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It’s Q&A Time

Yes, it is that time again. Time for you to fire soccer-related questions my way and time for me to take about two to three weeks to answer them.

Okay, so the second part of that won’t be true this time around (I hope). I’m going to guarantee that I will answer at least some, if not all, of the questions from this Q&A by Monday. It might be difficult since the Q&A sessions are pushing the hundred question mark lately, but I will definitely knock them all out by early next week (I blame travel for preventing me from doing the most recent Q&A more quickly.

Here are the guidelines: Please try to keep your questions a reasonable length, limit your questions to two and please no questions about John O’Brien or MLS promotion/relegation. I’m sure I’m forgetting some other tired subjects that I have answered repeated questions about so please try to take a peak at my past Q&A sessions. The answer to your question may just be there.

Now, without further Ay-Doo (yep, I’m Christian Miles), fire your questions my way.


  1. IVES,

    what are your predictions on these?

    Mvp of the year?


    MLS leading scorer?

    Supporters shield?

    Player with most assists?

    Rookie of the year?

    GK of the year?

    DF of the year?

    MF of the year?

    FW of the year?

    an Coach of the year?

    oh and also what team and player and team do you think is going to surprise everyone this year?


  2. I was looking at some of the Americans that just left the MLS, and in the process I noticed that the keeper Arni Arason did not re-sign with Valerenga IF. This is a keeper that was with Manchester City and one time and yes he did not fair out to well. Do you think that this is a guy a team like San Jose, LA, Toronto, or even Chicago should look at. I would think he would atleast be a good back up keeper, and yes I know he may ask for some big bucks.

  3. Ives,

    Do you think one MLS team will play better than expected? I hear a lot of good reports about Real Salt Lake and that they could be that team; do you buy this?

  4. Ives,

    Can you explain the state of the Galaxy salary cap, and if there are any lessons learned?

    When will MLS go to libertadores?

  5. When looking at our squad for olympic qualifying, I thought we might have a chance to make it really far in the olympics (I assumed we would qualify). I know key players still aren’t with us, but with the way our olympic squad has been playing, is this remotely possible?

  6. So if Fulham gets relegated what do you think will happen to the Americans there? Any chance McBride and Keller come to MLS? They are getting pretty old.

  7. Quick question…don’t know if it’s been asked yet…but why did the announcer (I think it was Christian Miles) keep saying during the US U-23 game vs. Panama, “Once Stuart Holden gets US citizenship, I’m sure he’ll be getting a look with the senior squad.” He said it at least 3 times…Am I missing something here…how could he play for the United States U-23 team if he was not a US citizen? Am I the idiot here, or should Miles keep the ad-libbing to a minimum.

  8. What are your top three changes that MLS should make to improve the on the field product that would not have a long run negative impact on the league?

  9. Ives; I just got my invite from mls to join the fantasy league. Can I expect you to do one again this year? Hub Tiger fc–#1

  10. I have really started watch EPL this year focused primarily on Arsenal and Fulham. What impact does relegation have for a team like Fulham and what typically happens to the team. Are the players released or free to transfer?

  11. Whatup meng,

    If you had the power, who would you have named to the 20-man roster for the U-23 Olympic team and who would you start in what formation?

    Thanks as always, keep up the good work…

  12. I know you’re an East-Coast guy, but any idea if Seattle is planning on keeping the Sounders? (Or any other news from the Northwest)

  13. 1) Who is the best playmaker in MLS? I would say DeRosario, but I think he has declined quite a bit in terms of productivity.

    2) Would you ever consider commentating during Red Bulls’ matches? I’d love to see you and Shep talk about his affinity towards McDonalds.

  14. What is the real inside scoop on Feilhaber not making the Olympic qualifying roster?

    How likely are Figo and Veron to join MLS in the future?

  15. Is Sugarfree Red Bull really better for you than regular Red Bull? I know it only has 10 calories, but is there something else added that negates that benefit?

  16. Ives:

    2 quick questions:

    1) How is the GK situation looking for the redbulls? Is Zach washed up or will he push Conway?

    2) Any chance Arena ends up back in the MLS this season? Or potentially with Seattle or Philly?

