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Projecting the USMNT roster for the September friendlies


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  1. Didn’t see Dest listed? If Robinson is injured I think he has to be the starting leftback, then either Vines or Scally as backup, Yedlin/Cannon on the right. And to play a little devil’s advocate, Ream has been playing pretty well against tougher competition than any of the CBs listed… Keeper and midfield pretty straightforward. Might be worth trying Vasquez out to see how he looks at striker…

    Curious to see how Berhalter approaches the “veteran experience” factor. We don’t have any with the quality to start probably, but do you need Yedlin (only projected player on the 2014 team) or Arriola for that, or do you just completely roll with the youth and totally turn a new page and accept some growing pains this time around. Would the presence of those two really make a difference?

  2. I don’t think McKenzie did well enough in the last USMNT games to get called up, I would rather see Brooks who defends better and who can actually pass the ball. Also, Richards needs to play with the team even if it is only for a couple halves. I know lots of people seem to like CCV, but I think both he and EPB are not really the answer in the back and would drop either or both. I am surprised Ream did not merit a mention by Ives; he has been playing very well for Fulham in the EPL, despite his slowness.

    In midfield, Sonora deserves a look, but it is likely too late for him to seriously be considered for Qatar.

    Up top, Ariola is a known quantity, I would drop him for the friendlies to see how well Vasquez can fit in. ( I know GB likes Ariola, but that won’t change on the basis of these friendlies, no matter what happens.)

  3. Please, we cannot go into the World Cup with Ferreirra as our starter. Nice MLS player but torrid finisher on the Intl level. Needs 6 point blank chances to score 1. He will get manhandled by Englands back 4.

    • Yes because we have so many can’t miss finishers on our roster. All of them have had can’t miss finishes that they’ve somehow missed. Let’s not forgot Pefok from 6 yards somehow hit it over the endline outside the penalty area. Sargent from 18 at an open net? They are all flawed it’s just what flaw do you want to live with. I prefer the one that links well with his teammates and creates 5 times the number of chances as his teammates, understands his defensive role and never stops running.

      • Me also. Ferreira isn’t perfect and I wonder in an ideal world if he’s more of a right wing or more probably a 10 but for me he’s the best we have at the moment unless Sargent is truly over his yips and can establish that emphatically in these friendlies.

        The more you watch Ferreira’s movement and ability to connect with teammates, though, the more you like him. He’s also got a shocking and deceptive burst…he doesn’t look like he’s going all that fast, he’s loafing just enough with his head down you take your eyes off him…and hey, he just got off your shoulder, hit the jets, and he just did the Roadrunner thing. And guess what, you just got fried, there, centerback, look kinda like Wile E. Coyote right now. You see it time and again, every game. And these MLS CB’s should know better by now. But the dude might as well be in Witness Protection, he’s so good at somehow convincing CB’s he’s not there and isn’t up to anything.

        I wish he was better with his head, I wish he held the ball up better, and I wish he had a little more mustard on his shot sometimes instead of him just trying to always guide it into the net, but I also think that last may well come, too. He really hasn’t been a 9 that long.

  4. There is no way that Chris Richards isn’t in this roster, the upside is too high and if anything you bring him to get him games and build his continuity with Zimmerman. Can’t see Zendejas getting called in either, unless it’s a bigger squad than the 26, which in case I’d be fine with. I also think Eryk Williamson makes this roster, he’s probably playing at a higher level than Mihailovic atm, and can play the #6 and #8 spots. Finally, I think Tim Ream gets a look too, his form is too high to overlook and he plays so well with A-Rob at Fulham that it could be a huge plus for the NT in Qatar, and I’m a no for Sands right now as he just makes too many silly mistakes right now to be trusted.


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