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Adams, Sargent, Wright headline USMNT’s roster for June friendlies

The U.S. men’s national team’s final preparations for the 2024 Copa America tournament are three weeks away and head coach Gregg Berhalter revealed his roster on Monday for friendlies against Colombia and Brazil respectively.

Tyler Adams, Josh Sargent, and Haji Wright headline Berhalter’s 27-player roster for a pair of home friendlies at Commanders Field and Camping World Stadium respectively. The USMNT faces Colombia in Landover, Maryland on June 8 before taking on Brazil in Orlando, Florida on June 11.

USMNT standouts Christian Pulisic, Weston McKennie, and Yunus Musah have also been included in the roster while LAFC’s Timothy Tillman was a surprise inclusion. Veterans Sean Johnson, Shaq Moore, and Miles Robinson have also been named to the roster after playing key roles for their respective MLS clubs.

Adams, who returned to USMNT action last March, did not feature in Bournemouth’s season finale on Sunday. Sargent recently saw his club season end last week with Norwich City in the EFL Championship promotion playoffs.

Joe Scally and Moore will fight for the starting right back job with No. 1 option Sergino Dest sidelined for the remainder of 2024. Dest tore his ACL with PSV earlier this spring, ending his hopes of featuring in the international tournament.

Wright and Gio Reyna return after excelling for the USMNT during last March’s CONCACAF Nations League triumph. Wright scored two goals in the semifinal victory over Jamaica while Reyna assisted twice against the Reggae Boyz before scoring once in the 2-0 finals victory over Mexico.

Cameron Carter-Vickers and Mark McKenzie return to USMNT duty after enjoying leading roles at club level, while Chris Richards played a vital role in Crystal Palace’s strong end to its English Premier League campaign.

June will mark the 22nd meeting between the USMNT and Colombia and the first head-to-head showdown since October 2018. The Americans will also face Brazil for the first time since 2018, seeking only their second all-time victory against the Seleção.

Berhalter and his coaching staff will submit a final 26-player roster to CONMEBOL prior to the Americans’ opening group stage match on June 23.

This summer presents an opportunity for us to progress and grow as a team as we continue to build towards the 2026 FIFA World Cup,” Berhalter said. “We have a talented group of players and are excited about the opportunity to compete against some of the best teams in the world.”

Here is a closer look at the USMNT’s 27-player roster:

USMNT’s June friendly roster

GOALKEEPERS: Ethan Horvath (Cardiff City/WAL; 9/0), Sean Johnson (Toronto FC/CAN; 13/0), Matt Turner (Nottingham Forest/ENG; 39/0)

DEFENDERS: Cameron Carter-Vickers (Celtic/SCO; 16/0), Kristoffer Lund (Palermo/ITA; 3/0), Mark McKenzie (Genk/BEL; 13/0), Shaq Moore (Nashville SC; 18/1), Tim Ream (Fulham/ENG; 56/1), Chris Richards (Crystal Palace/ENG; 16/1), Antonee Robinson (Fulham/ENG; 41/4), Miles Robinson (FC Cincinnati; 29/3), Joe Scally (Borussia Mönchengladbach/GER; 9/0)

MIDFIELDERS: Tyler Adams (Bournemouth/ENG; 38/2), Johnny Cardoso (Real Betis/ESP; 11/0), Luca de la Torre (Celta Vigo/ESP; 20/0), Weston McKennie (Juventus/ITA; 51/11), Yunus Musah (AC Milan; ITA; 35/0), Gio Reyna (Nottingham Forest/ENG; 26/8), Malik Tillman (PSV Eindhoven/NED; 10/0), Timmy Tillman (LAFC; 1/0)

FORWARDS: Brenden Aaronson (Union Berlin/GER; 40/8), Folarin Balogun (Monaco/FRA; 10/3), Ricardo Pepi (PSV Eindhoven/NED; 23/10), Christian Pulisic (AC Milan/ITA; 66/28), Josh Sargent (Norwich City/ENG; 23/5), Tim Weah (Juventus/ITA; 37/5), Haji Wright (Coventry City/ENG; 9/4)


  1. WWWD: What would Wilfred do?

  2. i don’t understand 27 camp bodies for pre-tournament friendlies for a 26 man CA list when you were seconds from losing to jamaica at home in the semis of the regional tournament.

    in particular, his approach to keeper was gutless, offering zero competition and making no hard decisions. horvath was stuck deep on forest’s bench then averaged almost 2 GAA on loan to cardiff. seanjohn is old and averaging a pedestrian goal-and-a-half. is the keeper scout a xerox machine?

