Who should Chicago turn to next as a DP?

Who should Chicago turn to next as a DP?

MLS- Chicago Fire

Who should Chicago turn to next as a DP?

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With Cuauhtemoc Blanco set to leave MLS this winter, and his return far from certain, the Chicago Fire will be left with a big decision to make this off-season. How will the Fire replace Blanco?

Chicago has a promising young midfielder in Baggio Husidic who is already getting playing time, but Husidic can't place Blanco's star power or overall impact. The Fire will need to sign a Designated Player capable of making a major impact on and off the field.

But who will it be? Will the Fire be able to find another high-profile Mexican player? Could a Polish star be the next target? Will Chicago sit on the DP slot and hope that Blanco returns this summer?

Who would we sign? There simply isn't another readily-available Mexican star with Blanco's type of profile. Could Chicago lure a speedy striker to Toyota Park with a big contract? Someone like David Suazo? It's tough to tell what will happen in Chicago when we really don't know who will be running the show there after this season.

What would you do if you were the Fire?

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