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Where will Christian Gomez go?


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With Marcello Gallardo’s arrival in the nation’s capital looking more and more likely, it appears that Christian Gomez’s days with D.C. United are over. He has been considering offers from abroad for some time but you shouldn’t rule out the possibility of Gomez signing with MLS and moving on via trade.

Where could Gomez wind up in MLS? There are plenty of teams who would jump at the chance to add him (though a two-year guaranteed deal for a 33-year old is a bit worrisome). Here is a look at some teams that might consider dealing for him, and the chances that a deal can get done:

TORONTO FC– Who better to talk trade with than Trader Mo, who would love to add a playmaker like Christian Gomez. What exactly would it take to get him? Try allocation money and one of the two first-round picks Toronto just took (Julius James or Pat Phelan). If there’s a deal to be made here then Mo Johnston will make it.

COLORADO RAPIDS– Rapids coach Fernando Clavijo would probably give his right arm for a playmaker like Gomez but you have to wonder what the Rapids could give up to get him. Mastroeni is on the market but D.C. won’t pay what it would take to have him on the squad. There isn’t much else that Colorado could give up and D.C. would consider taking.

CHIVAS USA– The Goats played well despite the disappointment that was Amado Guevara, but they would still love to add a playmaker. What could Chivas USA really afford to deal? Ante Razov is a possibility and would work well with Luciano Emilio, but DC just added Franco Niell on loan at a good price. Chivas USA could just deal DC its designated player slot the rights to Amado Guevara. Kidding.

KANSAS CITY WIZARDS– Carlos Marinelli had mixed results for the Wizards last year but I still don’t think KC would consider unloading some of that Eddie Johnson buyout money on Gomez. I also wonder if Gomez would really re-sign with MLS for a move to KC.

RED BULLS– Juan Carlos Osorio wants a playmaker but he doesn’t have the pieces to make a deal that would make sense for DC. After all, there is dealing Gomez because you have to and there’s dealing him to your arch-rival (And yes, I’m fully aware that D.C. has previously traded Jaime Moreno, Richie Williams and Eddie Pope to the club formerly known as the MetroStars).

NEW ENGLAND– A Gomez-Joseph central midfield tandem would be drool-worthy, but the only thing New England has that’s trade bait is its designated player slot, which D.C. isn’t likely to use after tying up so much money in new players. How about Wells Thompson and Chris Albright for Gomez? I know, probably not, and there’s also the fact that New England is the team D.C. is trying to unseat as conference champions.

Where do you think Gomez will go? Share your thoughts below.

  • lawrenceterp

    Of all the possibilities you listed I like the Toronto deal the best. But lets just take both picks in addition to the allocation money!:)


  • Johnny

    Funny, no mention of LA in this mix. I’m sure they have cap room and even if they don’t I’m sure the league will let it fly.


  • VictorM

    Gomez is the type of player that a combination of age and progress in the league is leaving behind. He’ll never be as good as he was 2 years ago. And this year he won’t even be as good as last. He can’t get by on past performances and fan appeal. And still, he wants DP-like money? DC is doing the right thing by moving on without him.


  • fuego@fanatico.com

    Ives, your Gomez deals are way out of whack. DCU will have no leverage once they sign Gallardo and will be unable to demand draftees like James or Phelan from Toronto or Razov from Chivas. If/when Gomez is dealt it will be for draft picks and allocation money.

    The only way DCU gets anything worthwhile back in a Gomez deal is if there is great demand from multiple clubs. At Gomez’s age and the salary/contract he’s demanding, I don’t think that will happen.

    Wells Thompson or Chris Albright for a 33 y/o who wants at least $500K? That’s funny.


  • soccer nerd

    As a DC fan, I find myself hoping he’ll have a change of heart at the last minute and end up staying. I say you’re better off sticking with the guy you know than with hoping some other 30+ year old has still got it and can adapt to MLS.

    If DC does have to part ways with Gomez, I certainly hope they don’t trade him to New Jersey. I would hope for an amicable parting, so I would hate to do that to the guy.


