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Gio Reyna ruled out for remainder of season


Gio Reyna’s frustrating season at Borussia Dortmund will come to an early end after the U.S. men’s national team star suffered his latest injury on Friday.

Borussia Dortmund announced Sunday that Reyna will miss the remainder of the season due to a muscle and tendon injury. Reyna was substituted off 77 seconds into Dortmund’s 2-0 road win over Stuttgart on Friday, adding more frustration to an injury-plagued season for the 19-year-old.

The U.S. men’s national team attacker missed most of the Bundesliga season due to a hamstring injury suffered in September 2021 on international duty. Reyna recently returned to action for Borussia Dortmund and the USMNT, but will now watch from the sidelines as Marco Rose’s side aims to push for the league title.

He scored two goals in the opening months of the league season last summer, but only totaled 90 minutes once in 2022 at club level. Reyna played in all three match World Cup Qualifiers for the USMNT in March, helping Gregg Berhalter’s side clinch an automatic berth to Qatar.

Reyna will now prepare for involvement with the USMNT this June for the start of the 2022-23 Concacaf Nations League group stage.


  1. Coincidence that he needs to hurry back from INJURY because the end of the season is just the beginning of the next. NO ABSOLUTELY NOT.

  2. “Reyna will now prepare for involvement with the USMNT this June for the start of the 2022-23 Concacaf Nations League group stage”

    Hmmmm…… Bundesliga season end Saturday, May 14, 2022, so maybe the strain is of minor severity and Dortmond just wants to leave him off the team as a precaution because the end of his recovery will be too close to the end of the season anyway (wishful thinking).

    A muscle / tendon strain could be a grade 1 to 3, based on how severe the tissue damage is.
    Minor injuries – two weeks to Three weeks to heal
    More severe injuries – three months or longer with physical therapy to recover (I hope its nothing like that!!!!!!).

    So as long as surgery is not required, which which may lengthen the healing time, he should be involved somehow with the USMNT physical training staff.

    • Weah was out 6 months, no idea on the similarities of the injury but the timing is oddly similar. Original injury in early season late Aug early Sept. return Feb. quickly reinjure, and then miss remainder of the season.

  3. I’m back! Wow what happened to the comment section on SBI? It’s a ghost town now. It used to be such a thriving place with nonstop back and forth comments. Pour a drink for the memory of the old SBI- before Ives decided to start writing for GOAL and before that ill-fated website redesign of SBI that with hindsight, ended up being the beginning of the end. I wonder if Ives agrees with that assessment? Can’t fault Ives- obviously he was just trying to build upon and improve the website, but it had a negative affect.

    Anyways- in regards to Gio, I’m worried that he will end up being just another fragile American that is much hyped but always injured. Just off the top of my head: Stu Holden, Charlie Davies, Josh Gatt, Gideon Zelalem, etc (the list is much longer than that). I know people will counter that Holden and Davies wasn’t their fault due how the initial injury happened, but I disagree- bottom line they were never able to recover and stay healthy.

    I miss the days of when you could always count on a Donovan or Dempsey to be there for the big games and tournaments. Availability is the best ability.

    • I dont blame Ives, but I come here alot less cause best articles require payment now. Im sure others have made the same call.

    • Well, while I don’t love paying, SBI was almost unreadable on my phone before the change, I use an ad-blocker on my computer so the plethora of ads was not an issue there. CNN, for example, notices I use an ad-blocker and encourage me to signup. Without the ad-blocker, CNN is pretty awful as the ads keep popping up and moving the text.

      On balance, I think Ives did the right thing. I hope it works and that people will get over the shock of having to pay for what once was free.

      • A beautiful and beautifully articulated response from, yes, a guy that publicly dovulges his ongping interest in CNN. Give up your previous freedoms – you’ll forget about it sooner or later. Thanks CNN guy.

    • I was just thinking about your battles with Gary Page, over Landon vs Green for Brazil. Comment sections heat up around international windows and go ghost town in between. Maybe someone who is member could comment if things are more lively behind the pay wall. I’m not against the direction Ives has gone, he deserves to make a living. I was just really busy with work when it went live might join as WC gets closer.

      • Landon vs. Green…what a revealing posterizer depending on what side of the aisle one was on. History unequivocal on right vs. wrong on that one but just another footnote on the failure of Klinsman

    • “just another fragile American that is much hyped but always injured.”

      Americans players aren’t any more injury prone than any other nationality.

      The reason that’s even a thing is because there have been so few Americans in top flight soccer, losing even one to what could be considered routine injuries was hyper noticeable.

      Injuries to CD9, Stu , Jermaine Jones ( he would have been in South Africa if he had not fractured his shin) seriously affected the 2010 team which did well anyway. Imagine how much better they might have been had the guys I mentioned been fit and healthy. Gooch was there but he was hobbled..

      And Dempsey and Donovan were outliers, freaks.

      And besides being a freak, Landon used MLS to stay in shape for the USMNT. It kept him sharp enough but didn’t tear him down like playing in Europe would have. Lots of people wanted him to carry the flag in Europe but I was happy to have him stay in SoCal if it meant that he was always in good shape for the USMNT.

      Clint played at humble Fulham and averaged about 43 appearances per season which is a lot but nothing like it might have been if he had been playing on one of the big clubs, with their long runs in Europe and in the Cup competitions. Still, he was tougher than anyone in the present USMNT player pool.

  4. I’m sure Larry was just looking for a way to wrap up the story but there is no way Gio should play in June with the NT.

    • Agree. After so many set backs he needs time to allow his body to fully recover.
      Give him the summer off to recover….until BvB starts there pre-season training program.
      USSF know what they’ve got with Reyna. Now that we’ve qualified, it’s in their interest to have him fully healthy at the start of the season so he’s playing consistently and is match fit come the WC. We’ll still have 2-3 friendlies to fine tune his roll and chemistry.

    • I am sure Reyna wants to play. He did not get where he is by not loving the competition. There is a lot of science behind recovery from injuries and I am sure it will be applied. When the MDs and physical therapists say he is ready to play, he will be. I am sure that GB and Dortmund will pay attention to that and act accordingly. Dortmund has already determined that he cannot play a meaningful role for the remainder of the season at best. GB does not really need Reyna for this June’s games so he is probably not going to push him. If he is determined to be injury-free, he will likely play a limited role like he did in the last 3 US games.


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