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USWNT edges Canada to win Concacaf W Championship

The U.S. women’s national team concluded its World Cup Qualifying campaign on Monday night by capping off a perfect run at the 2022 Concacaf W Championship.

Alex Morgan’s second-half penalty kick proved to be the difference as the USWNT edged Canada 1-0 in Monday’s final, handing Vlatko Andonovski his first competitive trophy as head coach. The Americans clinched a spot in the 2024 Summer Olympics with the tournament success, confirming the USWNT’s involvement in two major competitions in the next two years.

Both teams created ample opportunities in the first half, but neither could find an opening goal as Alyssa Naeher and Kaylin Sheridan were up to the task. Mallory Pugh was denied on a pair of occasions in the opening 35 minutes of the match as Sheridan kept Canada from facing a deficit going into halftime.

Naeher’s double save on Nichelle Prince in the opening minutes of the match were Canada’s best offensive chances.

Both teams continued to pile on the chances after halftime with Sophia Smith and Rose Lavelle becoming the latest players denied in front of goal. Smith and Lavelle tried their luck from long-range but Sheridan kept her shutout attempt going.

The USWNT’s constant pressure paid off in the 71st minute as Allysha Chapman was whistled for a penalty after tripping Rose Lavelle in the box. Alex Morgan stepped up and beat Sheridan to the bottom-right corner, giving the Americans a late 1-0 advantage in Mexico.

The USWNT hung on to earn a third-straight victory in the Concacaf W Championship Final, capping off a 5-0 record in Mexico this summer. Naeher registered five saves to post a fifth shutout for the Americans, concluding a dominant tournament by the team.

The USWNT will now enter a two-month break before facing off with Nigeria in a pair of home friendlies this September.


  1. re. Horan and Lavelle, imo that had a lot to do with Sullvan really not being an option in the buildout, she just didn’t present as an option. the move I thought was coming was sliding Horan back to the 6 and bring on Sanchez for Sullivan as the 8, especially after Priestman sent her CB as the 9 to target in the area to win headers, but no

  2. The women finished 5-0 with zero goals allowed, and won without several veterans on the roster. While the cohesion lacked, they dominated in possession This was the perfect opportunity to break in new and emerging talent to complement an aging veteran core, and many left a good impression. Given the trajectory, by next summer this should be able to compete for another championship.

    Cook, Fox, Girma and Huerta looked like they can contribute on defense. O’Hara was on the roster and did not play against Canada. Rapinoe likewise did not play in the final, with Smith, Pugh and Purce earning important playing time, and young Rodman getting experience. While team MVP Ertz is on maternity leave, Sullivan filled in well in midfield. Murphy will push Nahrer in goal.

    They qualified for WWC, which in priority #1. Building depth was also really important before the WWC in 2023, and a high priority. We saw this happen with the USMNT recently, and it looks like the USWNT have accomplished the same objective.

  3. I hadn’t seen them play for a while. Unlike most commentators here I was disappointed. After watching some of the UEFA women’s championship games, I thought both teams in this game were pretty sloppy. Passing and movement in the European games seem generally better. England in particular looks extremely sharp. The US really should have had 2 more goals and seem to need improvement in their strikers.

    • I agree Gary! The whole tournament a number of players lacked a burst and just looked worn out. Two notables were Horan and Lavelle. Both look slow to the ball and with the ball. Horan got taken off the ball a number of times and just fell to the turf? Rose would have space in front of her and her pace was not there to open the field with her burst.
      Sadly the ladies moonlight with three gigs to maximize their earning potential playing NWSL, in Europe, and for the National team.
      Fortunately the players were just good enough and imposed there skill the final 20 minutes. Morgan looked slow in transition and counters. However, she showed up at winning time. By the way her PK was savable If GK guesses the her left side.
      I know this was not the best USWNT, missing a few players. The younger ladies can play and will get better. Smith and Pugh will be challenge for anyone to defend. Fox has a motor, quick and fast. Huerta was challenged but hung in there.

      • Along those lines, I couldn’t understand why the coach waited so long to bring in any subs. I think the first came in at the 85th minute and it was a hot day.

    • if you had watched all of the USWNT games in this tournament then would know that this game was up and down and not vs. a completely fully bunkered D the entire game, even when losing. Only CR really tried to come out.

      It was certainly imperfect, and I agree along with many that Sanchez was a call that might have unlocked things.

      As I had said in a previous post…the game the US was playing seemed like a different sport than that at the euros…a few games ago :->

  4. Good win against a very good opponent. The second half was particularly well played. Looking forward to watching these new blood develop. The pool is getting deeper. They need to do some target practice though.

  5. Fun hame to watch. Lots of attacking intent from both teams. I thought you could see the frustration building in Canada as the game wore on as they reverted back to their fouling ways, especially after the release, and mean spirited in general expressions. It didn’t help them and credi to Vlatko and the US women for keeping their heads straight on the task and not getting into retaliation or losing their focus.

    Canada wanted Prince vs. Huerta 1v1 from the opening whistle, and she had her way early but both Huerta and Vlatko adjusted, early; rarely was Huerta left alone 1v1 again after the opening minutes with help coming from Lavelle, Smith and others to help contain, and well done.

    Chapman never saw a foul she didn’t like, she’s one of the meanest spirited players out there, and she bungled the penalty after being exposed. Morgan’s PK finish against her club teammate Sheridan was beautiful and clutch, smart, owning the moment.

    Sullivan came up big, not in buildup or connections as the US rarely even looked to play to her as the 6, but in running into spaces defensivey and slowing buildups and counters…she got it done in her role imo.

    The US attack was sharp and relentless, and without an open net slip by Smith and a wildly wayward attempt from Pugh after being played in beautifully by Horan, this game would have been much more comfy. Sure hope they can sort those issues which were literally present in every game.

    Pugh played so well in the middle third all tournament, excelled in that, and in tracking back, amazing workrate, both she and Smith did it all tournament. Pugh looked most likely all game for the US and put constant pressure on Canada. I thought it was her best game of the tournament.

    Interesting that to close the game out, Vlatko went to Purce and not Rapinoe, who did not play. Priestman chose to play her CB as the 9 down the stretch, and Canada served ball after ball to her head, to no avail. Cook again calm and cool back there, Naeher too

    if this team can become more clinical in front of goal with crisper decision making, anything is possible. On one break, Pugh broke free up the right side with Smith dragging both CBS towards the goal line with her run. Morgan’s smarts saw her ease back and create yards of space outside the spot, but Pugh never saw her and fired a tough angled shot taken by Sheridan. They create so many chances.

    Congratulations on restoring the order in CONCACAF!

    • I agree it was fun to them play and wear down Canada. They were clearly the better of the two teams. That being said passing and the final ball need to be better, Horan exemplified both these aspects more than anyone. Outside that nice pass that you mentioned she was a turnover machine, making poor decisions, not connecting on pass after pass and missing the goal pretty badly. But she was just a microcosm of the team. This really needs to improve. England, Spain, Germany….they are looking sharp as tacks. Horan was killing it on defense though. I think with her poor offensive form having her and Sullivan out there was redundant and the game was calling out for Ashley Sanchez’ creativity going forward. That would have opened the game up even more allowing more space for Pugh, Morgan and Smith. Also, please find a way to get Rose Lavelle on the ball more. She has the best control, vision, feet, and accuracy of passing on the team. When she gets the ball in the final third things happen.


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