MLS- Toronto FC

Toronto to sign Wagenaar

Toronto FC is set to sign Canadian goalkeeper Josh Wagenaar, a high-ranking team source said on Sunday. Wagenaar, 22, has spent the past two seasons with Dutch club Ado Den Haag.

Toronto used a variety of goalkeepers in 2007 after losing starter Greg Sutton to a concussion. Sutton is set to return but will face a stern challenge from Wagenaar for the starting job.

  • Ossington Mental Youth

    What a coupe this signing will be!!!
    Defo a promising young talent!


  • Carl

    Hey Ives, are we going to be getting another two-part combine update like yesterday? Just so I know what to be out on the lookout for…


  • QJA

    Ives, can you shed some light about the SI slot situation for Toronto? Last I checked they’ve been granted extra SI slots than a regular MLS team, but those slots must be filled by Americans. What’s up?


  • Ives

    Carl, I am working on a news and notes piece as we speak. The actual combine review of day two will likely come later on tonight.

    As far as Toronto’s international player slots go, only two are slots that must be used for Americans. TFC still has more slots than any other team, having traded for several youth international slots in 2007. I will find out exactly how many shortly but I seem to recall being told that they had as many as 16 slots that can be used on non-Canadians. I will look to verify that number.


  • Jamie

    Sixteen seems a really high estimate for home may international slots TFC currently has. As far as baselines go, with the new rules, TFC has two more international slots (10 vs. 8) than other MLS teams, and these two can only be used on American players. I find it hard to believe that even through all of trader-Mo’s dealings that he acquired another six international slots, but we’ll see what Ives turns up.

    PS QJA, there is not a distinction between SI and YI slots.


  • Keith G.

    Im glad to see Wagenaar, a star at Hartwick College, just 45 min from my house will be in the MLS. Ive watched the kid play in college and he can play and could deffently be the man to lead Toronto FC. I wish him all the luck, if he does come to the MLS.


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