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MLS 2023 Kickoff: Previewing the new players, offseason moves, and more


The 2022 MLS Season kicks off on Saturday, and SBI has the full coverage of the start of the new campaign.

The SBI Staff has put together a comprehensive breakdown of the new players to watch, familiar faces returning to the league, top young Americans to keep an eye on, and more. There is also a preview of the Opening Weekend slate which begins at 4:30 p.m. ET as Nashville SC hosts New York City FC.

Here is a rundown of SBI’s preview coverage of the upcoming 2023 MLS season:

MLS Coverage







  1. So I guess I have to buy yet another streaming service to watch my home league. Makes it hard to get excited about. Feeling a little pissy about it. I know its not that much but I am now paying more for streaming services than I used to for cable. I’m paying for SBI. Maybe I give in and get the season pass but its not going to be today. I mean I can watch almost every other league in the world with the services I already have. I have been rooting for MLS my whole life but this move really ticks me off.

    • Supposedly there will be free matches on AppleTV each week without needing AppleTV+. I’m not in an MLS market so I’ve always had to pay (although ESPN+ offered so many other offerings). My local regional sports network had Chicago Fire who wants to watch that. I get if you’re a Rapids fan why it sucks not to be able to watch your local team but for me I’m just happy to have a broadcaster that cares. Some bugs to workout, but full pregame, 360 whip aroundshow for 5 hours, and better streaming quality. Think about it this way your regional sports network was just figured in at a few bucks a month and another 10 bucks a month for ESPN+, it really isn’t any more than your Season Pass. I have no reason to keep ESPN+ once Bundesliga is over that’s 8.99 I’m going to save for 3 months. With Wes at Leeds I can cut Paramount+. Wrap Up show starting now, not sure how many nights I’m going to see that after the West Coast games but maybe on demand Sunday morning. I paid like $30 for a season for a season pass in like 2005 for terrible quality picture that froze all the time on my computer to pay $80 for this quality (and there’s way more games now and leagues cup).

      • Thanks for a reasoned response Johnny. A good nights sleep has improved my attitude so I’m gonna consider getting the season pass, I’ll just consider it a donation lol. Your description helped. Also I read I don’t need to pay for appletv+ to get the season pass. I’m just at a place in life where I don’t really have time to watch much, so it seems silly to pay for peacock to catch Pulisic if he happens to be healthy and picked once a month, or paramount to catch Gio make a sub appearance in CL. But now I’m spoiled and used to that quality of soccer, and plus we have more Americans in the PL, and CL is about to get good. ESPN+ has so much content (I try and follow college bball, and actually have a couple players I coached/know in div I soccer) I see it as highest value for dollar. I guess they’ve got me lol.

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