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Americans Abroad Weekend Rewind: Tessmann, Trusty, and more


Italian Serie B side Venezia continued its climb up the league standings on Sunday with American midfielder Tanner Tessmann contibuting to the club’s latest victory.

Tessmann scored the second goal in Venezia’s 2-0 home win over Cosenza, moving the Italian club out of the relegation zone. The former FC Dallas product delivered his first goal for the club, as Venezia extended its unbeaten run to four matches.

With Venezia hanging on to a 1-0 lead, Tessmann called his own number on a free kick in the 75th minute. Tessmann watched as his right-footed shot nestled into the top-right corner, giving the 21-year-old his first goal in his 36th club appearance. Tessmann also led all players with 11/16 duels won, while also drawing two fouls, completing two tackles, and making nine recoveries.

“I’m really happy to have given my contribution to the team,” Tessmann said postmatch. “Part of the training program was precisely to take free kicks from various positions. The goal must be dedicated to the fans, because they have faced a difficult moment since the beginning of the season.”

In England, Auston Trusty helped Birmingham City earn a clean sheet draw against Blackpool while Zack Steffen and Middlesbrough defeated Ethan Horvath and Luton Town.

Here is a closer look at this weekend’s Americans Abroad:



Zack Steffen started, made ZERO SAVES, and played 90 minutes in Middlesbrough’s 2-1 win over Luton Town on Saturday.

Ethan Horvath started, made ONE SAVE, and played 90 minutes for Luton Town.

Matthew Hoppe did not dress for Middlesbrough.

Josh Sargent started and played 90 minutes in Norwich City’s 1-0 win over Swansea City on Saturday.

Jonathan Tomkinson did not dress for Norwich City.

Auston Trusty started and played 90 minutes in Birmingham City’s 0-0 draw with Blackpool on Saturday.

Lynden Gooch started and played 90 minutes in Sunderland’s 2-1 loss to West Bromwich Albion on Monday.

Daryl Dike came off the bench, scored ONE GOAL, registered ONE ASSIST, and played 26 minutes for West Bromwich Albion.

Duane Holmes started and played 65 minutes in Huddersfield’s 1-0 loss to Sheffield United on Saturday.

Vaughn Covil is OUT (Injury) for Hull City.


Serie B

Tanner Tessmann started, scored ONE GOAL, and played 90 minutes in Venezia’s 2-0 win over Cosenza on Sunday.

Andrija Novakovich, Gianluca Busio came off the bench and played 25 minutes for Venezia.

Jack DeVries did not dress for Venezia.

Anthony Fontana did not dress in Ascoli’s 0-0 draw with Genoa on Sunday.


League Cup

Reggie Cannon started and played 90 minutes in Boavista’s 0-0 draw with Vitoria de Guimaraes on Monday.


  1. Truth finally comes out about Reyna. He was not injured. I guess he wasn’t training that hard and wasn’t meeting expectations in camp. So Wynalda was right there was internal strife.

    • Not surprise about Reyna. He always had this bratty attitude on the field for USMNT. Not sure what his like over in Germany. We knew something was up. I’m not a GGG guy but based from what I have seen of Reyna it seems like this is 100 percent Gio at fault. Didn’t help that Weah took his spot too. I don’t think he took that news pretty good as being a super sub

      • except should reyna have been pigeonholed as weah’s backup. i raised this before the event happened. yes, weah won that job. but we ended up with a fairly ineffective 9 and 8s. and the amount of minutes reyna got wasn’t trusted sub numbers. it was garbage time or 7 minutes type stuff.

        but then i think part of GB’s game is to encourage the fanboys to not just back him but accept his premises. we didn’t do well enough to drink the kool aid. my initial response was that letting this out was undisciplined, but no, i think unless he’s crazy the idea is, i am going to be the boss again and i am hardcore and will cut reyna if i have to. he bends to me not the other way around. we are at a pivot point in the relationship and personally i thought he actually underdelivered relative to most 21st century cycles. reyna was a victim of the system cubbyholes. the system doesn’t work. most teams don’t bench their best technician. most teams try to get 95% of their best players on the field in their chosen system.

      • IV but if his response to you aren’t going to start is to start messing up training for everyone, what makes you think he’s going to put in the effort to learn a whole new position.

    • From what I read the whole ordeal was handled perfectly by staff and team. I’m fine with Berhalter not being truthful to the press about what was going on. I think Wynalda is sh!t stirrer and having been in professional locker rooms should have known better than to say one word about this. Reyna obviously has a lot of growing up to do…while his US teammates play and act beyond their age and experience he is behind his 20 years. Watching him on the field his body language looks like the most talented kid on the high school team who doesn’t understand the rest of the team’s talent isn’t that far behind him. In Reyna’s case he’s not even the best on his team – club or country.

      • Master- whatever, dude. wynalda walked it back and the coach was going to get out fairly clean. coach then reopens the door post-tournament to pat his own back about how he handled the tournament, referring to the incident. how is that reyna and wynalda stirring. once coach digs up the past we should have a discussion.

        and with a 13-12 vote how is wynalda wrong that it was a divided team. wynalda didn’t create that, he publicized it. like i said in my other post, what kind of dumb coach has a controversial decision put to a 13-12 team vote.

