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Morgan, Rapinoe propel USWNT to friendly win over France


The U.S. Women’s National Team started fast in its second April friendly on Tuesday in Le Havre, rebounding from a lackluster draw with Sweden over the weekend.

Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan each scored goals as Vlatko Andonovski’s side earned a 2-0 victory over Les Bleus. It was a better overall performance from the Americans, who closed their April schedule on a positive note.

Morgan started strong for the USWNT, winning a foul in the box in the fourth minute and giving the Americans an early chance to take a lead. Rapinoe stepped up and slotted home from the spot for her second penalty kick goal in the past four days.

Not long after kickstarting the action, Morgan was at it again, this time calling her own number in front of goal. Christen Press played a through ball upfield and Morgan rifled home a right-footed shot into the bottom-left corner for a 2-0 USWNT lead.

It was Morgan’s 109th career international goal for the USWNT.

Crystal Dunn and Rapinoe each had efforts saved by Pauline Peyraud-Magnin later in the half, keeping the deficit at only two for the French.

Despite more possession after halftime, the hosts could not get anything going, settling for only one shot on goal in the entire match. Alyssa Naeher was rarely troubled, earning the clean sheet, while Abby Dahlkemper and Becky Sauerbrunn solidified the backline once again.

The Americans will return to the United States as players resume their domestic schedules with their respective clubs.





  1. Besides Le Sommer, the starting Right Forward is the same one who, with Le Sommer tore up the USWNT
    at the 2019 SBC. However that same pair were shut down at the W/C, and here again. But I am not sure why a Post was put up on the France Match, whereas, France is not in the Olympics, as opposed to the Sweden Match which found the 2 teams which will probably meet in the Olympic Final giving us a Preview of Coming Attractions.
    Accordingly, my comments here will be on that match.

    If Sweden had played like they played here, at the 2019 W/C Semis, they would have met the U. S. in the finals and not the Netherlands. This was the best match I ever saw Sweden play, going back to the 1991 W/C. But let me break down the Critical moments in this match.

    1) The goal by Sweden was caused by 3 Elements. A) They had their tallest player on the field, and she would have been defended by Sam Mewis had Sam been on the field. Thus, she was able to get a GOOD Header on the Ball. B) Alyssa Naeher unfortunately couldn’t make up her mind on whether to challenge the ball or stay put in front on the goal and did neither, finding herself in “No-Man’s Land, which allowed Sweden a shot at an empty net. C) With such a TALL line-up in for Sweden, on any corner-kick, the U. S. should have posted sentries at each post. In this case, a sentry at the far post would have been in perfect position to head the ball out!!! Instead, the ball caromed off the goal post and into the goal.

    2) Sweden’s Best look of the night was on a breakaway which Alyssa Naeher came out on and forced wide which lead to a perfect cross to a wide-open forward 5 yards in front of the goal, who fanned on a shot into an empty
    net (GASP)!!!

    3) 3 of the 4 Backs on the US Team got less than flattering reviews by the TV Crew, and for good reason. Both Kelly O’Hara and Crystal Dunn got beat numerous times by forwards , while Tierna Davidson continued to give US Fans some anxious moments with her indecisiveness. On the most memorable, with a pitch which was playing VERY slow, she was in position to receive a pass back from Lindsay Horan, It was a long pass backward, and considering how deep in U. S. territory it was, she should have come out to meet it rather than just stand still and wait for it. So I French forward pick off the pass right in front of her, went around her and came in all alone on the GK, but an alert Alyssa Naeher charged out and stuffed the play, and the U. S. was off the hook again. But Davidson, also put the ball over her own end line twice, when she could have cleared the ball over the sideline, thus giving the Tall Sweden Team 2 more chances on a Corner Kick, from where they had already scored. Tierna was playing because Abby Dahlkemper opted out with an injury.

    The last miscue of the match was made by the TV Crew who said that the foul on Kelly O,Hara which gave the US a PK was outside the box. WRONG!!! Contact was first made by the Sweden defender with her right hand pushing Kelly’s left shoulder, which was CLEARLY inside the box. Because she pushed Kelly outside the box does not change the fact that the foul was initiated inside the box. The referee immediately pointed to the Penalty Spot upon contact, and that was the CORRECT CALL. However, the Referee appeared in no mood to do the US any favors early on ,when Carli Lloyd’s legs were swept from under her by a defender in the box and no call was made!!!

    To beat Sweden in the Finals of the Olympics, everyone on the US Team will need their “A” Game.

    • hey Bill, just to add a couple of things to your coverage of the Sweden game, they played a 3 4 3 and pressured out of it, daring the US to pass to break the midfield line from the pressure, and the US turned it over often doing that, trying to pass thru the Sweden midfield. the key was adjusting to what Sweden was doing imo, and using the dribble to close the space Sweden was daring the on-ball attacker to do, and even breaking that 4 midfield line with the dribble. Lavelle had no problem with it even in the first half. Lynn and Press are not the ideal players to go against a defense that is daring you to break lines with the dribble. the 3 4 3 also allows servcie into the corners of the offensive 3rd, but there was not much bloom from that either until subbing. Good adjustments and good to see what Sweden is thinking

  2. Not sure if this is a transitional roster for France or what, but I recognized all of one player for them (Le Sommer)…so not sure what to take from this one. Goals via PK and a perhaps slightly offside Morgan.


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