    • dude, lund should have been starting at NL, and pouting about moore, he can defend, and do people have amnesia this fast, eg, how is scally on this roster after that march nightmare? even dest and jedi should long ago have ceased to be the locks they are, on performance and behavior. again, is there any accountability?

      • If you look at Lunds numbers you’d see he’s rated near last in Serie B for “Dribbled Past” category. He’s near the bottom for possession won in the final third too. Only someone who has watched him play only against teams that were overmatched and/or unmotivated as Oman and Ghana were would think Lund should start. To be fair Jedi is pretty far down in the EPL in “dribbles past” category but his recoveries and possession won in the final third are near the top. So both Lund and Jedi are going to get beat but Jedi is able to get back and shut down attacks from top level attackers, Lund is ok against 2nd division attackers.

      • so you’re grasping for some stat to show something and then telling me well it points out the starter has an issue. thanks.

        the fundamental issue you’re not getting is jedi helped send us home from qatar and yet you want to pretend like he’s some great recovery defender who will lead us to the promised land. my impression dating back to 2017 under sarachan — his first opportunities — was the offense works on weaker teams but he can’t defend the brazil/ england/ holland type teams we will have to beat for this to go further.

        you basically underline the fundamental issue with USMNT which is with any success we tend to lock into personnel and scheme and stagnate. we become scared of taking risks.

        this was barely enough to beat jamaica. this wasn’t good enough for qatar and i don’t think this is good enough to beat the likely gauntlet of colombia/brazil/argentina, or what we will face in 2026. they need to take some personnel risks.

      • You said “Lund can defend” my stat says that he can’t, is he a worse one on one defender than Jedi? Marginally, yes he is and he’s worse than Jedi at recovering when beaten. Will Lund be a better defender 3 or 4 years from now, who knows but he’s not today despite playing in a significantly weaker league.

    • as with the other positions, tim tillman aside, there is not much accountability or aggression to the mid choices. LDLT is too soft for this tournament. malik to me got his go and didn’t do crap at NL. to me it’s telling we keep xeroxing the MF call sheet and then the top 2 performers at NL were the guys who for political or injury reasons don’t regularly get called/used.

      to me if you want to win this sucker you need to commit aggressively in some direction. more attack in this MF or a more defensive formation that could possibly stop brazil or argentina.

    • at forward, wing play was what underwhelmed at NL. i’d have liked to see dest tried high, aaronson dropped, bring in a couple fresher wings. he instead brought in a 4th striker, sargent. i don’t buy he’s any better than the obvious 1-3, that’s the club form fallacy we keep repearing. that redundant spot could be better used calling an AM or a wide.

      if you are obsessed to call a striker, vazquez is equally hot and better fits the whack a cross mentality we sometimes default into, and might be forced into by the best teams.

      i’d have also liked to see ferreira and green as either mids or slashes. some point we need to get there are dudes who show up and hit the big shots, and there are tillmans who come in and whack the same ball in the stands. to me people are missing the lesson of wright and the end of the jamaica game when we just put star power out there to try to score.

    • I remember when you used to scream to the heavens that Horvath was being hard done. Then Ethan had to play do to injury and gave up a goal on a poorly hit cross. Suddenly he was the worst keeper you’d ever seen. It was almost as if Berhalter who watches every minute he played was a better judge of his talent than you were just watching the ‘21 NL Final. All the staff does is watch every match these pool players play, from the tactical cameras used by the clubs not on Peacock or Paramount by the way. It has been 839 days since Duane Holmes last scored a goal from outside the 18 yard box. Someone who watches him week in week out would know that, someone who once saw a highlight on Twitter would not. Ironically, LDLT scored from 26 yards out 24 days later so he’s scored from outside the box more recently than your “fanboy” obsession.

