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Josh Sargent assists once in Norwich City’s draw with Reading


Norwich City’s unbeaten run was extended to nine matches on Tuesday with Josh Sargent continuing his productive role in Dean Smith’s starting lineup.

Sargent assisted once in the Canaries 1-1 road draw with Reading, keeping Norwich City in the top-two of the English Football League Championship table. The U.S. men’s national team forward has been held without a goal in each of his last three appearances, but he’s continued to contribute in the final third.

Sargent set up Grant Hanley’s opener in the 50th minute, flicking on a corner kick that allowed the veteran defender to score from close-range. It was Sargent’s second league assist of the season.

Jeff Hendrick’s equalizer helped Reading earn one point from Tuesday’s top-three showdown, but overall Norwich City continued its unbeaten run this fall. Sargent created the most chances in the match (3) and the most tackles (2), while also winning four duels from his right wing position.

The 22-year-old has scored six goals and added two assists in 12 league appearances, remaining a regular starter in the Canaries’ starting lineup. Up next for Norwich City is a home date with Preston North End on Saturday before a trip to Watford on Oct. 15.



    I wouldn’t even call this an assist… a controlled, coordinated and intentional assist. As a matter of fact it appears as if ” he (number 24) was trying to get out of the way” (minute 3:18) while trying to walk off a knock or something that was bothering him. He WAS really active all game, and what I like was that he was setting up his teammates from right wing (where he played) and the left…..showing his hard work and versatility.
    The big question is why oh why is Dean Smith putting Sargent on the wing in favor of Pukki???? Pukki just does not play well as provider so the kid has to work extra hard to both provide (assist) and score, hence his numbers take a hit. Time and time again Norwich have shown that:
    Hernandez – Sargent – Sinani = goals for Norwich City and Sargent
    So what gives?!!!!

    • Why does Dean Smith choose Pukki? 55g last 2 Championship seasons 22g last 2 EPL seasons. Josh has 25 career first team goals over 4+ seasons. Pukki had 26 g in his last Championship season. Teemu is getting older 32, but he certainly deserves to still be the CF for Norwich.

      • 1. Josh Sargent (7.23, 11th) has a higher rated Championship player than Pukki (6.83, 93rd)
        2. Sargent is more versatile than Pukki
        3. Sargent (6) as more goals than Pukki (4) currently this season (because he has started at striker and has been paired with the right people)
        4. Sargent has a better overall pass % and goals per shot rating than Pukki
        5. Sargent has a better “Aerial duels won per game” rating and is quicker than Pukki
        6. Josh Sargent has been Man of the match more times this season than Pukki

        So in summary Sargent is a better overall player than Pukki so he should be the starting CF for Norwich

      • Sargent has played better over the past month. Pukki has been the best striker in the Championship in their last two runs to promotion. Even in Europe you don’t just drop a guy with his scoring record. Josh has never proven he can score at his current rate Pukki has. If Pukki struggles they know they can slide Sargent over. Their better with their 2 best scorers on the pitch and Pukki doesn’t have another position.

      • Josh Sargent was never really handed the keys to the striker role. I’m not saying Sargent would have scored high double digits goals….I’m saying Josh Sargent is currently a better more versatile player than Pukki (and with Pukki on the bench)

      • Pukki is a poacher, Chicharito type striker (dare I say Wondo like). He’s just going to score goals. The team is better with him on the pitch than Hernandez or Sinani. The kid Ramsey is pretty dynamic too. The big difference is getting rid of Rashica! Norwich is pretty solid to go up whether Josh plays on the W or as a CF. Smith is more than happy starting his proven striker and letting Sargent, Cantwell, and Ramsey being the dynamic players and Pukki will put 15-20g just bring cagey in the box.

  2. If people were suspect about Pulisic’s assist they need to see this one. It appears Sargent either knocks knees or rolls an ankle and is standing in the box bent over as the ball is flicked on. Josh contorts his body to avoid a handball and the ball glances off him to the feet of Hanley.
    Josh did send in a couple good balls that with a little better finishing would have given Josh another assist or two.

    • Didn’t see anything suspect about Pulisics assist. He attacked the defense and cleverly fed Gallagher. Was it a beautiful assist that made the goal not really, but it was an assist. He knew Gallagher was there. Also this will hopefully get Pulisic going again.

      • There were just people on other platforms saying it was really Gallagher’s shot that the pass didn’t even really play him open. The drive from the wide area was certainly encouraging.

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