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It’s Q&A Time

Good afternoon folks. It is that time again. Time for you to send your soccer questions my way and time for me to try and either find you an answer or give you my opinion on the subject. It has been nearly two months since the last Q&A so I’m sure there are plenty of new questions you are interesting in asking.

You know the drill. Send one or two questions of modest length to me and I will try to answer them by next week. There have been problems getting the Q&A sessions finished because we surpass 100 questions so be warned ahead of time. If you get one of the first 50 questions in then chances are you’ll get your answer sooner, but after 50 it could take me a week or it could take me two weeks. With a long trip back home from Guatemala looming on Thursday, I am going to try and knock out some of the questions for this Friday (yes, I know, you don’t believe me. It’s okay.)

Also remember to check out the Q&A archives. Chances are if you aren’t a regular reader and you have a question, I may have already answered your question before. If you submit a question and I don’t answer it then it’s because I have answered it before.

Lastly, be sure to check in here tonight for coverage of the World Cup qualifier between the United States and Guatemala. I will be at the game and praying the wireless internet I’ve been hearing about at the stadium is actually there. If it is, you can rest assured I will give you a detailed account of the match.

Now, back to the Q&A. Let’s get it started, Send your questions my way.


  1. Will the Red Bulls sign players from their youth academy for next season? Red Bull Salzburg also has a training academy in Ghana. Is there any special rules about signing players from there?

    Thank You, Ives. Keep up the great writing and blogging. The Q&As are great too.

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