  • Ives

    Fuego, why doesn’t DC have leverage? There is no free agency in MLS so either DC trades his rights or he doesn’t play in the league this year. DC’s leverage is that it has a playmaker who has shown he can play and play well in MLS, even if his impact isn’t what it was two years ago, and the league has several teams who would be seriously interested.

    And yes, Thompson and Albright for Gomez is a lot (depending on whether you rate Thompson or not) but that’s what I would imagine it would take DC to deal a former MVP to its toughest conference rival.

    As for Gomez’ contract demands, what he wants and what he can actually get in MLS aren’t necessarily the same thing. I have a feeling Gomez has a little different view on what he can ask for in MLS.


  • JH6

    I think Ives is dead on that DC has all the leverage here. I think the fact that Gomez has taken this long indicates he WANTS to stay in MLS and America. If he didn’t, and given what Goff has reported, he would have taken a deal sooner than this. I think Gomez is probably heavily involved in where he is going to end up in MLS – telling DC trade me to one of these four locations or I am signing in Qatar. DC is then trying to get the best deal out of one of those four teams. If DC doesn’t feel they get enough value from trading him to an opponent – buh bye Gomez, enjoy Qatar.

    This has the potential to be a win-win or a horrible lose-lose.


  • Aljarov

    NE also has a lot of allocation money from the Dempsey deal…that could be a more realistic option than Albright/Thompson.


  • Josh

    Um no. United doesn’t have much leverage. DC has the option to get something for him by trading him in the league, or get nothing if he leaves the league. Teams in the league are going to balk at his contract demands for the same reason DC did. They do have leverage in that that they don’t have to accept any deal offered, as teams will probably compete against one another. I think his contract demands will also push his trade value down. IF he gets traded, my guess is it will be draft picks and allocation dollars, not players.
    Just look at what Dallas got for Ruiz…I would put them in the same tradable group


  • Matt

    Um, Josh, get a clue.

    The difference between Gomez and Ruiz is that there wasn’t nearly the same market for a seriously overpaid troublemaker who many teams wouldn’t want to be bothered with. Gomez is class on and off the field and would cost less than Ruiz.

    And there’s a difference between what teams will get Gomez to take and what teams will get DC to take for his rights. As long as there is more than one team that wants him DC has all the leverage in the world. And if they don’t trade him and he leaves, so what? No way is DC going to sell Gomez on the cheap. That would be stupid.


  • Onionsack

    Its true, DC has little leverage in this deal. They HAVE to sell due to cap issues, its not a question of selling for want, its for need. Also the type of K that Gomez is looking for is gonna be restrictive as well so whoever takes him isn’t going to trade anything close to equal value.

    If he trades in MLS (and i dont think he will) its gonna be for peanuts. Maybe some draft picks, or partial allocation.


  • jgildea

    It is not just about DC’s leverage…
    Goff is reporting 6 teams interested in him. If there is any kind of bidding war then that will drive the offers up. DC may have to trade his rights, but they can wait for the right offer and teams may have to sweeten the pot.


  • Mario in SJ

    This is a situation where MLS itself should make sure Gomez stays in MLS. If they need to intervene to arm twist DC in lowering its demand, so be it. Since he will be a $500K hit on the cap whoever picks him up will have a tough time making room. Nevertheless its better for the league as a whole to keep a very good player as opposed to seeing him go to some other league.


  • fuego@fanatico.com

    You guys may be right but I think you’re overestimating the interest in Gomez from the rest of the league. If/when DCU signs Gallardo they will be forced to move Gomez – every team in the league will know this. The only way leverage swings back to DCU’s favor is if there is strong interest from multiple teams in MLS. It would take a team like Colorado or RSL to desperately want Gomez along with a team or two who may want him for DCU to receive anything more than draft picks/allocation money.

    And further, there is always the “what do they know?” factor. It isn’t like DCU is replacing Gomez with a younger, more dynamic player. Gallardo is basically a more accomplished version of Gomez, who hasn’t played in MLS yet.

