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Source: Newcastle United leads race for Cameron Carter-Vickers


Cameron Carter-Vickers is likely to be on the move from English club Tottenham this summer and a fellow Premier League side is leading the race for his services.

Newcastle United has edged in front of Bournemouth for the English-American defender, a source close to Carter-Vickers confirmed to SBI. Fulham and Cardiff City have also been in contact with Spurs over a permanent transfer for the centerback and U.S. Men’s National Team prospect.

Tottenham is continuing to value Carter-Vickers at roughly $14 million after enjoying an impressive season with Bournemouth in the EFL Championship this season. Carter-Vickers has one year remaining on his contract at Tottenham, but hopes to earn regular playing time in 2021-22.

The 23-year-old defender has yet to make his senior debut in league play for Tottenham since being promoted to the first team in 2016-2017. Carter-Vickers is coming off his sixth loan spell away from the Premier League club, recently helping Bournemouth reach the EFL Championship promotion playoffs before being eliminated by Brentford in the playoff semifinals.

Carter-Vickers has totaled 115 appearances during his time in England’s second tier and has also featured in both the FA Cup and League Cup for several of his loan clubs. He’s also earned eight caps for the USMNT and sources tell SBI that Carter-Vickers has been in talks with U.S. Soccer to play with the USMNT at the upcoming Concacaf Gold Cup.

Newcastle United finished 12th in the Premier League in the 2020-2021 season, totaling 42 points in 38 matches. The Magpies saw several different players feature at centerback this season including Jamaal Lascelles, Emil Krafth, and Fabian Schar.

Bournemouth, Fulham, and Cardiff City will all compete in the English League Championship for the upcoming season.


  1. CCV is a strong, physical, tactically sound CB who can play on either side. He’s a decent distributor who maintains possession through simple short range passes.
    He’s not overly fast but he’s not a traffic cone either.
    He may not be as slick as Richards or McKenzie, or have the same potential, but he’s more experienced and tactically sound. He’s earned an opportunity to challenge for a spot in the 23. If he is included in the Gold Cup he’ll have a very good opportunity to show his worth. He’s more experienced than Richards & McKenzie….faster than Ream…and more technical than Zimmerman & Long.
    CCV may not be a perfect or long term solution at CB, but he could be a bridge/safty net until McKenzie & Richards get more experience.

    • I don’t think he is the ideal CB for the high line, pressing, pass out of the back game GB wants to play, but for certain neither is Ream.As well… he is still a very young still learning/growing CB, can’t pigeonhole a player/his game so young. I think Richards and McKenzie are getting close but, we have a packed schedule and with Long out, we’re going to need him. I haven’t seen a ton of his games, but what I have he has looked very solid. For sure he has earned looks.

    • throw CCV EPB Richards Zimmerman on a field for a few weeks and let them sort it out amongst themselves. our penchant for wanting to appoint a starter before a ball rolls and anyone competes is strange. alternate games and let the performances decide. this should have been done months? years? ago so they had a chance to then compete with the first team defense which is swiss cheese. as it stands if someone emerges in this they will face the standard issue skepticism of “b team” or “no A team experience” where one sees the process itself protects the coach’s favorites. musah can’t show up people if he doesn’t play, for example.

    • we got 4 games’ worth of mckenzie looks and face a busy international season this fall. he got his chance. he is what he is. rest him and trust what you saw. we don’t need another 6 games to argue with ourselves.

      giving him more time at the expense of other choices is perseveration and basically sucks all the oxygen out of the prospect pool. more eggs, more baskets. let the others try to prove they are better.

    • miazga is as bad as ream. i think he has the most 2 goals allowed-plus nights of anyone in the pool. let’s see richards, EPB, CCV, not another frustrating usual suspect. are we fielding players with NT track records, or resumes for an all star team of people at cool club destinations.

      • “Are we fielding players with NT track records or resumes for an all star team of people at cool club destinations?” Is parallel to asking me if I like food seasoned or unseasoned? I like fruit unseasoned and my steaks with A1 sauce. This question is nonsensical! Even for you!! To answer your question – BOTH. Playing for your country looks good on a soccer resume! I know you think since you played the sport, what 10-15-20 years ago, it’s supposed to be played the way YOU see it. I look for continuity and a overall synergy, when I watch. Did you watch Denmark vs Belgium? De Bruyne’s goal was shot with his left foot! If he uses his right foot, he doesn’t score, because the GK can close down the space. Are you watching Brasil vs Peru? One of the reasons why, Ederson (Brasil), is the worlds best passing GK is because he’s left footed. It’s the same with CB pairing. Every top country has a multi-CB duos. Richards, Miazga, Long, McKenzie, & Glad can play on the left being right footed. CCV, EPB, Zimmerman can’t. Richards is the only CB, who I’ve seen in the pool that can make a pass, by-passing an opposing teams attacking midfield like Brooks. If Richards isn’t available, Miazga is the next, and can make passes with his left foot. EPB is a 6 masquerading as a CB, he played a U20 tournament as a D-mid. Man City awarded him a contract after he won best player. He’s been a CB ever since. That leaves Ventura Alvarado or Trusty as your true left footed CB. Remember the starting XI vs Panama? (3 rd match in the group stage, Gonzo started) I thought, we would draw, or lose. They acquitted themselves well! You can only have 4 CBs. Who you got? (C’mon, now! make it make sense)