  17. Damn…I was going to ask about JOB and Relegation/Promotion too…I was going to add a protest about Rossi being included in the Yanks Abroad updates. (Damn…traitor)


    You have talked about Red Bulls youth program some. Can you provide some more details about it?

    What age groups? How many teams do they have? What leagues are they playing, etc.?

  18. 1. With Altidore’s youth and the inability for any player other than Donovan or Dempsey to really being able to step up at forward, do you think it might be possible for Brian McBride to come out of international retirement and help the MNT in the upcoming World Cup qualifiers?

    2. Do you think Michael Bradley would have as significant of a role for the MNT as he does now if his father was not the head coach? It seems Bradley has a permanent starting role when he is available and I wonder if Bob would ever start Clark and/or Edu in his son’s place.

  19. A number of cities are interested in getting an MLS team, including St. Louis, Atlanta, Miami, New York City, Portland, Vancouver, and Montreal.

    How long do you think it will be until investor groups from one or more of these cities seek to buy existing MLS franchises such as Columbus, Chivas (which seems to be an anemic franchise), or Kansas City (especially if they don’t get their Missouri stadium or interest wanes from OnGoal) with the intention of moving them instead of pursuing an expansion franchise?

  20. Hey Ives,

    No matter what some people say, soccer is growing very nice in America. What do you think is the key to push soccer into the “major” sports tier in America (read: What would make soccer more appealing to mainstream America)?

    What would help more:

    a. More DP’s in the MLS

    b. More “big time” international friendlies

    c. More MLS v. EPL/La Liga/Serie A games

    d. Something I haven’t thought of

  21. Hey Ives, got a question about the Revs strike force for you.

    What do you think of Kenny Mansally, his chances of seeing serious PT this year and putting up numbers? Related, what happened with Adam Cristman as he seems to have gone out of favor slightly with both nicol and nowak? Argenis Fernandez, do you have any idea what type of player this kid is, all i know is he’s 5’6″ 120 lbs.

    Thanks so much for doing these Q&As Ives, they rock.

  22. Unfortunately, this question is purely hypothetical: If Landon were to go to Europe, how big of a club do you think he could play for? And what kind of transfer fee might he fetch?

  23. Ives,

    First of love the site and your articles you do a great job.

    My question is what do you think of Sinisa Ubiparipovic? Will he be getting starts this year in NY? I watched some of the games that he played in last year with NY and he looked pretty good. I also saw in some of your lineups for friendlies and such and it looked like he was playing a more defensive or holding mid role. At Akron he played a more attacking role and did it well, so where do you see him playing?

  24. Ives, I’d really love to get your opinion on the current state of the TV analysts here in the US. I hate watching US games on FSC, because I know I’ll have to listen to Bretos, Sullivan, and now Miles. But even when games are on ESPN (besides CL) we are subject to announcers that specialize in other American sports. I’m confident there are many capable analysts out there. So I guess my question is how can I get Bretos’ job?

  25. Ives,

    Thanks for taking my question by the way. Do you see Brad Guzan moving across the pond this summer affter a failed attempt during the winter transfer window? Is it possible he could be heading back to villa again? I’ve read a few places that villa are still interested in him and are planning on spending some cash come the summer.

  26. How do we get Fox Soccer Channel to broadcast at least one Copa libertadores game per week. Id rather watch that than another dream team re-run. or that stupid show with the fans calling the game.

  27. A rather frivolous one, but,

    What’s your favorite MLS team badge?

    What about your favorite MLS Jerseys?

    What MLS players jerseys do you own or would you buy?

  28. Starting with the U-23s who aren’t in qualifying (Bradley, Spector, Feilhaber, Rogers, etc.) and adding the 3 overage players of your choice allowed in Olympic rules, who would your starting lineup be? And how much would they have beaten Cuba and Panama by?

  29. Real Salt Lake have added Olave, Borchers, Joy, Kovalenko, Cordoba, Deuchar, and their draft picks in the off-season. That is nearly half their roster spots. How do you see them placing this year?

  30. 1. The MLS off-season is too long. Are there any plans to lenghten the regular season?

    2. How are the Galaxy players compensated for their world tour? Is it a way of circumventing the cap?

    3. Will the league ever recognize FIFA international dates?

  31. Ives, how about an update on the EPL Fantasy League? You said several times you were gonna do one and you never did. And how about a MLS Fantasy League?

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