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World Cup Video: Breaking down the USMNT lineup options vs. Iran


  1. Did anyone else see the Iranian media giving Adams a hard time because he mispronounced Iran. He apologized and covered very well but it felt very unfair to me, especially since they went on to ask about discrimination in America, and other things that didn’t have anything to do with the match. Just have to wonder if the American media had the chance to question Iran’s players, and if so, did they have the balls to ask them some tough questions. Such as how does your country treat women? I’m aware their players are stuck in the middle too, but getting tired of taking the high road with the bullies in their govt. Hoping the guys can stay focused on the game, lets go USA!

    • What is great about sports is the field of play is equal with an officials being the mediator. The field is equal width, length, 18 yard box, 6 yard box, each goal same dimensions. All the privilege you bring to any sporting field is gone and competition sorts out who is better that day in those moments of competition. Sports magnify the unity of a teams individuals working together with one goal dependent on each other playing the tie roles. Race, religion, sexual orientation, hair style, type of cleats, deodorant etc have nothing to do with what happens from start to finish of any sporting competition.

      So those questions are not fair. Not fair in that they have nothing to do with the match?

      Further the questions are begging the question for a small truth to hang a thread of evidence on and further rhetoric of discrimination in the US. Even though the origin of the question has no grounds or moral base to be asking those types of questions.

      I have been fortunate to travel a fair amount on the Arabian Peninsula and African continent. I always say 99.9% of the people anywhere mean well and just want to lives Regardless of skin color, tribe, religion, or football club they support. Sports bring people together and the great equalizer for many


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