Ronaldo: Real Madrid move "Something I dream about"

Ronaldo: Real Madrid move "Something I dream about"


Ronaldo: Real Madrid move "Something I dream about"



With his European Championships now over, Cristiano Ronaldo finally revealed what so many have been wanting for weeks to find out. The Manchester United star revealed his interest in making a move to Real Madrid, and while he tried to steer clear of any direct proclamations, some of his statements made it pretty obvious where he wants to be next season.

"The possibilities are big," Ronaldo said about his chances of going to Real Madrid. "But it doesn’t depend on me and because of that I don’t want to talk about it."

Ronaldo would not confirm whether Real Madrid had already made an offer or not, but did say, "In the next few days we’ll see if we reach an agreement.

"Everyone knows what I want," Ronaldi said. "But in the next two or three days you’ll have something new."

For someone who didn’t want to talk about the potential move, Ronaldo had plenty more to say.

"Personal, it’s something I want, something I dream about," Ronaldo said of a Real Madrid move. "It’s a dream, a step forward. For me it’s a very good opportunity."

What next? Now that it has become clear that Ronaldo wants to leave, Real Madrid and Manchester United must agree on a transfer fee, something United is surely going to make difficult for Real Madrid.

What will it take from Real Madrid? A package including Robinho has long been rumored, but just how much cash it will take remains to be seen. You can rest assured a new transfer record will be set if and when Ronaldo is sold.

What do you think about Ronaldo’s apparent decision to leave Manchester United? Is it the right time to leave? Is he crazy to leave? Share your thoughts below.

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