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Weston McKennie joins Leeds United on loan for rest of season


Leeds United added the services of a third U.S. men’s national team player as Weston McKennie became the latest American to join the English Premier League.

McKennie has made the move to Elland Road on loan for the remainder of the current season, Leeds United announced Monday. Leeds United also holds the option to purchase McKennie from Juventus permanently at the conclusion of the loan spell.

McKennie joins Geroginio Rutter and Max Wober as Leeds United’s acquisitions during the January Transfer Window.

The 24-year-old originally joined Juventus on loan in September 2020 before the Serie A club purchased him outright from Schalke in July 2021. The USMNT midfielder has totaled 96 appearances in Italy, scoring 13 goals and registering five assists.

He made 21 combined appearances this season for the Old Lady, scoring three goals and adding two assists. McKennie joins fellow USMNT teammates Tyler Adams and Brenden Aaronson in Jesse Marsch’s squad, with the Yorkshire club fighting to avoid relegation this season.

Leeds United sits 15th in the English Premier League standings, only one point from the relegation zone. The Lilywhites have failed to win any of their last six league matches, despite advancing two rounds in the FA Cup.


  1. Leeds also picked up Rutter, a promi8sing young French forward who played in the Bundesliga, and Wober, an established Austrian international who played for RB Salzburg, Marsch’s old club. Hopefully they will be enough of a help to keep Leeds up.

  2. i think some of y’all are overconcerned they stay up. i think every signing like this makes it less likely they go down. though a forward and a scheme change would help.

    that aside, regardless what the team does, they have all done well by themselves individually, which helps them continue their career in england no matter what happens (if they want). eg they weren’t sure about adams and have probably done a 180 on that. so if leeds goes down maybe it’s fulham tomorrow.

    also helps the next guy gain a foothold where leeds or some other english team is less skeptical. to be real, it takes an american owner and coach to make it happen, but once the foothold is secured, so what. england likes to be skeptical of donovan, howard, or friedel and then be surprised.

    • Holy Kreis IV! Did you even proofread your posts? Your first 2 sentences or phrases make no sense. I’m dying with laughter! You might have some good thoughts after those first 2 lines. I can’t get pass these at the moment. I’m cursed with a need to make sense, I suppose. Goodness, I can’t not say nothing. I need some clarification IV because your first line is redundant to your second line. “…overly concerned they stay up; … less likely they go down?” Example -I could care more that I’m the only one that doesn’t find this mostly funny in the least. Now, the reader goes WHAT?!! Does he find this funny or not?! I have heard laughter keeps you young. My eyes are so watery, I think I’ve aged down 17 years. I hear cry me a river in the background! O…this is irony. Your post wasn’t supposed to make laugh with tears and cry me a river isn’t a song that makes you laugh. What was this article about again?

  3. Hopefully this all works out and Leeds stays up and then goes on to win the Premier league next year with by that time 4 Americans with Pulisic signing in the summer… lol. Seriously this is going to be fun to watch for the rest of the season. We are in uncharted territory with that number of American players on one EPL team.

    • If I recall right, Fulham at one time had 5 Americans on their roster. Still, being a loan, it’s a good move for McKennie. Juventus getting penalized 15 points makes it a good time to move on.

      • McBride, Dempsey, Bocanegra, Johnson, and Keller. Technically six as Brede Hangeland was born in Houston, lived there about two years but grew up in Norway and played for them 91 times. 2007-08, Eddie Johnson came Jan. 2008.

      • If you’re thinking 2008 . technically, Boca, McBride, Clint, Kasey Keller and Eddie Johnson were all there but I don’t think they all played at the same time very often if at all.

        It was Boca, McBride and Keller’s last season, Clint’s second and Eddie’s first.

        Tyler, Brenden and Weston are likely going to be either starting or playing a lot more regularly going forward..

  4. Sorry Manchester United…….I love you and have been with you as far back as I can remember……BUT AS OF THIS MOMENT …….I AM A LEEDS UNITED FAN!!!!!!! lol


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