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Americans Abroad Player of the Week: Malik Tillman


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  1. I always thought Malik would get a call up in September if he continued to progress and impress, which he’s doing in spades at Rangers, but now that it looks like Weah, Roldan and maybe even Reyna won’t be in the September camp because of injuries or rehabbing from an injury, he’s has be a shoe-in no?

  2. Could easily see Ream getting called in for the friendlies. I think Malik’s callup is a forgone conclusion. Think his current play will get him into a 26 man WC roster, but might not have gotten him called to a 23 man one.
    Also think it’s now a fight between Sargent and Wright for one of the last spots behind Jesus and Pefok.

    • That fight is probably between Wright and Pefok, neither really plays our current style. If Sargent keeps scoring at even half this rate, he is battling Ferreira to start, definitely on the plane. I would leave the door open for Ream, he has held up against both Liverpool and Arsenal in recent weeks, none of our other CBs can say as much…

      • The thing that might help both Ream and Pefok is if we give another go at some point in the next two friendlies to that three-man backline. Pefok seems to play a lot better with another striker alongside him and so if we were to go to a 3-5-2 at some point alongside a false 9 (I could see either Reyna or Ferreira in that role), Pefok’s probably the guy you want up top, and of course, Ream is really, really solid as the LCB in a three-man backline.

        So I could see it. Totally depends on which way Gregg decides to go.

      • not only has Ream played really well to start the season, but his partnership/familiarity with Jedi can’t be overlooked, that could be a crucial tactical advantage for us in Qatar if Ream makes the roster!

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