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Cast your vote for the USA's win vs. Spain



The U.S. national team's stunning upset of Spain is easily one of the biggest upsets in national team history, now it is your chance to vote it as the biggest upset in American sports this year.

The U.S. team's 2-0 win vs. Spain is a finalist for an ESPN Award for Best Upset, and best of all, voting is open to the public. Cast your vote here and we just might see the U.S. national team at the ESPY's picking up a trophy.

  • malkin

    I’m gonna wait til Monday then flip a coin between USA v Brazil and USA v Spain. While the USA Confed cup win against Spain was against the #1 team in the world, the win against Brazil was in the Final.

    That is all.


  • Ulrich

    Hmmmm, a bit premature to ask people to vote when there’s still a final to be played – especially since the ESPYs aren’t until well after the final. Do you get paid by the number of clicks your site sends to ESPN, much like banner ads along the side?


  • jim b

    Seriously, best MLS player category falls after best male/female with a disability and best bowler. That kinda shows where soccer falls in ESPN’s sports hierarchy.

    I wanna see a US goal in the final with a moonwalk celebration!! Do it fellas- let’s give props to MJ on the worlds stage. One of the greatest entertainers/non-convicted pederasses ever.


  • Chrös

    Yes, this was a big win, but let’s not go overboard here. The Confederations Cup means absolutely nothing. This is simply a win over the world’s best team in a glorified friendly. To get to the point where people are asking if it is the biggest win in the history of American soccer just goes to show how few big wins we have.

    Any big win outside of the World Cup is still a big win and a fun time and a confidence booster, but let’s not get carried away. Upsets happen. This was a great upset, but not a world-changing win by any means.


  • Chrös

    Also, my comment isn’t directed at Ives or this site specifically, just the overall “Is this the biggest win in U.S. history?” type stuff that has been non-stop since Wednesday.


  • JeffM

    Something that should be pointed out: The US starting 11 against Spain contained only one field player who had turned 30 (Bocanegra). The average age of the field players was 25. Only two field players (Bocanegra and DeMerit) will be older than 32 in 2014. Tim Howard will be 35 in 2014. The US bench from the last game included Adu (just turned 20), Torres (21), Kljestan (23), Wynne (23), Bornstein (24), and Guzan (24). Maurice Edu is 23.

    This group is not only playing well – they’re also young. This could be the beginning of something very good for the US.


  • Turtle

    Malkin – I was thinking the same thing. And when did voting begin? Yesterday? Today?

    If the USA win over Spain (or Brasil) doesn’t win the ESPY, ESPN needs to pull an Iran and make it a landslide vicory anyway and then quell any opposition to contrary.


  • Ives

    Ulrich, I told people to vote because the USA win over Spain is a finalist for the award. Sunday’s final is irrelevant with respect to the award so what does that have to do with me telling people to vote now? And no, I don’t get paid to send traffic to ESPN, I want my readers to know about a contest I’m pretty sure plenty of them would like to see the U.S. national team win. Is that clear enough for you?

    And Chros, nobody ever said the Confederations Cup was as big as the World Cup, but what makes an event important is how seriously the competing teams treat it and last I checked Spain, Brazil and Italy brought very strong teams. They didn’t treat it like a glorified friendly and the games sure haven’t been played like teams are treating it like one. I know that the tournament hasn’t always drawn the strongest squads, but the 2009 edition has, which is why I think calling the 2009 Confederations Cup a glorified friendly is pretty weak and misguided.


  • Turtle

    If you haven’t seen it yet – ussoccer.com has a great video with Timmy, LD, Deuce, Jozy and Boca giving day after thoughts. Howard comes through with a gem of a closure to the piece and LD gets off a shot at Mexico. Quality…


  • d

    espn makes you register to be able to vote, but their website is making that impossible at the momement; it doesn’t work.


  • Ed

    Man MLS Player of the Year is the very last category?! Maybe ESPN really does hate soccer…


  • OmarVizquel

    I hate the idea of the ESPYs. Actually, I hate ESPN and their monopoly on sports news, their smug announcers, and their crotchety opinion mongers. But voting on “best upset,” or most dramatic stories? You mean the “dramatic” stories engineered by ESPN film crews, complete with tear-jerking piano music and shots of the athletes staring into the distance? I hate all that stuff.

    Until there’s a viable competitor, ESPN can get lost. Soccer fans especially don’t need them.


  • Chase

    I was going to say the same thing Jim B, that is pretty low. Bowling, jockeys, extreme sports, and atheletes with disability are all higher on the pecking order…I’m just glad they didn’t ridiculously include Beckham (who ludicrously enough won) like they did last year…GBS deserves it, though I’m sure Donovan will win again.


  • Rossi is Judas

    Chrös and Ulrich, Ives just gave you the business. Don’t come into someone elses home and disrespect them. You might leave with a foot up your @$$. Hahaha!


  • Texas 1836

    Omar Vizquel = The Truth.

    That having been said, I voted. But I do feel dirty.


  • Supsam

    I refuse to take part by voting for the ESPY’s. Nothing against you Ives, but i really dont like ESPN…maybe if they cancel Jim Rome’s show ill feel a little better. The last time the ESPY’s happened, David Beckham won despite all of us actual soccer fans voting for someone else.

    Why is MLS on the very bottom of the list? Pathetic. Ives you should let ESPN know that they have the potential to get alot of soccer viewers, but they first must treat it like a major sport first.


  • goalscorer24

    Chros, are you nuts. Glorified friendly? That game meant something to Spain, it was not just a friendly, and it was not a second string Spanish team. So it definetly ranks up there as a huge win for the US.


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