      • if you had principles rather than the urge to mess with people, you’d just take your “w” on horvath. i buy it. i saw one too many “el salvador” style gaffes and decided he’s not consistent enough and has brain farts. you’re the one flip flopping around because you were the one pointing out the issues before. this is more in the nature of a personal attack than analysis.

        the basic facts are these. dude is giving up nearly 2 goals a game in club after being sat before he got loaned. he has played like 2 US games in years, one of which was the oman win, and the other was his el salvador nightmare.

        so you have a guy who wasn’t playing in EPL, is playing badly in championship, and in 1/2 of his recent US performances nearly handed the opposition an upset.

        to be fair, he is occasionally capable of excellent games — not unlike the erratic guzan before him. that’s why i used to like him.

        i just saw one too many brain farts and him tending to make dumb career decisions where he doesn’t get consistent minutes, which doesn’t help “erratic.” we have tons of other keepers, why can’t we try someone else? was my whole point.

        per usual you’re in your smug place after the regional trophy but let me be blunt. if jamaica wasn’t sufficient wakeup call, or germany, or qatar — you’re about to get another. and then it will get blown off as “conmebol is tough.” because the coach is so sure he knows best even if the pattern outside north america is crystaline clear.

      • re LDLT/holmes, you just watched us win NL on an adams long shot plus reyna’s play. if you can’t sort out from that what this team needs, that neither LDLT nor the regular AM starters can supply, i am not drawing you a map.

        LDLT had 1 league goal all season and has NEVER scored a senior goal for the US. if you want to pretend that’s the attacking answer for the US midfield, the guy who will score the MF goals when reyna or adams don’t — have at it. it’s a bigger horse patty pile than anything you ever accuse me of.

        re holmes, i have suggested a list of people for AM slots, including pulisic, reyna, green, ferreira, and others. you’re just mentioning holmes to try to paint the argument in the “worst” light with my most experimental proposal.

        here’s the deal. your comparison is crap. my “worst” had several more goals in league play than yours did. my whole point is we need more traditional MF offense. your “1 goal a year” guy who never scores for the US isn’t supplying it. that’s the laughable, “i defend anything this coach does” argument.

        and it’s even worse if people think that scrawny soft ragdoll is handling 6 duties. he will get tossed about.

        last point when i say traditional MF goals, i know weston will get in and score some headers, but he’s just not really a precision AM who can pass to the correct team and score midfielder goals. what he does is closer to what forwards do, crash the box and finish headers and garbage. what we need is a MF who can get the ball top of the box and place it far corner. cheap, easy, occasional goals. as you saw with adams, the forwards can have a total outage and if we can score MF goals then we can still win…..the slopfest of musah weston malik is not getting that done…..nor are they shutting teams down…..wake up…..drink the coffee….

      • IV: you always claim we’re calling up players that aren’t good enough and then supply the names of players that are obviously worse. I don’t particularly like Luca or Horvath, but I know they are better than Holmes or Celantano or Clark or whichever MLS guy you want. You just chase players because you want to so avoid any club form that you put guys like Holmes or Horvath on a pedestal because they aren’t being called. Then when they stink it up you turn on them because you’ve then actually seen them play. It’s not because Gregg has a pecking order it’s because he watches them play and sees they’re obviously better than John Doe who is average in their low level league.
        We have the right players, we just aren’t putting them in situations to be successful and that is on Gregg. You continue every time we lose to want to throw out half the roster but you’ll continue to get worse results. He needs to allow the players to play faster and be less predictable. You can do that and still play possession football. I see it week in and week out with Columbus.

  3. Listening to McBride on “Call it What You Want” he says for him Shaq is the best 1v1 defender in the pool at FB. I could see if that’s the feeling in the staff where Brian used to be “in the room” he could make this roster just like he did for WC to come in and play RB for the final 15-20 minutes to shore up the defense.

    • he should be starting. you keep airing your lame diss tracks then back lame horses some more. dest cost us holland, cost us a game last year on a red card. scally looked awful against jamaica. dest should be pushed forward and that whole position should be “recast.” i personally believe in shutdown defenders in the back and that’s what moore does. division of labor, let the attackers take care of the offense.

      we continue to be confused, muddled, stuck halfway between. if we are playing defensive soccer, you can’t run out people who can’t defend. we need more moores whether the snobs like it or not. OR if you’re gonna hang it on dest and jedi, then the offensive caliber has to go up past musah and weston in the MF, and the bench attack needs to get more dangerous.

      you can’t send a team out that can maybe manage a goal or two but isn’t leakproof to get the shutout. you can send a team out with some guys who could care less about defense, but only if this can routinely put up 3 or 4. the way we played at the end of jamaica was illustrative. if the grinder approach can’t hack it, we might as well just be throwing attacking bodies on.

