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Americans Abroad Weekend Preview: Carter-Vickers, Pulisic, and more

Celtic’s chances of clinching a domestic double this season comes down to Sunday’s Scottish Cup Final against rivals Rangers.

Cameron Carter-Vickers and his Celtic teammates will face off with Rangers at Hampden Park, seeking to pick up their second trophy in as many weeks. The Scottish Premiership winners finished eight points better off than their local rivals, defeating Rangers 2-1 back on May 11. Carter-Vickers, who has been included in the U.S. men’s national team’s June camp roster, has made 30 combined appearances this season.

The American defender has enjoyed plenty of success in Glasgow and that a rivalry win over Rangers on Sunday would cap off another triumphant campaign.

In Italy, Christian Pulisic and AC Milan conclude their Serie A campaign. Tanner Tessmann and Venezia face Palermo in the Serie B playoffs.

In Spain, Johnny Cardoso and Real Betis visit Real Madrid.

Elsewhere, Mark McKenzie and Genk visit Union St. Gilloise. Jonathan Amon and Lyngby take on Hvidovre.

Here is a closer look at this weekend’s Americans Abroad:


Serie A

Christian Pulisic, Yunus Musah and AC Milan host Salernitana on Sunday.

Weston McKennie, Tim Weah and Juventus host Monza on Sunday.

Serie B

Tanner Tessmann, Gianluca Busio and Venezia host Kristoffer Lund and Palermo on Friday. Venezia leads 1-0 on aggregate.


La Liga

Johnny Cardoso and Real Betis visit Real Madrid on Saturday.

Luca De La Torre and Celta Vigo host Valencia on Saturday.

Segunda Liga

Jonathan Gomez and CD Mirandes visit Albacete on Sunday.

Konrad De La Fuente and Eibar visit Sporting Gijon on Sunday.


Cup Final

Cameron Carter-Vickers and Celtic face Rangers on Saturday.


Pro League

Mark McKenzie and Genk visit Union St. Gilloise on Sunday.

Bryan Reynolds, Griffin Yow and Westerlo visit OH Leuven on Saturday.

Marlon Fossey and Standard Liege visit Mechelen on Saturday.


1. HNL

Rokas Pukstas and Hajduk Split visit NK Lokomotiva on Saturday.



Jonathan Amon and Lyngby visit Hvidovre on Saturday.



Henry Wingo and Ferencvaros host Ujpest on Sunday.


  1. Has Weston played at Juve since the new manager was appointed?

    I dont think he has – maybe a short substitute appearance after playing very well in the Copa final.

  2. to underline where i see some degree of continuing bias against US coaches and players, such that i do not take evaluations there at face value, wayne rooney just got hired at championship plymouth argyle, his 3rd stint in england. in previous british stints he won 28% of his games coaching derby and 13% of his games for birmingham. he also only won 26% of his games for DC coaching here, for a career percent of 25% as a coach. and he could blow this one too and he will be recycled as a “viable” english manager. meanwhile marsch’s career wins are 50%, 3 league titles, (counting RBNY winning SS) and in his worst stint at leeds he won 29%. for him, that leeds season is the likely end of english management. rooney’s awful career coaching is bad luck. marsch’s bad year is terminal proof of conccept. one sees the double standard, no? and i am not even that big a marsch fan, it’s just that obvious they will recycle anyone english before they will hire an american.

    i say this in part because for some reason, either as evaluation or club form, we take very seriously what european and particularly english coaches think of our players. lampard dissed pulisic and used him less. lampard was taken very seriously. too seriously in my opinion. pulisic goes to ACM and lights it up. lampard’s won 27% of his everton coaching games, and his last caretaker stint with CFC he managed 1 win in 11 games.

    bear that in mind next time it’s like, well, if pulisic or richards or reyna are on an english bench, they must belong there.

    • People tend to hire managers they are biased towards? No fucking shit? Wow. Now what?

      By the way it was fat Frank who told Pulisic he needed to score more to take the next step, and fat Frank who played Pulisic closer to the goal. It was fat Frank who coached CP to his most productive time at Chelsea. And it was fat Frank who gave CP the 10 shirt, which may not mean anything in college or high school but means something in the pros.