      • miazga was on the field for
        6-2 Panama (responsible for both)
        0-1 Mexico
        0-3 Venezuela
        0-1 Jamaica
        0-3 England
        0-2 Brazil
        1-2 Ireland (juked for the winner)

        and my point re club location is if you know how the player plays for the NT then all club spot can do is mislead. “i know he sucks for the Nats but he should be better, look at where he plays.” unless you have zero caps it is basically an excuse. for zero caps players, yeah, i am curious where they play and how they do there because i have no other information. but i think the degree to which we care about club location and form past when you have an international track record is absurd. your boss is not still checking your resume on linkedin months or years into working there — he looks at your portfolio on the job. geez.

      • the value of passing backs is undercut by the amount of goals they allow including the sheer amount of giveaways of the steffen/brooks/mckenzie variety. ironically long is the most productive attacking back and it’s not for farting around with short passes in his own third. it’s for getting involved on dead balls near the set of white posts and net on the other end. people vastly overestimate the sum value of players who pass but don’t score or assist and can barely defend. and teams like the swiss will eat them up.

      • Hey, genius!! You still didn’t list your 4 CBs for GC? So Miazga was the only 1 playing against 7 countries you just named? So soccer/futbol isn’t 11v11?! Gotcha! Makes total sense!! GBs club form narrative went out the window, when Arriola played 1 match with DC United, coming off of serious knee injury, and got call into the Nats, not too long after that. Others have pointed this out! You’re the only one continually pushing this club form narrative debate. Guess, you’re too smart to pay attention, or answer questions, huh?!

      • several of those goals i listed were his personal responsibility, including off the top of my head he gets juked out of his shorts for the goal that costs us the loss to ireland at the end, and the two goals a Panama B team managed on us, where they knocked in crosses to their striker between the CBs and he (and ream) were marking air.

      • to be even more blunt, i think the folks saying the goals can’t all be his problem seem to act like they are no one’s problem. over the course of games i point out how yedlin or brooks or dest or miazga keep messing up and yet people advocate for them for the next game again like nothing happened. and we keep giving up a lot of goals. and people need to get at some point it becomes hard to overcome, no matter the talent. we scored 2 on colombia lost 2-4. we scored 1 on the swiss lost 1-2. viewed that way winning 3-2 on Mexico in OT is just luck and a good offensive day against a poor defending opponent. if we ship goals — and particularly at a world cup where 99% of the teams are good — we aren’t going to keep winning.

  2. It’s amazing that this kid is still so young. It feels like he’s been around forever, and we still haven’t seen his best. Interested to see where he lands.

  3. underlines a basic problem on such loan deals which is the EPL parent side always wants to sell you at a high price reflecting your relationship with them even though the reality is they are loaning you out to second division teams because they don’t see use for you at that level. and second division teams are not rich or they would be EPL. you end up rotating around on loan in the naive hope the next place buys.

    • Much like Miazga though he’s in his last year of his contract so it’s time to sell him or get nothing if they don’t want to use him at Spurs. CCV is also a little different because he came through their system (been there since age 12) so there wasn’t a transfer amount paid for him or big sell on payments due. Cam has also been closer to actually playing for Spurs than Miazga or EPB for their clubs (minus Matt’s couple of matches when he first arrived).

      • the difference i would see is spurs is not as insane about releasing or selling people as chelsea is, where they literally want to keep a second squad of loan players they sell for only top dollar offers, and will not release as a courtesy. i also think CCV is dual national english and has more history playing in england and thus to be blunt is less susceptible to snobbery/bias and many of his potential takers will have played him in league and seen all they need to know. miazga being loaned around europe is a less effective audtion, though he did have the reading period.

        if miazga had a brain he would come back home or settle down someplace modest because he’s gained little traction from this process.

      • So your saying Spurs loaning CCV one more year and getting a few hundred thousand pounds at most for the loan and then nothing next summer is more financially responsible than selling him for 5-10 million? How is that more sane?