  4. Can’t complain. One player will get the axe.

    Lund has Been balling lately for Palermo. Reminds me of a younger Antonee Robinson, but better defensively at this age and stage of his career then Jedi was..

    Will be interesting to see if Sargent gets medically passed to participate.

  5. Tillman and Moore the only real surprises. Both feel like vets who could play 5-10 minutes every other game and not care, whereas the next in line (Reynolds, Tessmann, Busio will play 90 minutes every Olympic match). Not a lot of snubs that aren’t Olympic eligible with the exception of Trusty. I’m sure IV will want some 14 yr old Armenian American playing 5 minutes a match in the Kazak 3rd division to start against Brazil, but let’s be honest if he’s ready he’d be at least starting in the Uzbek 2nd division.

    • JR, looks like Gregg thinks Maloney is baloney. That one surprises me given the lack of depth at 6. I wouldn’t think he has seen enough of either T. Tillman or Maloney to say one is better than the other; I don’t think they were ever in the same camp. Maloney isn’t like Ream where he has a bunch of data points so he calls him in for Copa without bringing him into camp so I dont think he will be on the Copa roster. I still haven’t seen the US preliminary roster – not sure why that was never released.

      • Lenny had about a month and a half with injury since February. I think he’s just so different from Adams you’d have to change a lot of other people’s responsibilities.
        Concacaf usually releases them but maybe Conmebol does not. I only saw Chile release their Provo. Brazil just released their Copa roster and El Tri released their friendlies roster.

      • this is like a joke thread. dude. if LDLT is a 6 for this, he will get shoved around like a rag doll by the good teams. you can joke all you want but maloney or some other banger is more appropriate. if LDLT is supposedly an AM, then take green, ferreira, or someone else actually good at offense. it is telling of how sloppy the AM slot other than reyna is that we somehow think LDLT is helpful because he isn’t one big turnover machine and just runs forward with the ball when given space.

        if you look at AM what reyna accomplishes is telling. we could badly use some precision punch up the middle.

        last point but with adams barely playing pro ball this year, and pitch-counted for the last tournament, common sense is allocate some reinforcements there and trial folks in case the glass man breaks again.

      • IV: who said Luca is the backup for Tyler? He’s probably the 6th or 7th choice on this roster to play the 6. Johnny would be 2, Musah who struggled against Jamaica in the midst of his Ramadan fast, but had a few good runs at the 6 in 2023 would be 3. Maloney is just so different it’s like saying I’m going to bring in an option quarterback to backup my dropback passer. No one is saying Lenny isn’t a nice player, he’s just such a different type of player that you have to change so many other things. Add in that he has also been hurt off and on throughout the spring and it’s pretty easy to understand why he’s not here.
        Luca would be the 8 backing up Weston. His job would be to connect the lines, move the ball into attacking areas and then get out of Gio’s way.

      • JR: don’t fib, we both know GB has run LDLT out as a 6 and how it turned out. you can pretend it never happens and act like i am crazy, but he has played back there just like GB has sent reyna out there to show back to goal and retrieve passes in his back third.

        no, the basic flaw in many a US fan is this is not some abstract player rating, it’s do you fill a position. i am saying he’s not a 6. he doesn’t create enough for a 10. and i don’t think he does enough to even be an 8. he is not very productive in club. and in 20 caps he has a few assists on teams like grenada and ES.

        you don’t get it. what we need is not grenada assists. what we need is someone who could pull something off on brazil or argentina. it’s not him. we have literally dozens of kids better than him for offense. i would rather see a forward back at AM — like in NL OT — than pretend he has much offense to offer.

        you fundamentally don’t get why this is stuck. we either need to shut down teams harder — which he’s not a 6 by mutual agreement — or he needs to be part of this getting more of a ferrari attack. anyone with a clue, among the various options we have, shouldn’t think LDLT is what turns this into the sort of team that can regularly score 3 or 4 goals including on top shelf teams. he can barely do anything in spain and he has no history doing it with the US. it’s like brooks or sargent — cute theory — no pay off.

