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McKennie won’t play in Turin Derby after breaking COVID-19 restrictions by throwing house party


Weston McKennie is in some hot water and will now not play a role in this weekend’s Turin Derby.

Multiple outlets in Italy reported Friday that McKennie and fellow Juventus players Paulo Dybala and Arthur are facing fines from local police after hosting a party at the American midfielder’s home in Turin. The party, which went against current COVID-19 restrictions in Italy, reportedly had 20 people in attendance in addition to the Juventus trio.

Juventus manager Andrea Pirlo confirmed to reporters Friday that McKennie, Dybala, and Arthur “will not be selected” in the squad for the club’s league showdown with rivals Torino on Saturday.

Police were reportedly made aware of the party by McKennie’s neighbors around 11:30 pm.

The U.S. Men’s National Team player is in his first season with Juventus, and has made 19 starts in 32 appearances across all competitions. He has scored five goals in those matches, including one in the UEFA Champions League.

Juventus is currently 10 points behind Serie A leaders Inter Milan and is in danger of having its consecutive league title streak snapped this season. McKennie could return for an April 7th midweek clash with Napoli, if Pirlo decides to bring him and his two teammates back in next week.


  1. He did something stupid and is now finding that actions have consequences, even if you are a privileged player for Juventus.

    Hopefully he will get a bit of humility from this.

  2. First rule of having ANY party: make sure you invite the neighbors so they don’t call the cops on you. Or if you’re famous: PAY THEM BEFOREHAND.

    He was probably having a Texas chili cookoff or having friends over for queso, as we are known to do.

  3. Boneheaded thing to do, but not unexpected for a 22yo. I’m a bit surprised that the older teammates didn’t have more sense as team leaders, but at the end of the day they’re all adults. They’ll be fined and hopefully not do this kind of thing again.

  4. OK, 20 people does not count as a party for Weston McKennie. That’s just “having a few friends over”. If he wanted to have a party, he’d have a PARTY. I mean boats, strippers, giant chocolate fountain, you name it. Come on, Italy. How you’ve forgotten how to indulge in the last 2000 years is shameful.

    • Sorry, but a few people does not eauate to 20, more like 7….but see this the problem, we’re not holding certain people accou table whether its on the field or off of it and McKennie should know better, especially since he’s been injured and wasnt called in for the USMNT bc of it….he needs to chill out and get healthy, partying can co tinue once he is back healthy and Covid cools down


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