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CONCACAF Champions League: Red Bulls vs. W Connection (Your Commentary)


Welcome live to Manny Ramjohn Stadium in Marabella, Trinidad where the New York Red Bulls hope to salvage something from their miserable season tonight in the opening leg of the CONCACAF Champions League Preliminary Round against Caribbean champions W Connection.

Will a change of venue bring about a change of fortunate for the Red Bulls, who have gone 24 consecutive games without a win in Major League Soccer?

According to CONCACAF rules, I will be able to live blog from here, but feel free to do your own live commentary of the match.

To start you off, here is tonight’s Red Bulls starting lineups:

Danny Cepero; Alberto Pacheco, Kevin Goldthwaite, Mike Petke, Jeremy Hall; Ernst Obster, Albert Celades, Seth Stammler, Jorge Rojas, Dane Richards; Juan Pablo Angel

  • GunneRR

    Richards with a nifty move to break in on goal — then shoots it over the bar and into the stands. Should have been 2-1.

    Better from NYRB with some passes connecting.


  • Gene_SF

    Richards makes a very nice move to get around the defender…and then just chucked the $%^! shot over the bar. I am not a RB fan, but I sympathize. Wathching a season of this could be hazardous to your health.


  • ManicMessiah

    Wow, what a deflection! Pacheco with the original shot from distance, 2-1 Red Bulls.


  • Mike W.

    Leave it to NYRB to go on the road and represent the MLS. The only time these guys play is when it matters. I just wish they would make it matter more often.


  • GunneRR

    Mike W. – NYRB aren’t representing. They were brutal in the first half and have gotten two gift/own goals in the second half. (But they are playing much better as I type.)


  • Mike W.

    I was going to write something about NYRB representing compared to their weekly MLS beatdown (i.e. 4-0 loss to Colorado) and that they play better in big game environment.

    And then I saw that last goal. 2-2. Ugh, I feel dirty 🙂


  • JoeW

    Two thoughts:

    1. Not positive but I think I’ve played on that field. It was a very long time ago. But basically, every ball on the ground is an adventure. Barcelona, playing on the field, would look like hacks.

    2. Away goals advantage. So if it ends at 2-2, that’s a not too bad result for RBNY. It means “W” either needs to win outright in the USA or tie but score 3 or more goals in doing so.


  • wykell

    over and done. 2-2 to a high school varsity team. way to go RBNY. Glad I’m paying for season tickets and get to see this all the time.


  • John F.

    Ties are like wins to NYRB and this came on the road, so yay!

    But seriously, getting 2 away goals was big, even if they were more flukes than skill. Still, this defense needs to stop napping on field at times. Somehow, someway, it does so much to hurt the Red Bulls and it nearly did them in today.


  • GunneRR

    Wow. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry after that one.

    At least NYRB still have a shot on Wednesday. In fact, they are in the driver’s seat.


  • Gene_SF

    As a casual observer, I think the problem may be with the coach. I heard the interview with JCO on the World Soccer Daily and he sounds like a nice enough guy, intelligent, knowledgeable about the game. But he’s got enough talent to do better. Perhaps he just lost the team and they need a new coach for a fresh start.


  • fenel

    as sad as this sounds, NY actually have a better result than any mls teams ever did in these preliminaries.


  • Erik

    Again not a good game by the redbulls but 2-2 on the road is not bad. Oebster showed he could be good. Rojas looks really over weight. To me he should be the next one to be cut, or Richards. He had some good runs but again showed he just does not have what it takes.


  • Mario in SJ

    This game was truly pathetic. The incredible level of ineptitude shown by NYRB really makes me think that there is a willingness by the players to screw up or MLS teams really su*k. Yes, I’m talking about you DCU as well.

    After so many defeats at the hands of the Caribbean teams I just cannot accept the excuses we hear about small squads and crowded schedules. OK so NYRB is bad but what excuse does Toronto and DCU have?

    Mr Garber, I recommend you stop sending teams to the CCL because it is making MLS look really bad, I say this as a committed MLS fan. Maybe in a few years.


  • Allegre

    I like Pacheco and admire some of his service from the back but maybe he needs to be on something for his Attention Deficit Disorder. How many of these do we have to see from him?


  • David

    Only saw the first half and I to am amazed at how poorly NYRB passes. I watch Richards and think about how promissing he looked a couple years ago under Arena and how hopeless he looks under Osorio. Honestly, how can the management think this guy is right for the job. The team is a mess to watch. The only strategy I can see is lobing balls in for Angel who is double or triple teamed most of the time because any team scouting the Red Bulls knows he is the only dangerous player they have. Everytime they string a few nice passes together I think “Hey they are making a nice build up here” and then the ball will get lofted into the box unnecessarily to no one or to a triple teamed Angel who can do nothing with it. Glad they got the draw and I hope they can get the win next week but the faster they part ways with Osorio the better.


  • Shitsky D'Hippopotamus

    What in the crap did Osorio do with all of the money he got for Out-The-Door??????!!!!!!!!


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