      • But IV the guys you suggest are bad at soccer. Luca’s not great but he’s better than the next guy. You literally were like we lost to Germany Julian Green is the answer. He’s not even a top 30 player in the German 2nd division and he was going to beat the German NT? Duane Holmes is a journeyman in England never played first division soccer he’s going to carve up Argentina’s midfield he’s never scored more than 5g in 6 seasons in the 2nd division that’s going to beat Brazil? I’ve been a huge supporter of Jesus Ferreira but he doesn’t score against teams not touching the Caribbean. The answer is better using the players we have. Although the players to play quicker, take risks, and be unpredictable. Currently the team is methodical and predictable.

  6. Bryan Reynolds and Reggie Cannon sure have fallen down the depth chart. Unless they’re injured, it’s surprising that neither one got called in to at least compete for the right back spot, and that Berhalter seems to prefer Moore over either one of them.

    • Decent roster with increasingly few surprises…I’d have personally taken DeJuan Jones or Reynolds or even DeAndre Yedlin as opposed to Shaq Moore, but when my big quibble is the #2 right back I suppose I can live with that, and Gregg knows how these guys conduct themselves on the practice field and the locker room better than I do.

      I know everybody’s all high on Drake Callender and yeah, he’s a really good shot-stopper who makes some circus stops almost every game, but he’s also a train wreck with his feet, makes Matt Turner look like Beckham in comparison. I can live with Sean Johnson as our #3…he’ll be calm and won’t get us killed if forced unexpectedly into action and again, for the #3 keeper in a long tournament, you want a guy who’s as much a mentor and coach in the locker room and Johnson’s always been that even when he was younger. Tournaments are about the group and he’s glue for any group.

      Obviously Gregg continues to not rate Auston Trusty at CB, but again, Ream and Richardson are the almost locked-in starters so we’re talking backups.

      Timmy Tillman’s a bit of a surprise, but the guy has shown genuine quality every time I’ve watched him with LAFC…and my guess is he’s there to backstop Tyler Adams anyhow in case Adams can’t go. Which he well might not be able to.

      Zero surprises whatsoever in regards to the forward pool. Exactly the guys I would have chosen…I’d have teetered back and forth between Aaronson and Zendejas, but given Aaronson’s versatility and return to positive form the last few months you can see why he got the nod.

      • Apparently Gregg mentioned Trusty, Zimmerman and Vazquez as potential overage players. Not done deal but you get three and he named dropped 3.

      • ream is older than dirt and hasn’t been playing well this year. people do realize we are about to play a tournament with some world class offenses, right?

        zendejas got his shot last year and was brutal. how many times are we going to do this club form nonsense?

      • IV – I know that you discount club form, so when you say that Ream hasn’t been playing well this year, you’re referring to his form with the national team? Because that’s not my recollection, he seems to be solid to very good with the national team. I even looked up the player ratings from his last appearance, against Mexico in the Nation’s League final in March. NBCSports gave him an 8.5, which was the highest rating for any player.

      • J99: i see club form as useful for new recruits. we like something we see but don’t yet know what we are getting in international ball. ok, how do they do for club. the running US problem is ignoring what we then learn when they put on red white blue, because they go back to putting up club numbers after.

        sargent vs. the first 3 is a classic example. first 3 strikers have put up pretty good numbers. heck, even ferreira has. sargent, however, got the world cup instead of pepi, then disappeared, as he had done for years before that. once they have a US track record why am i instead obsessed with norwich? it’s indecision or the refusal to face facts.

        you know who does have US goals in recent memory? vazquez. brandon has 1 fewer goal than sargent in 1/3 of the caps. last tournament he got called for, he had 3 goals. brandon also scores for rayados at a decent clip. but that’s “mexico” and not “england.” and we’ll just leave out the “second division” on that one, since it flatters the kid who struggles in first divisions.

        the US was better run when it was looking for “types” to fit a “scheme,” even if they weren’t the biggest stats people; and when the stats that mattered most were US stats.

        if folks looked at actual US numbers, heck, i’d take ferreira before sargent.

