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Report: RB Leipzig open to loaning Tyler Adams, with Leeds United a possibility


Leeds United continues its search for a replacement for Kalvin Phillips and the possibility of Tyler Adams replacing him at Elland Road has grown stronger amid word that RB Leipzig is open to letting the U.S. men’s national team midfielder leave.

RB Leipzig is open to loaning Adams out this upcoming season with Leeds United remaining interested in his services, The Athletic reported on Friday. Adams is linked with an exit from RB Leipzig, whether that is on loan or a permanent transfer.

Adams’ contract with RB Leipzig is set to run until June 2025, but the 23-year-old could be on the move as early as this summer. He would help fill the void left by Phillips, who joined Manchester City in June on a permanent transfer.

The former New York Red Bulls midfielder made 35 combined appearances for Domenico Tedesco’s squad last season, winning the German Cup and featuring in the UEFA Champions League. In total, Adams has made 101 appearances for the Bundesliga club since his arrival from MLS, scoring two goals and adding four assists.

A transfer to Elland Road would reunite Adams with former Red Bulls and RB Leipzig head coach Jesse Marsch. Marsch took over at Leeds United for Marcelo Bielsa in March and helped the Yorkshire club avoid relegation on the final day of the Premier League season.

Adams has remained a key player for the USMNT, starting eight of his 10 appearances in 2022.

RB Leipzig’s competitive schedule begins on July 30 with the German SuperCup against Bayern Munich while Leeds United faces Wolves in its Premier League opener on August 6.


  1. I worry that if he stays at RB he will not get a lot of playing time this fall. I suspect he would routinely start at Leeds. From a USMNT perspective the move is good. For RB. Leeds, and Adsm’s career. I don’t know.

  2. One of the things that many successful national teams have are groups of players who play for the same club side. This is something that the US has seldom had. If Adams were to be loaned to Leeds than he and Aaronson would have an opportunity to practice and play together consistently. The chemistry that could develop between these 2 ahead of the World Cup could yield real dividends.

  3. when your old coach is involved a loan (even purchase option) would be odd. personally i think it’s gross to milk stuff like this for money, it’s your old coach meets his former player you have soured on. come up with some moderate number and move on. these shouldn’t be the ones turned into a sotheby’s auction or pushed in the direction of a loan by excessive financial demands. if you thought he was that good you wouldn’t be selling him.

    • It might be Leeds pushing for a loan. Yes they should get a little over 100 million for Phillips and Raphina, but they’ve already spent over 60 million on Aaronson, Kristensen, and Roca. Tyler would be valued around 15-20 but they still need to replace Raphina. Gakpo from PSV is a winger rumor and he’s valued in the 30-40 million range which would put them over. Obviously they don’t have to break even but if they can defer the cost to next year and even be able to back out should they be relegated makes sense financially. If it’s a loan like McKennies to Juve where it’s pretty much just a financial mechanism not a trial it makes sense. Transfermkt actually lists RBSalzburg DM Camara as a more likely get for Leeds anyway.

    • “if you thought he was that good you wouldn’t be selling him.”

      Untrue. Every player has a price no matter how good

      RB is moving in a different direction from how they used to play when Adams first came up.

      His skills were a good fit for that but may not be as good a fit for the new style.

      We all sell things, get rid of things that we’ve out grown or don’t need anymore even if they are perfectly good.

      Have you never been to a yard sale?

      Adams is in no way comparable to Kalvin Phillips and I’m not sure if he’s a good fit for Leeds not. However , he might be able to help Leeds get a lot more solid defensively.

      He needs to find a system that fits him.

      • i am making the point that if they are disgruntled the player shouldn’t be valued like they are happy, a routine valuation glitch. i don’t do many garage sales but you don’t tend to sell things you way overvalue. the fact it’s in the yard sale usually conveys reduced passion and value. people tend to want happy cash for unhappy value. this is why many players get stuck in loan hell is i kind of don’t believe someone who’s been on loan for x years and never seen the field deserves a “spurs” or “chelsea” price. they should really have a “celtic” price if you ever want to sell them. that’s the level they actually play, but then the whole game here is bridging seller dreams to reality.

  4. He needs a permanent move. But a loan with an option to buy should be the ticket. Go to Leeds and lead them to glory!

    • normally i would say yes but in this particular situation it’s the buildup to the world cup and his former coach at 2 stops who started him. longer term it’s does leeds have the money, will leeds stay up, will marsch stay employed. NT fan me says just get someplace and play and this would likely ensure it for a while. key thing to me would be staying healthy where this is a showcase. he plays well, locks the world cup, stays healthy, if leeds sucks or won’t find its wallet, or marsch gets canned, someone else will buy him. similar scenario to dike. the US fan in me is like stay healthy through november and do this deal and you will be fit and ready to go and sort the rest out later.


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