      • i was not saying that is what spurs do. i am saying that is what chelsea does. and i detailed elsewhere where IMO what they are trying to do is prop up the price of their whole elaborate asset player stable by loaning them unless they love the price. y’all want this to be about one player being valued for his merits because it fits your theories on the transfer system and capitalism rewarding success and punishing failure. i am telling you they are also faceless commodities and for some teams they have a pile of such commodities whose price they want to stay up. if they take a haircut on one maybe the other teams want haircuts on the others. the value of the pile deflates. so the player is caught up in a broader scheme to overvalue the shop window talent. you can debate whether it is economically maximizing but if you look at FCD and BM on Che, part of that dynamic may simply be BM doesn’t want to start over-paying for players and thus is holding the line on che — regardless what he might be worth. with a regular player in a market they have interests beyond a single transaction. business is not entirely rational. business does not pay everyone exactly what they are worth and the invisible hand only sorts out value well long after the fact. otherwise there would be little transfer market.

  4. Love the move if it comes true. He played really well for Bournemouth last year and should be entering his prime years as a CB. With the injury to Long and McKinnzie having a mixed performance, he should get another look.

      • He was solid.
        The fact that he is only 6′ feet tall may have turned some people off.
        Mckenzie is also 6′ feet tall and already played in a final with devastating results, like giving up a goal inside his own box, getting caught in an offside trap, giving up a penalty in the winding minutes of a game.

      • Well, it’s a good thing McKenzie’s gaffes didn’t come back to haunt us, otherwise I would agree that McKenzie is on shaky ground, but players need those types of games sometimes as a teachable moment, and he did look a lot better his next game versus Costa Rica regardless if it was a friendly or not! John Brooks has had some bad games too, away at Costa Rica in 2017 in WCQ comes to mind and it was probably one of the worst games I’ve seen a CB have, my point is, having a bad game shouldn’t be a death nail for any player

      • what i believe was disliked was he fouled a lot and is not mr. slick distribution. however our recent penchant for shipping goals and giving away goals on defender passes put in question the wisdom of those criteria. he was on the field for some excellent results in 18 but is more of a pure defender who is going to bang people around and commit some fouls, but also stay with his man and give up few goals. we need to decide if we want to stop anyone in qatar.

  5. Newcastle would be a good landing spot for CCV…also happy to hear he’s going to potentially feature for the USMNT this summer at the Gold Cup, his services will be needed!

    • he needs to go someplace he keeps playing. newcastle did yedlin no good at the end. i’d only sign at newcastle if i gave up on USMNT for the cycle and just wanted to cash in.

      • Yedlin wasn’t benched because he was an American, he got benched because they had better players. A player shouldn’t turn down an offer just because another American lost his place. Yedlin was the regular starter at Newcastle for three years then has a year where he was injured off and on for the entire season and the club decided it was time to move on. If Newcastle has a plan to highlight his talents Cam he should go. Newcastle aren’t big spenders if they buy him for 8-10 million they’ll give him every opportunity to play.

      • And Yedlin had a run of like what 5 years being a consistent starter for New Castle before a manager came to prefer someone else.

      • newcastle is midtable and while accusing me of FFing to the end of yedlin’s career — which was built into my wording — you’re assuming he’s wanted to start and not as depth. if you need to start to catch the NT coach’s eye, a huge jump to midtable EPL is a risk. “every opportunity to compete for time” is not the same thing as starting for sure. he has teams on the list that are smaller leaps where he would likely start. so regardless how much you clown me, the question is does he stay at a similar level to now, where he is playing, or does he grab for cash and move to newcastle, in which case we will see if he plays at all. if he has written off GB calling him to NT this cycle, take the money. if he has aspirations, this coach takes club form roller coastering hyper serious and it’s important to choose wisely and not end up getting Greened or Wooded back into the pasture from which few bench players return (weah and horvath basically).

    • Newcastle can’t afford to pay Spurs’ price to put him on the bench. Look at their recent history every player they paid transfer fees for got at least the first half of the season as starters to earn their keep. They aren’t Chelsea who can pay 30 million for a guy to play Cup games. Rarely does the “team in the lead” end up being where a player ends up during these summer months so we’ll see.

      • the number you just gave is double what the supposed offer is. why not make it $50m then.

      • You don’t ever read very closely do you. I think the best Newcastle would do is in the 8-10 million range I don’t think anyone would come close to Spurs alleged 14 million as I stated above. You always try to act like every EPL team operates like Chelsea who can afford to not play 30 million euro signings. Newcastle auto starts their 5 million euro signings because that is a huge investment for them. If he goes to Newcastle for anywhere between 5-15 million he will play. If he goes there for 1.5 million he’s a rotational player.

    • NT regulars under Berhalter that aren’t first choice starters for their clubs:

      • most of that list are established veterans. as i have explained before, there is one set of rules for steffen types. there is another for horvath types. if you are trying to break into the team he makes it very difficult to get into the team if you don’t start.

        i also think some of the people on your list eg pulisic start every other game, which is not the point here. backs are not usually squad rotated every other game, and this is a back. back is more like keeper, you will start for weeks in a row.

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