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2009 MLS Draft set to kick off

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The 2009 MLS Draft is finally here and things aren't any more clear today than they were a month ago as far as how the draft order will wind up shaking out.

Teams have spent the past few weeks talking trade but none of the deals for the high picks in the first round have been completed yet, leaving the draft's outcome a total mystery just hours before it will kick off.

There were no deals last night (save for RSL sending Dema Kovalenko to Los Angeles in a long-rumored deal for allocation money), but there should be some major moves made before MLS commissioner Don Garber reaches the podium this afternoon at the St. Louis Convention Center.

I will be anchoring ESPN.com's coverage of the MLS Draft here in St. Louis, and will be holding a live draft chat starting at 1pm. Be sure to check it out and feel free to submit your draft questions.

SBI senior correspondent Dylan Butler will be providing the live draft coverage on SBI today. He will be doing his own live commentary throughout the draft, as well as reporting all the deals, so be sure to check in here for the latest picks and trade talk.

For those of you wondering about the talent in the draft, here is the SBI MLS Draft Big Board, with the Top 25 overall prospects in the draft:

SBI MLS Draft Top 25 Overall

1. Steve Zakuani

2. Stefan Frei

3. Sam Cronin

4. Omar Gonzalez

5. Kevin Alston

6. Chris Pontius

7. Peri Marosevic

8. Michael Lahoud

9. O'Brien White

10. Rodney Wallace

11. Jeremy Hall

12. Brad Ring 

13. Lyle Adams

14. George John 

15. Matt Besler

16. Jordan Westbrook

17. Kyle Patterson 

18. Babajide Ogunbiyi

18. Darrius Barnes

19. David Hertel

20. Josh Boateng

21. Ryan Maxwell

22. Baggio Husidic

23. Quincy Amarikwa

24.  Evan Brown

25. Steward Ceus

What do you think about today's MLS Draft? What are you hoping your team does today? Share your thoughts below.

  • Colman

    I hope TFC gets rid of picks 2 and 13 for Adrian Serioux from Dallas, and selects Omar Gonzalez with #4. According to your latest mock draft, he’ll be there…but I’m worried he could go before then.

    Essentially I want a trade for a proven central defender as well as a high pick used for the best player available.


  • Matt

    I’ve never watched the MLS Draft before, I’m going to record it to watch tonight. Is it usually anything exciting?


  • Ted

    Matt: It’s not the most exciting thing. If anything, you get a little more background on the players than you would from a normal outlet, and, if the player attended the combine or ESPN has footage of them from college, they normally show that.


  • MVK

    Can we refer to Chris Pontius as “The Partyboy”?

    If he is drafted by the Wizards as Ives has it in his mock, I will do all in my power to get that to stick..


  • Douglas

    I think you just gave away that you are an Eagles fan . . . Jordan Westbrook.

    I’m rooting for the Cardinals so i’d perfer Jordan Fitzgerald in this draft.


  • Ethan

    Magee to LA for a second pick (its official).

    Does this signify that LA expects to lose Donovan? They don’t have the cap space to be spending it on attacking players unless Donovan is out. Of course, the deal is between the two MLS teams with the least amount of sense.

    Colman: 2 and 13 for Adrian Serioux? Adrian Serioux is worth a second rounder. He spends more time injured than he does on the field.


  • boneall

    Being and Canadian resident I think Serioux is worth more than that. Maybe both picks and allocation money.


  • 96er

    Being a resident of Krzecazakestan I believe Ali Amunujiabar is worth a DP slot. Maybe more.


  • Soccerzine

    The MLS “Super Draft” is the most over-hyped thing in North American soccer since Becks moved to LA.I love the TFC and have high hopes for MLS, but any player with world class talent will be playing in Europe. Chance Myers, last years #1 pick makes less than 150K a year. Compare that to what Altidore, Adu, Edu make.And no, it’s not just the players following the money, it’s the MLS selling the players.


  • SonicDeathMonkey

    I would think that since Johnston has traded Serioux not once, but twice, he might not be interested in bringing him in to the TFC fold. Just sayin.


  • Dave Martinez

    Soccerzine – I think you need “hype” to be “over-hyped.”

    I am not dissing on the event, but don’t hate on it. It is what it is; a chance for some young Americans (in most case) to make it to the pro leagues.


  • Colman

    If a second rounder makes any impact whatsoever, he is considered a success. Adrian Serioux is a Canadian International and starts for his club team (yes, when healthy). He is certainly worth more than a second round pick, even if this draft is strong.


  • milkshake of despair

    I haven’t followed the draft in the past. Two questions. In the list above, it would be nice to have their school, age, height and position listed. Second, how do high school players fit in to this?


  • Eric K

    Soccerzine sounds like another Canadian who in year one of TFC was profusely thankful for the opportunity to be part of the league, had a great time just having the games, etc. In year two, changed to arrogant rants about how MLS sucks, the competition sucks, the draft is stupid, why aren’t we more like the Premier League, ‘this is how they do it in Europe’, blah blah blah. Of course “world class” talent is going to Europe, that’s where the big money is. That doesn’t take away from the draft here, a fair chance for underachieving teams like TFC to get better and for young players to get a shot at a pro career. Everyone’s a winner.


  • zoran

    A Erik K

    I am a TFC fan and totally agree with you. Many of them for some reason totally dismiss the draft, yet so many good players have come out of college. I mean shoot Larentewits *sp* came out of college and Robinson from 10 years in England and I’d rather have Larentewits *sp*


  • Northzax

    I’ll go back to what I said at the first mock draft: I will be happy if DC gets Alston and Marosevic. I also included, for full disclosure purposes, Hudisic in that list, but he seems to be out of the loop for that. Might be a steal in the second round though.


  • Ossington Mental Youth

    Alot of people bring up how Mo has ‘dealt’ Serioux twice. First time he was barely with New York, he was only back to be in proximity to his sick mother and the second time he had a broken leg, was out for 6 months and got traded for Ronnie Obrien. I dont think hes been traded because he wasnt ranked highly, it was mostly out of convience and now hes convenient to have.


  • Eugene

    Ha Westbrook! =) I think you mean Jordan Seabrook. I’ve been enjoying watching the football as well.

    Great coverage Ives!


  • Joamiq

    Tracy signed with Aalborg.

    I that think the way this draft is shaping up, with depth but not much at the top, teams in general would be very wise to trade down and acquire multiple later picks, unless they have specific needs that they really need to address in the first round.


  • Joamiq

    Soccerzine – uh, not only were all three of those players drafted into MLS, but Jozy wasn’t even THAT highly regarded until NY took him in the 2nd round with the 17th pick. So yes, potential world class talent can be unearthed in the draft.


  • soccerzine

    Yes, I know those 3 players mentioned came from the “Superdraft”. That was my point!They did not stay in the MLS for very long. That’s why I said the MLS will sell world class talent for big bucks to European clubs.


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