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Report: Sergino Dest targeted by Borussia Dortmund


Sergino Dest was reportedly on the radar of Manchester United for a possible reunion with Erik ten Hag, but with no transfer coming to fruition, the American defender is now on the radar of Bundesliga side Borussia Dortmund.

Borussia Dortmund is targeting Dest in a swap deal for fellow full back Thomas Meunier, Spanish outlet Diario Sport reported on Monday. Manchester United was reportedly set to pay roughly $23.6 million to Barcelona for Dest’s services, but talks between the two clubs have quieted, according to the report.

Meunier has also been linked with Manchester United this summer with the Red Devils aiming to bolster their roster prior to September 1’s transfer deadline day.

Dest, 21, has not dressed in Barcelona’s opening two La Liga matches of the season with manager Xavi set to say goodbye to the American right back. The former Ajax defender logged 31 combined appearances last season for Barcelona, registering four assists, but injuries also hampered Dest’s playing time.

Dest has scored three goals and added five assists in 72 combined appearances for Barcelona following his transfer from Ajax in 2020.

A transfer to Borussia Dortmund would link Dest with current USMNT teammate Gio Reyna, who made his season debut in last Saturday’s 3-2 loss to Werder Bremen. Dest would provide another young option in Edin Terzic’s squad, which features Karim Adeyemi, Youssoufa Moukoko, and Jude Bellingham.

Borussia Dortmund visits Hertha Berlin on Aug. 27 aiming for a bounce-back victory in league action.


    • Friendly reminder, MOB! Raphael is a LB. He’s a starter for Portugal. Nuno Mendes is his backup for country. Plays a lot of LWB for Dortmund in the past. Wolf is the utility back for Dortmund.

    • brooks sucks and personally i find it telling with the world cup in 3 months and most major leagues rolling he isn’t signed anyplace. to me it screams “greedy” to be holding off like a deadline day player when we have our last friendlies in a few weeks, and it may pose difficulties to get playing when you miss camp. most people in his situation sign back in june and are ready for camp in july. i assume he’s betting on GB’s adoration of paper “form” even if he got dropped from the quali team and misses the upcoming friendlies. otherwise this is not how a soccer-focused player trying to make his NT (or even club lineup outside MLS or some smaller league) runs his railroad if they are bright.

      • Why would he be banking on “paper form” when every interview Gregg has given in the last 3 months he’s said “he’s not good enough at what we do he needs to find a club to work on playing a high line.” He knows he’s out, so he’s finding a place to make money to set up his family for the future. You know he can’t play a high line, he knows he can’t, Gregg knows he can’t.

      • Yeah- agree with JR. Writing’s on the wall with GB- that ship sailed. Brooks trying to cash in on what is likely his last contract as a pro. Can’t say I blame either of them. Pro career/earning window is short. Brooks doesn’t suit our tactics- would be a nice option off the bench for a late sub/low block/holding a lead- but seems in no way the sort that is interested in that kind of minimal role.

      • GB has revived bad ideas when they find a new home. so, yeah, any hint of form. and all due respect dude, but his problems go well beyond a high line. that is the approved GB critique and a limited complaint. i’ve seen brooks get abused sitting back in his own box, by teams like colombia and england. i don’t think there is anything to fix. he’s slow and not any good man marking. for a guy in his last cycle, that is not a punch list item, that’s fundamental to the player.

      • i think the world cup should be earned playing well and not just a meetup for perceived tactical fits. part of GB’s 2018 problem was thinking talent and performance didn’t matter, that fit to his system was more important. i don’t think brooks is in my top several CBs who actually had good games this cycle. and like i said in the other post, i don’t buy it’s specific, i think he can’t mark sitting deep either. he’s a zone guy but i don’t think you can expect to do much at a world cup not having to mark anyone and just holding down a zone spot.

    • I think Xavi wants a more disciplined defensive presence in a FB, and perhaps a little more “mature” player in general. Dest has said he views himself as an artist, perhaps Xavi just wants a little more pragmatic FB and let’s his attackers play with flare.

      • Looking at who Xavi wants, is bringing in/favors, he doesn’t seem to be even slightly interested in developing young players… more like his peers.

  1. What a brutal life for these guys. Imagine your boss telling the world he didn’t want you, but then keep you around to just stew in it while he tries to sell you. And it’s his Dest’s childhood dream club. This sucks! It sucks for Pulisic too for the same reason (CP for the love of God please get out of there!) I just want this to end.

    • Imagine your boss telling you he doesn’t like your work so he is just not going to have you work any more, but still continue to pay you 100’s of thousands of dollars per week while he finds you a new job! That’s the dream man!

    • That’s how it goes in the bigs. Being resilient, taking your licks, suffering setbacks on and off the field, achieving professionalism even in the face of extreme adversity…that’s what separates the ones who make it from the ones who ultimately fade and vanish. Unless you’re just a true phenom like Messi or Ronaldo who is just so transcendent you’re that much better than anyone else, 99.99% of soccer careers are an up-and-down slog through mountains of challenges, and the ones who make it, plain and simple, have enough “pain in the bank” they can survive most anything that’s thrown at them. Look at how astoundingly tough Clint Dempsey was by the end of his career. The dude backed down from nothin’.

      Then of course, old age hits, and the cycle repeats. But if you watch guys who still have game and enough legs to compete when they reach MLS but were once top player in Europe, that’s why they often seem like samurai masters with this almost Zen quality about them. In a very real sense, they kind of are.

      They’ve been through it, in a thousand different ways.

    • You guys have good points. It’s gotta still hurt though. But yeah, professional athlete.
      And I myself gleefully criticize 20-year-old athletes online, so I’m a little hypocritical.
      I just like Dest …is that so wrong…..

  2. Xavi plans to have a mainly Spanish player Barcelona with a couple of foreign players thrown in. Hopefully Dest finds the right team. Dortmund could be a really good fit for him.


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