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Dest still in limbo at Barcelona, but Berhalter isn’t worried about the USMNT star


Available to Captain Level and Starting XI Level subscribers.


    • Still broken. Still no reply to emails. Nobody is listening.

      When something is free, one can say that you get what you pay for. When you pay a subscription for a product and you don’t get what you pay for, that’s a problem.

  1. Subscription model is broken. I have starting xi, says I’m logged in, and that this article is available to starting xi. Can’t find a way to log out and re-login to try and fix it.

    First, you really should make it clear from the front page what articles are available at what level (just an icon in the pic or something) or not show unavailable articles (although this probably wouldn’t help with upselling). Second, you have made some improvements in unavailable articles now saying what level can see them and that someone is logged in. However, when it says an article should be accessible to someone, as in this case, it should be.


  2. To chime in with Anthony, the permissions system is really unreliable across platform. I have an appropriate subscription for this article but I am not able to view it. It happens a lot as I switch between mobile and browser; I usually have to log out and back in to get access which is quite frustrating.

    • My starting XI subscription is not working, I have logged out and in several times. I don’t see any place to contact the website admin. Really frustrating. I don’t mind paying but the implementation needs to be much more reliable than this.

  3. Cool with the subscription fee for the quality material. Not cool with the multiple tiers and fact you don’t know if you can access things or not at your level until click on them or when will they become available to your level subscription. Really prefer if there was just one subscription fee level. $5 seems like right amount for full access.


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