      • J99: ream was a healthy scratch for FFC from february onward for almost every single game. i expect he is gone this summer. so the “EPL stud” circular logic of his fans no longer follows.

        germany sliced and diced us for 3 goals — largely right up the middle when we seemed more concerned with shape and offsides than marking people — and he didn’t look impressive then, eg, gets turned for a near-assist feed off the post 25′ in. he also started the fun TnT 2-1 L away game. on goal 3 holland at the world cup both he and the LB are marking air on the cross. swiss game, etc.

        i expect him to play in CA yet again, as he for whatever reason is perceived as the guy to play when we “play to win.”

        it’s not really objectively true. look up how often we lose when richards, CCV, or miles play. to me part of the issue is ream, like brooks, is immobile, and unable to cover ground and fix other’s mistakes. he can no longer be played wide because of that lack of footspeed, but we won’t face facts on CB, where he was brought back from the wilderness due to injuries that have ended. that is to remind people, dude has been dumped before.

        anyhow, he is largely fetishized for offense when what we need is defense and some athleticism where you can’t score goals right up the middle or back door 5 yards away from ream because he’s lucky to keep up with jogging back much less sprint out to cut off some mid making a late run, or someone wall balled between the backs.

      • Yedlin has a hip injury, his return is early June if everything goes right that’s tight for friendlies. Rosters are due June 12 so he could technically be added if returns on time.

    • Reynolds has been a key member of Olympic group. This seems to indicate he’s their #1 and they have his clubs release for the Olympics. What’s better for his development sitting behind Scally and maybe Weah, Wes, or Richards or playing most of the Olympics.

    • Johnny99: Reggie played 135 minutes since Valentine’s Day. Gregg appears to be not the only one who has lost trusty in Reggie. I have thought he’d be an outside shout for Olympics overage player given he can play RB or CB on the smaller roster. However, he’s hardly played 1.5 of final 14.

    • Shaq should not be a surprise.

      Gregg did bring him to Qatar and he did play him. Shaq was awful.

      Shaq is not Dest but he does love to attack probably more than JSC and in that way is more of a direct replacement for what Dest brings than JSC.

      Reggie and Reynolds haven’t done anything in a long time to draw attention to themselves.

    • Berhalter spent a weekend at home before making roster selections and late one rainy night his wife told him she wished that he had more johnson, and well, here we are

  7. With Greg calling in a 27 man roster for a 26 man Copa America, I think the axe will either be Timothy Tillman or Shaq Moore. The potential for a 3 man backline is too obvious considering the number of CB’s on this roster, so I don’t think it’ll be a CB. Timmy Tillman has no real experience at this level(albeit a Jan camp friendly), or with this group, and Shaq Moore for me is surplus to requirements given the ability of Weah and McKennie capable of playing RB/RWB. In my opinion, Shaq is being brought in more than likely as a squad player to push Scally. Shaq probably has the advantage given his experience with this group, and being a WC veteran sort of speak, but anyone else getting cut outside of these two would be unexpected for me!

    • I just can’t imagine the US changing to a 3 man backline when I can’t recall them ever doing that while Berhalter has been coach. Also, while some here are assuming Ream as a starting CB, I think CCV might be preferable.

      • Norther Ireland 3-4-3 (Ream, Long, Miazga)
        2021GC Canada 3-5-2 (Miles, Zim, Sands (who then came DM in possession)
        @Honduras 3-4-3 (Brooks, Miles, McKenzie)
        It’s been awhile and honestly only the Northern Ireland game did it look decent. Canada it was ok because we scored quickly and allowed us to defend in mass. Honduras was horrendous and switched at half, had Sands in MF, Adams RB, Sarge RW. Gregg likes to experiment in friendlies before big tournaments so I could see him give it a try in friendlies.

      • Berhalter: “We just wanted the ability in this training camp to have options to have flexibility. Some of it may revolve around a back three.”

      • j99: to me 3 backs is graduate school for teams that can easily manage it with 4 backs. can we? nah. get the basics right before you get cute. i can barely get people on here willing to reconsider the personnel choices making up the current sieve.

        343 or 352 the wings are on an island. even this 433 or 4321 the other wings are way upfield. do you want dest or jedi defending without a net?

        i’d personally take this the other direction, 451 or 442, layered wing help.

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