    If DCU is to have any leverage I think it will take a couple of dumb teams like RSL and COL to bid against themselves and for DCU make them their bitch.

    You know, maybe a ridiculous deal where RSL trades Beckerman, Findley and Seitz to DCU for Gomez is not all that far-fetched. It wouldn’t be the first time someone took advantage of the developmentally disabled.

    Gomez for 2nd and 3rd round draft picks and allocation cash. That’s my final offer.


  • Postmaster

    “They HAVE to sell due to cap issues, its not a question of selling for want, its for need.”

    Gomez is out of contract and will NOT play for DCU next season. There are no cap issues for DCU. If DCU can get something for his MLS rights that’s worth more than facing Gomez on the field next season, they take it. If not, Gomez goes elsewhere in the world. There’s NO pressure on DCU to do anything that isn’t in their team’s best interests.


  • Matt

    Exactly Postmaster, why in the world would D.C. trade Gomez for peanuts to another team in the league? That’s crazy. If they can’t get a fair offer then they need to let him go and they CAN let him go. That’s where the leverage comes from people. I swear some of you are a bit dense in the morning.


  • Hey


    DC would EASILY take Terry Cooke for Christian Gomez. I’m suprised you didn’t say this as it is common knowledge DC wants a true winger who can cross the ball effectively.


  • kpugs

    I don’t want him. For this league, he’s a very good player. However, as happens with many DC players, he is still somehow overrated, and he’s 33 to boot.

    He’s been surrounded by players who make his job easier. There is no way he can go to a team without those pieces already in place and be nearly as good.


  • Hmmm

    DC Could also trade with New England for their DP just as a defensive measure so there is one less club out there with a DP this summer.


  • EDB

    I think they will trade him pretty cheap. I think DCU realizes the stuff he did for them and if a team in MLS wants him they will let his rights go with out a huge fuss.


  • Postmaster

    And this points out that perhaps a team retaining MLS rights when there’s no longer a contract is something that could merit some rethinking. Should DCU be able to prevent an out-of-contract player from playing in MLS when he’s free to play anywhere else in the world? As a DCU fan, I admire how the DCU FO has played this, but this doesn’t seem like the best arrangement for the league.


  • Postmaster

    “DC Could also trade with New England for their DP”

    At this point, it looks like Gomez wants DP-type money. Wouldn’t NE need their DP slot in order to deliver that to him?


  • Ives

    Hey Hey, I’m sure DC would take Cooke for Gomez in a heartbeat. I just don’t see Colorado dealing Cooke so I really didn’t give that much thought.

    As for the MLS rules allowing DC to keep Gomez’s rights even though he’s out of contract. If you don’t allow that then you have complete free agency, which MLS isn’t even close to being ready for.


  • Martek

    Why did you leave the attack-starved Dynamo off your list? Gomez may be old but he would also fit in perfectly with an attack that features De Rosario and Ching. With Ngwenya and now probably Jaqua playing in Austria, Dynamo might even have the cap room for Gomez. What do you think?


  • dr dcr vcr

    As a United fan, they need help at the outside midfield positions. Looking at all the teams listed above, a deal with the Rapids would make the most sense. They have Terry Cooke (veteran player earning around 150K), Colin Clark (likely making the senior roster minimum), and Nico Colaluca (Generation adidas player and played his college ball at UVA), which would give DCU some much needed depth at left ouside mid and/or right outside mid depending on who they picked up. A deal for two of those three players or one of the listed players and allocation money for Gomez would make sense for both parties in this situation.


  • Ives

    Actually, we are talking the Rapids and any team that can deal Kyle Beckerman for Mehdi Ballouchy is capable of anything.


  • Kosh71

    Agreed Hey, give us Cooke (or any other winger who can cross a ball) and some cash and you can have him. DC has mad leverage and I am quite surprized at some of the reasoning behind the posts that say otherwise. Plus I hope that if he stays in the league he goes to the Western Conference and not to anyone in the East – that’s why I’m hoping Crapids or RSL.


