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Gio Reyna suffers thigh injury in Borussia Dortmund start


Gio Reyna was destined to play a key role for Borussia Dortmund in the remaining matches of the Bundesliga season, but his status now is in jeopardy after being substituted off in the opening minutes of Friday’s match.

Reyna was substituted off 77 seconds into Dortmund’s 2-0 road win over Stuttgart with an apparent thigh injury. The U.S. men’s national team attacker has missed most of the Bundesliga season due to a hamstring injury suffered in September 2021 on international duty.

Reyna started for Marco Rose’s side on Friday, but was forced off early after chasing down a loose ball on the right wing. The 19-year-old was seen in tears after exiting the field in what looks to be the latest setback in his return to play.

“Gio is once again exhausted,” Rose said postmatch about the recurring injury. “It’s his thigh again, it’s very bitter.”

Reyna has been reduced to only 12 appearances for Borussia Dortmund across all competitions this season. He scored two goals in the opening months of the league season last summer, but only totaled 90 minutes once in 2022 at club level.

Reyna recently played the final three World Cup Qualifiers for Gregg Berhalter’s side in March, helping the Americans clinch a berth to Qatar. He’s earned 11 caps for the USMNT to date, scoring four goals.

Borussia Dortmund is six points behind league leaders Bayern Munich with five matches left to play.


  1. Hamstring injuries are really tough to get rid off. He should forfeit season and just heal until August- September. Like really fully heal the injury with rest. He will have time to get back into it he is young his body will respond well. Speaking of experience battling hamstring injuries for over a year and using the full extended rest approach (with phased rehab) to let the muscle recover 100%. Worse thing he could do is rush it again.

  2. Sad. I know it’s harsh, but just can’t depend on this kid. If he ever can play think of it as a bonus. I put it at 70% chance he’ll be hurt for Qatar. Hamstrings are made of glass like his dad.

  3. Makes one sick seeing this. For him first and then… because he is such a special talent I know we’re all looking forward to seeing fully expressed.

    • All of his injury problems stem from CONCACAF refs allowing him to get hacked in the first set of games in the WC qualifying

      • As much as I would like to agree and disparage CONCACAAF refs, I think Johnnyrazor is right at least so far as hamstrings and ACLs are concerned. Thigh bruises and MCL sprains OTOH are almost always due to contact.

      • I appreciate the physiological conclusions from the medical practitioners posting contrary to mine.

        My point was this: 1) Muscle strains & pulls often result from overuse and compensating for other problems including minor injuries; bruises; and assorted trauma: 2) reyna’s recent injury appeared to be a recurrence of a prior injury that kept him out for some time; which began shortly after suffering an injury following a WC qualifying game; in those said games ; I clearly recall that young Gio – as well as many of our youthful players were not protected from physical play. Ergo, my conclusion that his injury problems stem from the WC qualifying games; which is difficult to contest from merely a temporal analysis.

        Regardless, this is a terrible (re)occurrence,

      • Try and explain yourself out of it all you want. You do not pull muscles from getting hacked. He obviously has hamstring issues much like Altidore did for many years. Try again

      • Bob,

        Gio had “muscular problems” back in 19/20 before the WC qualifiers.

        He’s also had a substantial increase in his PT for BVB since then.

        Like the similarly injured Pulisic, Tyler and Weah before him Gio was playing a lot of minutes in a short amount of time.

        Someone mentioned Jozy but he didn’t start with the hamstring stuff really until the 2014 World Cup when he was 24-25. Gio is 19.

        Before that Jozy was a draft horse. In the 2010 World Cup he had the living crap beat out of him in every game but he always showed up.

        USMNT fans wear CONCACAF physicality as some sort of badge of honor as if our guys are tougher than those Euro wimps because we have to play such mean people.

        The truth is CONCACAF has nothing on CONMEBOL where you can get an in game rectal examination administered to you by the opposing team if you’re not careful. And a lot of those same unlicensed physicians go on to play in places like the Bundesliga.

        Gio’s injury issues are not unusual . They just very badly timed. Any further setbacks and he’s likely to miss Qatar. You can’t rely on a guy with that kind of injury in what is likely to be a physically tough tournament.

        And this manager is just dying for any excuse to get his faves, Ariolla and Morris on that plane to Qatar.

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