It's Q&A Time

It's Q&A Time

SBI Live Q&A

It's Q&A Time

It is that time again, time for you to submit your soccer-related (and pop culture-related) questions to me and for me to provide my answers and opinions.

There has been a lot to discuss since the last Q&A, from the Confederations Cup, the Gold Cup, transfer deals galore to the on-going MLS season.

Send your questions my way and I will do my best to answer them. Please note that not all questions will be answered. Try to keep your questions relatively brief and try not to ask questions that have already been covered lately. Promotion/relegation, Jermaine Jones and national team/MLS/European-based player salaries are just some of the topics you should probably stay away from.

If you're wondering about the last batch of questions from the previous Q&A from June, I will be posting those later today.

For now, send your answers my way and I will look to answer them as quickly as possible.

Fire away. (NO MORE QUESTIONS. Thanks to all of you who took part.)

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