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Good afternoon folks. If you are looking for some good soccer reading, here are some stories to satisfy your craving:

  • FOX Vice President says Champions League will not be in HD until February 2010 [NY Times]
  • The sins of the NASL and how we're still paying for them [The Offside]
  • "The UEFA Champions’ League is stupid and useless and needs to be spayed." [Twohundredpercent]
  • Liverpool goalie cough laughing during Hillsborough memorial [ESPN]
  • Four At The Back – Episode 4 [Kenn.com]
  • PSG goalkeeper Mickeal Landreau's  UEFA Cup nightmare [OffThePost]
  • "The behavior of the ball: one of the mysteries of the game" [Guardian]
  • Doug Hamilton Memorial Soccer Classic to be held Saturday [MLSNet]
  • Official USL First Division Previews [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]

Excited about Champions League being on Fox Soccer?  Prefer Max Bretos to Tommy Smyth?  Share your thoughts on the above stories in the comments section below.

  • This Guy

    I think Bretos and Smyth would be the perfect combo.

    I think those that don’t like them should be forced to listen to Julie Foudy for every match. That’ll learn them.


  • Utard

    Derrick Rae (sp?) is the best PBP guy I have ever heard. I really like to listen to him call a game. Bretos isn’t as bad as everybody makes him out to be.

    Please, please do more news links/blog links posts. It provides some good soccer reading for those of us who pretty much only visit this site for soccer news and info.


  • NewGuy

    I just wish I knew what ESPN’s plan was with all of this. Are they saving up for a major bid on the EPL? What’s the deal?


  • This Guy

    The footage of Charles Itandje dancing or fooling around during the Hillsborough Memorial is pretty distasteful.

    It’s on YouTube under his name or under Hillsborough.

    A guy is singing a sad tribute song and he seems to be dancing in his chair and trying to talk and laugh with another player. The other player kinda looks at him like shut up.


  • Mentz

    Hate FSC getting Champions League. This just shows that the most dominant Sports Station (ESPN) in America is taking a step in the opposite direction at covering the World’s Sport. Way to go.

    Yea and not having an HD Channel blows Fox…


  • Brock

    I liked max until his MLS review show which I must say was the biggest waste of an hour.


  • Sickfrank

    I think it sucks. I get ESPN2 as part of my usual package and to get FSC I’d have to spend another $20 a month. I’m one of those few that likes Tommy and Derek and the fact that ESPN shows mostly English teams in the CL. . .


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