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Who will, and who should the USMNT start vs. Costa Rica?


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  1. Hmmmmm…….this line-up will never happen under GB but I’d love to see it..






    Ferreira, the false NO#9, great relationship with Pepi and now Arriola, Pulisic a one-man arsenal, Acosta and Adams controlling the midfield and Long in the back for reactionary quickness / speed

    At this point I guess it doesn’t matter……IN GB WE TRUST LOL

    • You’d leave Musah off for Arriola? I think this might of worked with Musah in place of Arriola and either with Luca in place of Acosta or with Kellyn. I like this line up with Mckennie and Adams in the 2 holding mids and Musah in place of Arriola.

  2. Weah, Pepi, Morris
    DLT, Adams, Acosta
    Jedi, Miles, Zimmerman, Yedlin
    Subs- 60’ CP (Morris), Reyna (Acosta), 75’ Pefok (Pepi), Bello (Jedi), 85’ Sands (Adams)
    One more match to go!! USA

  3. I really think three center backs would crush it. Long-Zimmerman- Robinson. That’s a strong defense. Sit Adams and musah, or busio in front of them and we’re very solid at the back. Arriola stakes his claim time and again. He can play offense or defense. Wingback is a natural position for him. Moore on the other side, or maybe get creative and put weah out there. Pepi needs to get out of his funk and maybe teaming with Ferrara is the best way. Give Reyna the keys in that central attacking spot. 3-5-2. We have got to have this lineup in our arsenal come this November.

    • Musah looked like he needed rest. I’d also like to point out how utterly bad our 3-4-1-2 looked in the first half against Honduras. Like easily the worst performance of the ocho. I think lineup may be heavily effected by who still has the tummy troubles.

      • Not for nothing, but we did wind up winning that game 1-4 in Honduras I think it was more lineup choice, rather than formation. Brooks McKenzie and Robinson, don’t work like this current trio. Sands started that game also. Pepi and Sargent didn’t work well together either. And bello was another wrong choice. We can do much better with the 3-5-2

      • Certainly lineup had some to do with it, but lack of prep time had a lot to do with it too. Also we won the second half 4-0 because we got out of that formation. If we were 4 pts clearly it wouldn’t be a bad idea but when all you need to do is avoid a catastrophe a formation change seems risky. Also, some guys apparently still limited by stomach issues and training has been limited.

  4. Ives – do u know if yellow card accumulation carries over into the inter-confederation playoff? I’ve heard both ways. If it does, CR has quite a number of players sitting on a yellows. With a slim to zero chance of them closing the gap on goal differential on the top 3 spots, it would make sense for them to sit the players on yellows so they have a full squad in their playoff match.

    • Grant Wahl, Brian Sciaretta, The Athletic, Jimmy-Heath-and Charlie on In Soccer We Trust all saying that yes you would miss the playoff for a second yellow. The only way it carries to World Cup is a straight red, so Adams can get a yellow as long as we don’t lose by 6. This is very unfair considering Concacaf played 14 and Oceania played 5.


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