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Welcome to the new SBI Soccer

If our site looks a bit different than it used to, it is because SBI Soccer has undergone some changes that we hope will help the site continue giving our readers quality American soccer content on a regular basis.

Starting on Monday, SBI Soccer will be switching from an exclusively ad-based business model to a subscription model combined with ad-based free content. We are offering readers three subscription tiers to continue accessing the wide variety of content we will be creating in the months ahead.

SBI Soccer will still offer content that does not require a subscription, including site staples such as Soccer on TV, Americans Abroad Rewinds and daily news items, but those articles will be featured in pages with display ads, while those readers with subscriptions will be able to read those articles ad-free, and in many cases, will have early access to those articles.

Since launching as an independent soccer news site in January of 2008, SBI Soccer has operated as a free-to-read site with display advertising serving as our primary source of revenue. With the online publishing landscape changing dramatically over the years, we have seen the rise of subscription-based sites, both of the corporate and independent variety. The success of these ventures, coupled with the continued shrinking of the online advertising market, has led many sites to make the jump from ad-based sites to subscription-based sites and SBI Soccer has joined the growing list of sites to make that change.

There will be three levels of monthly subscriptions, the Squad Level ($3 per month), Starting XI Level ($5) and Captain Level ($8). Here is a closer look at the subscriptions now available for you to choose:


Joining the squad level gives you ad-free access to the site, and provides you early access to some of our main regular content, including Americans Abroad previews and Soccer on TV, as well as regular content covering the USMNT, MLS, Americans Abroad, NWSL and more.

Squad level subscribers will receive access to SBI’s new Newsletter, which will run down the top storylines in American soccer, and will also receive access to SBI’s Discord server, where readers and SBI staff will discuss the leading topics in soccer.


Leveling up to the Starting XI provides you with the same benefits included in the squad level, while also granting access to regular feature articles, exclusive interviews and analysis pieces on USMNT, Americans Abroad, MLS and more. 

The Starting XI level will also feature access to our weekly American soccer column by Ives Galarcep, video content and the SBI Staff podcast.


SBI’s all-access subscription level features everything included in the Squad and Starting XI subscription levels, as well as a variety of exclusives produced by SBI founder Ives Galarcep, who will provide regular USMNT, Americans Abroad and MLS content, both in written and video form, built around exclusive interviews with the biggest names in American soccer.

The Captain Level will also feature a regular Video Q&A where Ives answers questions from Captain Level subscribers.

The Captain Level will also feature regular monthly giveaways which subscribers will be eligible for.

We understand there is plenty of competition for your subscription dollar, and the challenge for the SBI staff will be to consistently create the type of quality content that makes an SBI Soccer subscription a must-have for every American soccer fan.

With that in mind, you can expect to see increased coverage of the U.S. men’s national team, Americans Abroad, MLS and much, as well as the addition of regular video content, and a new SBI staff podcast. We will also be launching a Discord server to give our subscribers a place to discuss the top stories of the day with each other and with members of the SBI staff.

There will continue to be free content available to readers who do not want to subscribe, so don’t let the new setup dissuade you from continuing to visit SBI Soccer even if you don’t intend to subscribe.

If you are interested in subscribing, you can do so here.

Thank you to all of you who have supported SBI over the years, and those of you who continue to support us as we evolve and work on continuing to be a go-to destination for American soccer fans.

Ives Galarcep
SBI Soccer


  1. Sites and hosting aren’t cheap anymore so I’m good for a few bucks a month and I actually think if the majority of the commentators and old timers move over to this new model it will get even better for the future, more like a club. Lots of groups not just media are moving to this model it’s the future of digital content.

  2. SBI OG. May I suggest providing content for free for 1 month under this new format. Clearly identify in each post what content will be available for which subscriptions. This will allow readers to make informed decisions on what to subscribe to, rather than taking a leap of faith. I recall ESPN tried rolling our ESPN IN as a similar subscription format. I never did it. I couldn’t tell if it was worth the cost or not.

    Another comment to add to the mix, I rarely post. Most of my enjoyment is 50% Ives’s insightful writing (not the other writers) and 50% commenting. I fear this new format will severely hurt the commenting community.


  3. Been there almost since the beginning. The news biz got tough starting back in 1994 with the launch of Nando.

    It hasnt gotten any easier that is for sure. Good luck with the changed venue/new venture. You have always been there for US soccer at so many levels for so long.

  4. The website already functions at the best it ever has. I love that. I’m glad you will continue to offer free content. Thanks for that too. Over the years there have been many “changes” to the site and format that haven’t stuck – including about three months ago. That’s my only concern. Ives, you are my number one voice for soccer commentary – always soberly given and not hot headed. I’m happy to throw a couple bucks your way but I must say I’m truly hope the product you offer in the this write up is what is delivered. I’ll be paying for YOUR commentary and insight. There’s a lot of free soccer commentary out there and (this is a just a fun jab) your MLS picks aren’t going to go very far to help me pay for the subscription – lol. From what it sounds like there is awareness of how readers expectations may change once the price is paid.

    • What if you did not get paid market value for your work? We have been reading and commenting on this site for years for FREE! Where else will you get this amazing coverage? It is only a few bucks… Skip a starbucks stop once a month. I like your commentary as well Mr. Page. It would be a shame for you not to have a voice here.

    • if you go, thats your choice- its clear that there will be content available for those unwilling or unable to subscribe.

      Let me guess, you belong to the “its on the internet, it should be free” camp.

    • Gary, it isn’t a case of doing this because “others are doing it”. The reason sites are going the subscription route is because there simply isn’t enough money in the ad model anymore, certainly not for smaller sites like this one.

      And it isn’t about making MORE money, it’s about making SOME money so we can keep the site going. This is really the only way to make it work, and while I fully appreciate that some people won’t choose to subscribe, the challenge for me and my staff will be to create a site that makes people want to subscribe, and the more readers who subscribe will allow us to do more and more, and hopefully bring on and develop more quality writers.

      SBI isn’t just about me and the writers though. It’s also about the long-time readers and commenters like yourself Gary. I hope you stick around, even if it’s just to read and comment on the non-subscription stories, but I really hope you choose to subscribe, even if it’s base level, which would allow you to join our Discord server, which I am hoping will become a good place for lively discussions and debate. Your voice and contributions would be appreciated there.

      • Perhaps I over reacted, but ESPN pays for the rights to all these games and then you have to pay for ESPN+ while they show something like bass fishing on their channels. Then there’s Paramount +. And isn’t NBC doing a Peacock channel you’ll have to pay for? So, the number of games you get to see on even expanded cable sports packages is shrinking. Now you’ll have to pay to read about soccer. It just seems to be a bit much.

      • Gary, we met be getting nickeled and dimed but it’s better than 15 years ago when you either paid 10-15 dollars a month to get Fox Soccer and BeIn and then got maybe 4 or 5 games a weekend. You wouldn’t be able to watch Busio at Venezia or Richards at Hoffenheim because you could only watch Juve, ManU, Bayern, Barca and Real Madrid. If we don’t see you on the other side good luck to you.

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