Carver: MLS meddling made me leave TFC

Carver: MLS meddling made me leave TFC

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Carver: MLS meddling made me leave TFC

John Carver (

Former Toronto FC head coach John Carver has spoken out about his departure from TFC and he places blame squarely on MLS for his decision to leave.

"I've had restraints on me ever since I got here," Carver said in alengthy interview with the Toronto Star. "If ever you do anything or say anything out of order, they're straight on the phone complaining to the owners and that's how they work because, in my opinion, it's all about image.

"Obviously I wasn't the right image for the league."

Carver was also clear in stating that he had no issues with Mo Johnston or Toronto FC ownership. He also denied that he would be taking any jobs in England, such as a position with Newcastle, which was believed to be an option.

What do you think of Carver's complaints? Think he is right? Was it still not a good enough excuse to quit? Could Toronto FC be better off without him, or will TFC wind up suffering because of meddling from MLS?

Share your thoughts below.

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