continuing to play a vital part of Barnsley’s push for promotion to the English Premier League and he continued that on Saturday with his latest goalscoring performance.

Dike scored the second goal of an eventual 2-0 victory over Middlesbrough, moving Barnsley five points safe in its quest to be in the promotion playoffs. It was Dike’s eighth goal in his 14th appearance for the club since arriving from Orlando City on loan in February.

After Alex Mowatt broke the deadlock for the hosts in the 62nd minute, Dike delivered the insurance goal as Barnsley could breathe easy for the final minutes of the match. Callum Britain’s cross was headed home by Dike, who slammed the door shut on any possible comeback attempt by Middlesbrough.

Barnsley would grind out the 2-0 result, extending its unbeaten run to three matches and moving to 71 points this season. Since Dike’s arrival at the club, Valentin Ismael’s side have posted an 11-1-2 record and put themselves in the race for a spot in the EPL next season.

Outside of his goal, Dike also won six of his aerial battles, made three recoveries, and delivered on his only attempt of the match.

The U.S. Men’s National Team striker will next be in action on April 18th on the road at Coventry City.


  1. OMG.. he’s lighting it up in the JV league. Before people have him starting for the NATS, lets see how he looks against “A” league competition. Or even MLS level

      • Don’t see that last season’s record is all that indicative. It was an abbreviated season and he is still so young that he is still learning. He obviously has improved greatly from season 1 to season 2, something which is quite common. Mueller had a similar improvement between his first and second season, but didn’t go to the English championship. It remains to be seen if he will get to the EPL and do well there, but I think anyone who discounts his scoring right now is making a huge mistake.

    • Barnsley in the Championship
      With Dike 11-2-1 35 pts 25-10 +15 1.8 goals scored avg
      Wout Dike 10-6-11 36 pts 29-34 -5 1.1 avg
      Barnsley was in 12th place when Dike came into their lineup their now 5th

    • What on earth gives you (or many of the people posting here) the idea that MLS is somehow English Championship standard? There’s no evidence for it, and some of you are mad to keep posting drivel like this.

      Also, he’s an American lighting it up right now. Posting “yeah, but” stuff doesn’t make you more insightful.

  2. Awesome to see!

    And Dike still has so much to improve upon…if he stays healthy, plenty of upside left to become a great player…

    USMNT success wasn’t ever going to come from one starlet like Pulisic making it big, but from sheer numbers of players getting opportunities in highly competitive leagues and succeeding.

    Who ever expected Dike or even Hoppe to make a mark in Europe this season?

    • I don’t think anyone believed 1 starlet (Pulisic) was going to make the USMNT successful…but few of us thought 2020-21 would see the USMNT with as many stars as we have. Pulisic, Gio, Musah, McKennie, Adams, & Dest have all had their struggles…but have fought their way through and are rounding into good form ahead of the Nations League & WCQ.
      The depth options of the USMNT is also improving. Weah, Aaronson, Dike, and the rest are progressing well and looking like they’ll be able to be real contributors sooner rather than later.
      We are accumulating a young talented pool of players, but still lack experience and have questionable coaching. I’m excited for what this team can do…and look forward to their growth over the next 18 months.

      • Hi, “Lost in Space”. Can you elaborate about the “questionable coaching”? Aaronson has Marsch, who seems to be highly regarded. I looked up Weah’s coach at Lille, Christophe Galtier, who has two coach-of-the year awards–one in 2019. Maybe you were thinking of some of the others?

    • William, I think he was referring to Gregg Berhalter. He need to go. But more likely after WC 2022. At that point, bring in Marsch or anyone with solid international coaching experience.

  3. I will be surprised if Dike is not in England next season. If Barnsley gets promoted they will certainly want to keep him and if they aren’t promoted, there is certainly going to be some EPL team interested in signing him. I would guess he goes for at least $10 million. Orlando can get two excellent players (probably from South America)for that during the summer transfer period.

    • Teams have already inquired about Dike, and I believe the Orlando has already turned down offers in the $10M range. I don’t think the specific clubs/offers were ever reported, but there was a report that Orlando was looking for something closer to $20M…if accurate there are going to be fewer clubs willing to pony up that kind of fee in the current market.


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