  • Ives

    Martek, you know what else the Dynamo is starving for besides attack? Salary Cap Space. I also don’t think Houston wants to tinker too much by adding a player like Gomez, not for what it would cost.

    And I think DC fans are getting a little too happy with the potential for fleecing Colorado. Cooke AND Clarke? Wow. If that happens either Clavijo is fired and DC is charged with theft, or both.


  • Matt

    DCU would trade the rights to Gomez in a second for Cooke, and probably throw in a fair amount of allocation money as well.


  • Javier

    might be a stupid question, but how is this different from RBNY not having to trade for Zach Thornton, who I believe was also out of contract?



    You heard it hear first, CHIVAS USA signs Gomez on the same day Brad Guzan signs with Celtic for 3.5 million.

    Welcome to Los Angeles, Mr. Gomez.


  • Hincha Tim

    RSL would do well to pick him up, IF they don’t give away ANY of the family jewels (Seitz, Sturgis, Findley, Beckerman) or any young prospects. I’d give up a DP slot for the two year length of his contract and sign him at the max salary allowed.


  • nuvees

    No way TFC is gonna give James/Phelan away. At most you gonna get a 2nd rounder from TFC…..so 15th to 20th pick.


  • John

    What about San Jose?

    At the end of the day, DC United wants allocation $$ to lessen the impact on their salary cap.

    Gomez to San Jose.
    Allocation $$$ and Jason Hernandez to DC United.


  • jeremy

    as a DC fan, i’m just glad Red Bull and the Revs are at the bottom of this feasibility list. Gomez is a really easy player to root for, and i really want to be able to keep rooting for him.


  • DCAustinite

    I’m thinking it’s Gomez for Cooke. Cooke is apparently very unhappy in Colorado and wants a trade. DC has enough allocations to pay his cap hit down and need a winger who can cross and has speed. Colorado needs just about everything.


  • No

    DC has close to $2million in Allocation money. They don’t HAVE to move Gomez for cap reasons even if they sign Gallardo. They could just keep Gomez and pay down Gomez’s cap hit. This is not about money but guaranteed years.


  • Jason

    DC just sold Arguez and Perkins, which is about $800K in allocation money. That’s in addition to the money they had unspent last year (~$500K). Why on earth would DC want more money when they haven’t even come close to using what they already have?


  • Big Dealin' Tom Soehn

    More allocation money only makes sense if DC is planning to add another player. Since all allocations from a few years ago expire this year then DC will likely spend the allocation money to buy down the cap hit of another player. More allocation money gives them more flexibility going into the international tournaments.

    Remember how they bought Emilio from one of the teams they would face in the first round of the CCC last year?

    Allocations can also give Emilio a raise.


  • Ted

    I don’t see RSL picking Gomez up. Beckerman is one of the few quality two way midfielders in MLS and having Gomez in the lineup would automatically force him into a holding role. He has played there before, but he is at his best when he defends and attacks.

    RSL is building around Seitz, Sturgis, Beckerman, and Findley. Those four are off limits, and thats all I can seeThey don’t need Gomez. Yes, he would immediately help their attack, but he is a defensive liability and would partially kill their long term plans with his cap hit. It’s not worth it.

    I can see Colorado pulling the trigger (especially if it was for Terry Cooke and $$$), but RSL won’t agree to a deal.


  • JM

    Count me in the group who feel that DCU has no leverage at all. None of the teams named by Ives, including Colorado, will be willing to give up their future for a 33 year old. Meanwhile, DCU will need all the money they have stockpiled to continue their project of building the least American of all MLS teams, including Chivas and Toronto. DCU will face the unhappy choice of letting CG go for nothing or taking a conditional pick and chump change.


  • KingSnake

    Celtic made Guzan an offer on Friday, announced by Gordon Strachan at his press conference …


  • cbr

    DC will probably get a supplemental draft pick if a team decides to pick him up. The only thing i think DC could do is give him leauge max for a year or two more than they ideally want.Older guys usually want longer contracts. Both parties have to meet in the middle you know


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