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USMNT Depth Chart: Ranking the Strikers

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    • Not gonna lie. I want Jozy to stay healthy. If he can I wouldn’t be surprised for him to go 10/10 for the season with that offense. I’d also like to see him combining with the current crop of USMNT wingers and McKinnie. It’s this old man’s dream. Injuries have robbed him of so much – including respect he deserves from USMNT fans, especually the younger ones (replaying in my mind him pulling up in the WC – that sucked)

      • His injury history is a serious concern even if he does somehow claw his way back into consideration. He’s pulled up injured in multiple tournaments….and that has harmed the Team significantly. So unless they actually do expand the tournament roster to greater than 23 and he somehow can remain healthy & productive for the entire season….I wouldn’t risk including him in another tournament.

  1. I am a starting XI subscriber and am not getting any of the national team updates including February 16 article on ranking the strikers. Please advise

    • Hey there Alex, the Striker rankings article is currently available to Captain Level subscribers. That said, you should have access to the other national team articles on the site as a Starting XI subscriber. Let me know which other articles you are currently having trouble accessing.

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