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Tim Weah registers two assists in Lille victory

Tim Weah has worked his way back into the picture with Ligue 1 side Lille over the last two weeks and the American winger gained some needed confidence in Friday’s shutout win over Strasbourg.

Weah came off the bench for Paulo Fonseca’s squad and registered two assists in a 3-0 victory. It was Weah’s second-consecutive appearance since missing over two months with an ankle injury.

Jonathan David’s penalty-kick finish in the 41st minute boosted Lille ahead 1-0 on the road, giving the Canadian forward his first goal of the evening.

Weah came off the bench in the 65th minute and helped set up his fellow Concacaf forward to ice Lille’s victory. His hard-hit cross from the right wing in the 76th minute was tapped home by David to give Lille a 2-0 lead.

Weah’s impressive cameo was not finished though as the 22-year-old connected with Remy Cabella for a third Lille goal of the match. His cross was capped off by Cabella’s one-time finish just inside the Strasbourg box.

The performance marked Weah’s first two assists of the Ligue 1 season and a Lille victory that moved it up to sixth place in the league standings. Weah will aim for continued minutes over the next month with the FIFA World Cup only five weeks away.

Lille hosts Monaco on October 23 before visiting Lyon on Oct. 30.


  1. Happy to see Weah back on the field and contributing for his club. The USMNT really missed him the last window, although I’m not sure how much he could have helped considering Gregg’s failure to realize that his formation & strategy were completely neutralized by our opponents. Where he may have helped was when Zimmerman broke the rules and started playing balls over the top and into the channels…Weah has the speed to get in behind and the physical strength to hold onto possession.
    Tim & Musah getting healthy and playing is significant for the USMNT due to how weak our other options are.


    Ok, I know I’m just being a little picky here……bbbuuutttt why did the announcer not give any acknowledgement to Weah and his impact on the game? It almost like he did he not know Timothy Weah’s name but Cabella…..David…Bamba seemed to roll off his tongue all game long. I don’t know maybe I’m over reacting but its just interesting how he was naming everyone in the build-up and the finish, but ignores Weah’s contributions on both goals.

    • You’re right. You’re over reacting.

      Not every announcer will focus on what you would.
      Not every announcer gives a damn about the USMNT.

      What is more interesting is why not as much focus on David who scored two goals.

      And the answer is Cabella scored the last goal and announcers focus on scorers.

    • I’ve seen many times where a guy will bring a ball in deep, get past several defenders, pull the defense all out pf shape and then make a perfect pass for an easy tap in and the goal scorer gets all the attention. As a long time ago play making mid I’ve been in that situation many a time.

    • It was a little weird, but when it’s only one person by themselves they’re going to miss some things. My guess is it’s even the English language international feed so not only is he in a studio (or his apartment) but he’s not even in America at BeIn.

  3. Good showing. Keep it up Timo! He gives the USMNT attack a third dimension with his more traditional wing play. I know people have called for him to be a 9…. But I don’t see that as a part of his game. Maybe that happens as he progresses in his career.

    • “But I don’t see that as a part of his game. ”

      He’s played the role before. The truth is he isn’t really a traditional winger. Nor is he a traditional #9.

      He’s more of what you see a lot of in the game today, a wing forward hybrid, not unlike Marcus Rashford or for that matter Thierry Henry. He’s nowhere near their class but someday maybe he’ll approach them. At his best, he’s fast and runs directly at defenses every chance he gets. With urgency.

      What sets him apart from everyone else in the USMNT pool is he shoots every chance he gets, has no shame about it and usually gives the ball a chance to get past the keeper and into the goal.

      He has the ball a lot because he usually shows well for it.

      Timo is the guy you the ball to when you want something good to happen.

      Ariolla is the guy you give the ball to when you want the other team to have it.

    • If we’re starting Ferreira at striker I believe we need Weah on the right hand side. He’s a much more direct and vertical player than Aaronson or Reyna and would mesh better with Ferreira’s dropping deep.

      • “If we’re starting Ferreira at striker I believe we need Weah on the right hand side. He’s a much more direct”

        Then don’t waste a spot on Ferreira. Leave him, Long and Ariolla home. Five subs significantly changes the game. Those five actually have to be able to play. You can’t afford deadwood like Long, Ferreira and Ariolla anymore.

        Want Paul for his defense? Pick an actual defender like Scally then.

        Put Pefok or Sargent at the 9. Let Pulisic, Timo and Brenden rotate the wing spots. Bring in Gio as a sub where needed.

      • Unfortunately, GB will start Ferreira as our 9, and he will sky the ball 500 feet over the crossbar from 10 yards out. I’d rather see Sargent or Pefok start.

  4. Is it too far fetched to believe Weah can play as out #9? Has pace to play in behind and the ability to go at defenders.

    Dest, Zimmerman, Richards and Robinson

    Adams, Musah and McKennie

    Aaronson/Reyna, Weah, Pulisic.

  5. Love it! Huge Weah fan here. I think he is critical for the USMNT attack to be successful in Qatar. Should be just enough time for Weah to build back fitness and form if he can stay healthy. Crossing fingers

    • Weah and Musah add so much. Hoping the September window functions as a rope a dope… Even if it wasn’t intended as such.

      • “Hoping the September window functions as a rope a dope…”

        That’s very unlikely. Very few countries take friendly results as seriously as USMNT fans do.

        I doubt Wales, Iran and England paid much attention to the USMNT September friendlies. I’m sure they know as much about the USMNT as any of us on SBI do if not more. I’m confident they all, except England, will give the USMNT the respect that situation warrants.

        England probably looks down on the USMNT but it may not matter. It is the second game. Both teams will need a result. England will need to go after the USMNT.

      • don’t know about rope a dope, but GB used the September window, among other things, to give guys who have been big throughout the cycle but who maybe are not currently slamming one more chance, one more look. GB is imperfect like they all are but nothing wrong with that move imo, far from unprecendented. Pepi for one has resonded well.

        and no matter what Long does now, he’s already the scapegoat. I think that sucks and hope he rises to the occasions but even if not, it sucks. Same with Arriolla. No doubt Weah and Musah are unique in the pool, others are as well, even with the depth; consider the calculus required to make things function before the depth

        on style of play, if we sat back and countered, especially at home, folks would scream and complain like maniacs about it. This is not a defense of the ‘press at all expense’ and ‘play it on the ground out of the back at all times’ approach, and I agree that it’s an awesome weapon for any team to be able to counter effectively

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