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It’s Q&A Time

It is (finally) that time again. Time for SBI readers to submit their questions and time for me to answer a few of them before I spend two weeks putting off the rest of them. Okay, I'm half-joking.

Seriously though, fire your soccer (or pop culture) questions my way and I will do my best to give you an answer, or at the very least my own opinion on the matter. Be sure to keep your questions from being too long, only ask one or two, and try to avoid topics that have already been beaten to death in past Q&A sessions. Don't know which topics those are? Look up past Q&As and you will figure it out.

Post your question/questions in the comments section below.

Fire away!


  1. Hi Ives,

    Thanks for the great site.

    Okay, we know the USMNT has to get through qualifying, players have to stay healthy, and it’d be nice if they could avoid getting drawn into a “group of death”–though I’m not holding my breath on that one. Beyond those things, what are the three (or so) things you think most need to happen for the USMNT to have the best chance to compete in the World Cup? Thanks.

  2. Is CONCACAF really the weakest region? (besides Oceania).

    I happen to think the AFC isn’t any better and personally I think a USA, Mexico or Costa Rica could take out Australia, Japan, and Saudi Arabia.

    (I do think Australia is a bit underrated, but still…)

    Love the site.

  3. What are the odds we’re playing single table next year with 2 matches against each team (30 total)? It seems like it only makes sense next season. Also, how would you currently rate the rookies for this year according to POTENTIAL impact? I’ve been sooooo impressed with the little I’ve seen of Yohance Marshall; I’m just wondering when the Gals will give him a chance.

  4. what exactly is it about Kenny Cooper’s game that Bradley dislikes so much? certainly he is more deserving of a call up than Connor Casey.

  5. Ives,
    You never seem to get to my question(s), but hopefully this time you do (although being commenter 164 isn’t very promising…).
    My Q. I know you’re fan of PB. What did you think of the finale? And what did you think of the standalone movie? Also, what did you think of this past season of 24?
    Thanks, and keep up the awesome work!

  6. 2 players you can use as eligible U.S. converts are:

    Boaz Myhill (Hull) – Welsh international with 5 friendly international caps

    Simon Poulsen (AZ Alkmaar) – Danish international with 3 friendly international caps

    I doubt either would change allegiances, althought Myhill is Wales’ #2 GK behind Wayne Hennessey.

    My question:

    Do you have any ideas of what the MLS Players Union will fight for (besides the general “more money”) in the next Collective Bargaining Agreement?

  7. Ives,

    I believe it would greatly benefit the US team for WC 2010 if Donovan were playing regularly in a top league for the 2009-2010 season. I understood him coming back from Leverkeusen before WC 2006 from the point of view that getting the best experience possible in the year leading up to the World Cup is critical, and playing in MLS beats not playing in the German league.

    I know you have said he is unlikely to move this summer because it’s not worth it to MLS. 2 questions: do you agree that it’s critical to the national team to get our possibly best player the best experience possible in the year leading up to the world cup? and what do you see as the resolution to this MLS-National Team conflict? MLS seems to win, but is that really the right answer for American soccer?

    Thanks, and keep up the great work.


  8. Will the Redbulls be playing a European team this year? Perhaps Real Madrid while they’re touring?

  9. Ives, love the site mate. 2 part question for you:

    1. Who do you think is currently the best national team manager in the world? Hiddink is an obvious choice, but what about Capello, Loew, or Lippi?

    2. And on a somewhat related note, let’s say that Klinsmann was appointed as US manager instead of Bradley a few years back…where do you see the US team now if he was in charge?

  10. While I think the idea some American fans have about a bias against American players is absurd (teams have too much pressure to win to ignore a player’s talent in this way), do you think that there is possibly a bias against American coaches?

    I am just curious why you don’t hear ANYTHING about American coaching abroad. It seems like coaching would be a lot more subjective of an area where a stereotype about ‘poor American tactics’ or something might occur. Or other possibilities would be that American coaches don’t have the desire to go abroad, or there are some but its not publicized.

    Obviously we have players abroad, and you even hear about front office people abroad (Ivan gazadis & such), so I was curious about your take on the situation, and sorry for the lengthy question.

  11. Yo, Ives 1)Do you think that good American coaches not developing yet is maybe the reason why the U.S. hasn’t made the transition of being consistant in the internatioanl game? Because we obviously have the players to contend but it seems like some coaches(namely Bob Bradley) are stuck on old ways or are scared of making sacrifices. It seems like he’s just throws all the good players in the line-up and he hopes they have some kind of chemistry, its nonsense.

    2) What happen to using wingers in the Men’s team? One of the reasons why we had a successful run in 2002 was because the wing play on the flanks were phenomonal. Players like Cobi Jones, DaMarcus Beasley, Landon Donovan, Eddie Lewis and Earnie Stewart were brilliant. Now it seems like players like that have been ignored a little more(Holden and Rogers) or have been forced to play another position(Beasley abd Adu).

  12. 1) Kevin stole that Nery Castillo caption from me; 2) Realistically, where do you see MLS (in terms of viability and quality of play) and the USMNT (in terms of competitiveness) in 10 years?

  13. Who is the best retired American international that would NOT be able to make the current team?

  14. What will occur first:

    1. The winner of SA 2010 is decided
    2. Ives finishes answering 150+ questions

    I guess half of them are technically the same question about Jermaine Johnson though.

    Surprisingly few about Freddy and Jozy however.

  15. Hi Ives,

    Are ESPN Soccernet and ESPN Deportes under the same umbrella? During the last CL final, I watched the game and replay in each of the channels and the Deportes guys were clearly cheering for Barcelona, in contrast to the ESPN guys.

    As per the posts about how bad American football commentators are, why doesn’t ESPN borrow guys like Fernando Palomo (he is bilingual) to do the analysis or broadcasts.


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