      Fat Frank may not be a good manager but he did a lot for Pulisic

    • I doubt very seriously Jesse would have even been interested. He himself said he’d turned down several opportunities in Europe. Rooney gets hired because he’s a legendary player. Not unlike Klinsmann I guess. Plymouth are not a famous club that barely avoided relegation. They bounce back and forth between the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th tier. This is another step down for Wayne. Could they have found a better manager in Greg Vanney or Steve Cherundolo sure, but I doubt Greg and Steve applied. Best to look at every situation individually instead of blatantly paint everyone’s situation as bias towards Americans. Just as blatantly saying the American player/manager is inferior is silly.

  3. Busio and Tessmann advance to the promotion playoff final. I believe they just need a draw in the 2 leg final since they have the best record of the remaining teams. Tanner with the early goal today. Lund did not play.

      • i like tessman. based on that honduras U23 debacle last cycle, he was the one kid who kept playing hard and seemed like a gamer.

        i like the top of D shooting ability players because we need more offense, and too often just start switching it side to side for low percentage crosses. we also need more balls to feet in the box, as well as cheap dead ball goals, but if opponents over-anticipate the switch — like mexico’s goalie was — there should be windows where you stop going predictably sideways and just go to goal and shoot on a keeper leaning the wrong way. like adams did. you run weston and musah out there – and i just don’t think we need both — and you’re not getting deadball creation from the MF or those longer shots. ditto malik.

        i harp on the fanboy thing because to me the only way you pick the MF we usually run out is going with the usual suspects because they are on the “best teams,” regardless if they can actually possess the ball or score outside of a cross header. and not enough questioning of the whole formation and system. even at HS or select level it’s not as simple as run out the reputation players. the US used to do a better job of picking players to a scheme, and picking scheme to win soccer games.

      • “the US used to do a better job of picking players to a scheme, and picking scheme to win soccer games.” I mean did we though? Or was it just we didn’t have that many players playing in top clubs. I remember David Regis being run out a lot without much success. American players also have so much more opportunities. Sure Eddie Pope was a regular starter despite only playing in MLS, but if you put Richards in the same era (he probably doesn’t make it out of Alabama as a soccer player) he goes to college then drafted and has to prove himself in MLS. His first chance to move at 24 or 25 is probably to Sweden or Denmark. The eras are so different it’s really hard to say “we used to do this or do that”.

      • IV,

        “the US used to do a better job of picking players to a scheme, and picking scheme to win soccer games.”


        Bruce had a few guys he relied on like LD, McBride, Pope, Claudio, on top of a solid core. They kept things simple and just made it work, if they could.
        The stars players changed a little and there was a bit more variation but Bob and JK had the same basic approach for the same basic reason, a limited amount of options.

        Gregg has more options BUT the difference is that the talent available to the previous three managers before Gregg was ,in general, more veteran and more battle tested.

        Gregg’s guys are still largely untested on the biggest stages. That’s because you have the 4 World Cup games in Qatar to go by and that’s pretty much it.

        Specify when “used to” was. Also, specify the occasion.

        You’ve never understood that the USMNT in a friendly was a very different team from the USMNT is a World Cup qualifier or World Cup game. Evaluating a player’s performance without taking that into account is just….. ….crafting the narrative to make it appear as if your player in question is someone that he probably isn’t.

        Depending on the occasion Bob and JK had two basic lineups:

        1. The A team had a serious World Cup lineup, and a serious CONCACAF lineup ( when El Tri and Costa Rica did not suck so much),
        2. The B team, had a less serious CONCACAF lineup, a big boy team friendly lineup, and a non big boy team friendly lineup.

        JK did most of his experimentation with the B team but went right back to the A team when it mattered. Injuries would sometimes force his hand but he followed the same pattern that Bob did .
        The main difference with Arena was that he relied even more on “his guys” but that was probably because he did not have as many alternatives as Bob and then JK had.

        One last thing you haven’t taken into account, under Bruce, Bob and JK the view of the USMNT by many other big boy teams could be summed up by what Arjen Robben said before a friendly where they beat us 2-1, back in 2010 . To paraphrase him: “ Tough defense, hard to play against but no quality, we should beat them”.

        Whether the USMNT is better now is highly debatable but what is not debatable is that teams like the Netherlands don’t take us as lightly anymore. The big boys in the game take everyone much more seriously than they did 10-15 years ago because everyone is that much more together.

  4. how does okonkwo at wrexham not have some sort of deadpool mask for the jaw injury? i get keeping the uniforms “normal,” and we could debate whether the keeper jersey (has to be different by rule) could be distinct and branded, but no cool mask struck me as missing out.


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