It's Q&A Time

It's Q&A Time

SBI Live Q&A

It's Q&A Time


Good afternoon everybody. It is that time again. Time for you to send me questions and time for me to try to answer them.

You know the routine by now. Send me one or two soccer questions of reasonable length and I will look to answer them as soon as possible.

What questions shouldn’t you ask? Nothing about promotion-relegation, John O’Brien, where Fulham’s Americans will go, anything involving looking into the future (as in where will MLS be in 10 years), the Red Bulls stadium (it’s being built), Arturo Alvarez’s Olympic team chances (or anything related to the U.S. Olympic team roster), or where I think Michael Bradley/Oguchi Onyewu/Bobby Convey will go.

Why not? Well, these topics have been covered to death so anything you want to know is likely in previous installments of the Q&A. I generally recommend you scanning through recent Q&A sessions anyway just to see what has been covered (or not covered).

Now it’s your turn. Send your questions my way.

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