SBI MLS Fantasy Corner (Week 7)

SBI MLS Fantasy Corner (Week 7)

Major League Soccer

SBI MLS Fantasy Corner (Week 7)

Amado Guevara 2 (Reuters) 


Hello and Welcome to the Soccer by Ives Fantasy Corner – now with more frequent flyer miles!  Every week I dig through statistics, news, and rumors to provide the reader with the kind of fantasy advice that only the best referee in the United States can provide.  I am writing this well before the official injury reports come out, so don't be grumpy if I tell you to pick a hurt player.  For information on MLS Fantasy Football go to

A couple of quick notes, before the recommendations for the week.

  • League assist leader Gerson Mayen isn’t a fulltime starter for the Goats.  He played 54 minutes during his two games last week.  Look for “Free Mayen” posters at the next Chivas home game.

  • New Yorkers like to do things better than the folks in the Midwest.  So when Columbus set the bar for choking away a late lead against Chicago, well the Red Bulls were compelled to top it.   The blown lead is worse for New York, if only because it looked like the Red Bulls had gotten their game together.

  • Seattle in the Open Cup?  Lets hope they play at Qwest field and draw 30,000 fans for an open cup game.

  • Real Salt Lack whipped Columbus a couple weeks ago, and eviscerated New England last weekend.  That there is home field advantage.

  • Last week, Maple Leaf fans saw their fantasy team shoot up the charts. Congrats to “Celtic1888” and “Team angler23” number one and two respectively in the SBI league, 4th and 18th overall. “Team Paul_y09” won week six for SBI with a RSL heavy team, placing 18th.

Now, onto this week's SBI Fantasy picks:

Team Picks

Take Three – LA Galaxy.  Hear me out.  LA has two games next week.  LA has three “defenders” who sure play an awful lot of midfield. This week they play the Red Bulls. Remember them, they just had their hearts eaten?  Angel and company average only .71 goals per game so LA should be able to hold them to under four.  Landon Donovan vs. Goldthwaite.     

Take Three – Chivas.  The Goats allow .43 goals per game. They travel all the way to San Jose to play the Earthquakes.  Frank Yallop still doesn’t have forwards that really impress anyone. Let’s see if Mayen gets to play a whole half.  

Avoid – FC Dallas.  Because they are a bad team.  

Individual picks 

Captain – Amado Guevara. Some days I hate the spreadsheet.  In general, I don’t mind having Guevara on my team.  He averages 29 points per game and hasn’t received any cards this season. Yet, recommending a captain who normally can’t be trusted feels like having too many mealworms in my undies.  The spreadsheet says he is the best bet for points this week, and he is playing against a Crew team that may revert to Emmanuel Ekpo at holding midfielder. There is a lot to like about this pick. 

Value –  Chris Pontius.  He plays 90 minutes a game, and is 6th on the spreadsheet this week. His Price went up recently, all the way to $222,000 for an average of $11,100 per point. For comparison, Donovan is $29,740 per point.  

Overpriced – Jay Heaps.  He earns -.02 points per game and costs $346,000.  He used to play basketball, blah blah.

Stop by next week when we try to put the 2009 Colorado Rapids season into historical context.

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