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USMNT vs. England: SBI Match Night

AL KHOR, Qatar — The U.S. men’s national team takes on England in its second match of Group B action today (2 p.m., ET, FOX), with the winner of today’s showdown moving into first place in the group.

The Americans come in off a 1-1 draw with Wales, while the Three Lions look to build on their 6-2 triumph over Iran. The Iranians rebounded on Friday with a 2-0 victory over the Welsh, meaning the USMNT can control its own fate with a good result against the English.

Gregg Berhalter has made just one change to his starting lineup, going with Haji Wright at striker over Josh Sargent. Weston McKennie and Sergiño Dest are back in the lineup despite yellow cards and concerns over fitness, while Walker Zimmerman and Tim Ream are also carrying yellow cards into tonight’s match.

England will start the same exact lineup tonight that beat Iran, with Harry Kane shaking off an ankle knock to return to the lineup.

The SBI editorial team will be providing live commentary throughout the match, including editor-in-chief Ives Galarcep, who is at the match, so be sure to follow along here. As always, you are welcome to share your own thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. Good point earned. After the initial 15 minutes from England they grew confused and angry they weren’t dominating the game. Americans could have won it. Better overall energy in this game from the USMNT.
    Might be time for that Weah to CF against Iran and bring in Reyna. Thought McKennie was back to himself today. When he is like that he is a very dynamic CM.

  2. Final: England 0 – USMNT 0. The USMNT posts its first World Cup shutout over a European team since 1950, but now has to win against Iran to stay in the tournament. Anything less than a victory on Tuesday means the U.S. are headed home. They did well to hang with England, but probably could’ve done more in the final third today.

    • If you told me before the tournament that advancing out of the group was a matter of facing Iran with the winner taking all, I would have taken it, instantly, no questions asked.

    • in these 2 games, one thing for sure is GB no matter what is set up to not allow the counter on anything, including set pieces, but I was thinking go for it! but GB by doing that definitely signaled he wanted this point and feels good about this point

      • I think we won the midfield today, we stayed composed, looked to build, and broke through the middle 3rd pretty well. but still do not get why BA doesn’t see the field more and sooner in some role or way

        maybe next match unleashed? idk we’ll see, and someone else for Haji maybe?

        question is what system/tactics will GB use imo

  3. all due respect to CP but the deadballs aren’t much more dangerous, they just look vaguely scarier on TV because they are overhit instead of underhit. still not finding the right team unless someone does a garbageman weak side run to field the trash.

  4. Matt Turner with a key save on Mason Mount as the USMNT hangs on at 0-0 heading into halftime. Both teams with good offensive looks, but so far nobody can find the back of the net. Favorable for the Americans through 45 minutes.

  5. The USMNT is starting to gain some confidence and you can see it in its play. A lot of good passing and opportunities in the box. Hopefully something that continues in the early stages of the second half.

    • to me they have always looked bored and robotic in the GB 433. right now they are engaged with the game and combining. this is more like the potential i see in this team except i’d like to see them getting the ball back to the middle more on the ground in the final third. cut in from wing, feed CAMs top of the D.

      • Weren’t you the one who was advocating for a 4-4-2?

        Good call. You’re definitely winning that argument.

        WE. LOOK. SO. MUCH. BETTER. OUT. OF. THE. 4-3-3.

        The 4-4-2 seems to suit our personality and personnel WAY better, and we’re generating vastly more legit dangerous chances to score out of it. And it doesn’t reduce our forwards to bystanders.

    • this is what happens when you pick strikers based on club numbers and not anything they ever did with the US. the one striker picked for US work is the one not seeing the field so far. the perimeter work is solid. there is no central focal point or player to feed.

      • True, but that’s also a consistent flaw in GGGs system in general. Hoping there’s a competent adjustment for the 2nd half. Too many chances went begging.

      • “this is what happens when you pick strikers based on club numbers”

        You must think everyone else is illiterate.

        None of the striker candidates have numbers worth a fuck.

        Unless you wanted to bring Jozy in.

  6. i’ve been arguing for a 442 or 451 for a while. i prefer disciplined counters to naive pressing, 2 Fs makes them work to figure out even one pass, 4 mids clogs the build up. 433 to me is childish the way we play it. and personally i think we’d do better getting back and countering into space with speed than pressing up and pretending we can string that many passes to act like city or barca.

  7. Best look of the match for the USMNT as Weston McKennie’s volley skies over from near the penalty spot. Tim Weah’s cross is met by McKennie, who as left wide open by Kieran Trippier. However, the shot ends up in the stands. 27′

    • combo ball up the middle then out to dest for a cross that goes to pickford. GO. TO. GOAL. iran got 2 on them they can’t be gods.

      • what i mean is if they are sitting their wide player on the chalk to cut off dest and robinson then surely in the final third there have to be some cracks to the middle to the 9 and CAMs. you can be stretched 50-60 yds wide and blanket the middle too. you kind of have to pick one.

    • defensively when we pressure looks like the Guardiola 4 3 3 which looks 4 4 2 but the diagonal defensive lines on the front 3 give it away, but we’l see how it progresses. 4 4 2 in our half

      • not really pressure tho…it’s a feignt, haven’t really looked to pressure or couter 1st half, instead controlled play and like Larry said, looks like gaining confidence. through the midfield and middle 3rd once we control the ball has been pretty good

  8. Meh. Aaronson should be starting.

    Other than that I figured Wright would start. Berhalter is hoping Haji will bang around with Maguire. I just don’t know if that’s really his game.

    If McKennie struggles again Berhalter better make that change sooner than he did against Wales.


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