      • i think the part you’re confused about is he (a) snookered you on cause and effect. i assume the benching came before the loafing. he has 2 decisions to explain. he’s trying to imply he loafed then got benched and nearly sent home, as he doesn’t have to explain how reyna first got in his doghouse. (b) after the player gets shamed, apologizes, survives a vote, your response is still not play him? kind of obnoxious. that’s punitive rather than extracting the desired effort. the story went he apologized and started practicing harder. coach withholds reward. thanks a lot.

    • let’s go down the ways this was mishandled. (1) did he tell the kids it was an internal matter then blab in a speech, all but naming someone whose identity was fairly obvious to me or anyone paying close attention. (2) i love democracy but no coach with half a brain conducts a team vote to get a contentious 13-12 result. if you sense it’s that close you try to create unity by making your own decision, and telling the team to accept it. 13-12 divides the team when you want it on a page. half the team is like why is reyna still here. (3) then similar to “internal matter” you don’t want the GMs deciding whether you get a new contract to immediately know you let the team get to any sort of 13-12 split. but the man has an ego so i am sure he’s touring the soccer press talking up his round of 16 exit and how he handled reyna. there is a reason sampson sat on harkes-wynalda more than a decade, and took the professional hit personally. (4) did he or did he not tell the press this was a health and fitness issue. that’s a fib. i think he likes to bend the truth in service of his quasi-church mission. but reyna and family were angry and not chastened by the cult like critique circle. (5) if dude bows the knee and apologizes it’s obnoxious to let him rot. (6) letting him rot isn’t objective. (7) i think some of you confuse practice effort with that being game quality. there are such things as “gamers” who show up for games. half my beef with GB is he decides things on paper and not by how games go. (8) i think GB is playing games with cause and effect, implying he was benched for effort when my bet is the player quit trying after being told he was bench and might not play much. i kind of doubt a player with one week of practice to endure and a sincere position competition loafs through buildup. (9) reyna is the type of player we were told we’d be creating these cycles and we instead got the Sideways Pass.

      friend of mine thinks GB overplayed his hand here and i tend to agree. the coach should have made the sending home decision himself and then we shouldn’t have heard of the specifics for a decade. i think he miscalculated who he was messing with — the reyna family connections — and their willingness to just let a whole world cup of benching go. i think he also foolishly put it to the vote that will read as a divided team and also perhaps leads to all these leaks, as you probably have half a team angry reyna endured this and then half a team upset he wasn’t sent home. who knows if the coach stays or goes but if he goes this didn’t help and he relit the match doing his arrogant little speech and dragging this back up into public.

      • wow IV man, that’s a lot of words to try and spin it. pretzel logic at best

        your distatste for GB in the supposed Gio snub really has your logic backed into a corner. There was NO SNUB man. Gio earned all of this evidently, from multiple sources. and, unlike some, sacked up and accepted his guilt and APOLOGIZED. You were off target for weeks/months…sorry man, truth.

        hopefully this will grow the young man. now why Aaronson saw so little time, I still do not get that. But the way he handled it?

        PROFESSIONAL…Gio could learn from him, Wynalda too

      • beach: i’ll believe it when i hear a few other people than BERHALTER saying what happened. right now it’s the coach — who we all know fibbed that it was fitness at first — telling a story where he lost the vote to send his player home.

      • man, you’re agenda is something else but everyone can always see right through it because you’re so predictable. What’s laughable is none of us knows exactly what happened, but you think you always have the answers, and more bizarrely is you go after people who don’t come around to how you see things with your same talking points, which is immature at best…but hey, you do you, and continue having this conversation with yourself

    • Actually I heard he was, and hasn’t been close to fully healthy for well over a year now…and supposedly he’s frustrated as crap and hasn’t been handling it well. Which I do get – when you’re in pain and your body won’t cooperate, it’s an incredible drag on outlook and attitude…but dude. If your attitude and work ethic in camp was so bad you p!ssed your teammates and coach off to the point you almost got sent home…ouch. It’s always easy from the outside to just blithely say “grow up” or “toughen up”, but while some on here have hissed and spat angrily at me for saying so, playing through pain is a huge part of being a high-level athlete, and certainly a professional one.

      I do definitely sympathize with the guy. Dortmund’s obviously babying him, not asking anything of him from a defensive standpoint, and managing his minutes (he’s gotten less than half the available minutes for Dortmund this year – 682 minutes out of 16 total matches, or 1440 minutes) and it’s been one setback after another for him the last 18+ months. But you’ve still gotta show up with a good professional attitude and be tolerable in the locker room, too.

      I definitely still think Gio can turn it around if he grows up…but his body has to cooperate with him some, too. I still definitely believe in his talent, I just hope his body and maturity allow him develop to that ceiling. In contrast, Tim Weah’s been at least as injury-riddled as Reyna has – he’s played even fewer minutes for his club this year than Reyna – but Weah’s fought through those injuries admirably several times already in his own young career and still showed up as one of our best players in Qatar.


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