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Americans Abroad Midweek Preview: Musah, Reyna, and more


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  1. Continue to have my reservations about Dest as a defender. Just not physically strong enough yet. To easily brushed off by attacking players.

    • He played solid enough defense in the World Cup but defensive skill isn’t why he’s where he is.

      He’s an attacking fullback. If you want a solid defensive fullback , get someone else.

      If his defense were too much of a liability, he would not play.

      • His defending was a liability for AC Milan yesterday. Won’t be surprised if he gets transitioned to a winger at some point.

      • Mr. tone,

        If Dest plays at all it’s because the manager thinks his attacking positives are worth his defensive negatives.

        It’s always a balance. Tiki-taka was originally developed as a defensive strategy. They can’t score without the ball right? In 2010 Spain lost their opener 0-1 to Switzerland ( thanks to Bob Bradley), beat Honduras 2-0, then Chile 2-1 and then after that won the next 4 games 1-0.

        If you want a high profile example of this eternal debate go to Liverpool and follow Trent Alexander- Arnold.

        If you need further examples there are tons of them.

        Why play Tyler Adams who offers next to nothing offensively? If you have a guy who is all defense then you probably need to balance it out with someone else who is all offense.

        Unfortunately there are very few Pele’s., Wayne Rooney’s, or George Best’s who were arguably their team’s best outfield player at any position.

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