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Denmark releases roster for USA friendly

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The Danish national team announced the roster that will take on U.S. national team on Nov. 18 in Aarhus.

Christian Poulsen, Dennis Rommedahl and Thomas Kahlenberg are just some of the top European-based standouts called in for the match, which is the first of two friendlies the U.S. team is playing in Europe. The Americans are facing Slovakia on Nov. 14.

What do you think of the group? Excited for the match? like the USA's chances?

Share your thoughts below.

  • middlewest

    since we’re fantasizing…yeah, i was thinking it’d been great if pele, maradona and messi all played for the US. would’ve been fun.


  • Brian

    I have a goldfish.

    Oh, wait what’s that? I thought we were talking about s%*t that doesn’t matter.


  • Brian

    I’m probably going overboard here but I’m bored and I’m trying to get a better view of what the potential US roster could be, so here’s my prediction of the US roster (depending on how the playoffs play out).

    LA, Chivas USA, Houston and Columbus all feature players that have been called up recently to the national team. Donovan, Bornstein, Holden, Clark, Ching, Rogers, Hejduk and Marshall (and possibly Kljestan). RSL has Robbie Findley and Beckerman (I could see Findley getting called up, Beckerman if we’re thin at MF). Seattle, New England, and Chicago really don’t have anyone that would get called up (I highly doubt someone like Rolfe, Pause, Jaqua, Evans or Heaps will get called).

    My prediction is that LA, Columbus, Houston, and New England will advance (as far as roster purposes go it probably won’t matter if Chicago or NE advance)

    GK: Howard, Guzan, Perkins (3)
    DF: Spector, Bocanegra, Cherundolo, Bornstein, Castillo, Conrad, Goodson, Califf (8)
    MF: Dempsey, Bradley, Torres, Feilhaber, Kljestan, Jeremiah White, Edu* (7)
    FW: Altidore, Casey, Cooper, Findley, EJ (5)

    *Still unsure whether Edu will be healthy by then

    Other possible players: Adu, Beasley, Wynne, Oroczo, Gonzalez, Parkhurst, Freeman, Bedoya, Diskerud

    Of course, if Chivas advances, take Kljestan and Bornstein off and add Donovan.

    If Seattle advances, add Holden, Clark and Ching to the list and remove some of the fringe MF’s and probably EJ.

    If RSL advances, add Rogers, Hejduk and Marshall (if he’s fully healthy) and remove Findley


  • Jozy 9




    Use Feilahber & Holden has back up should the game need tweaked due to Beasley or Torres not working out.

    As for the back I’ll leave that to the person who gets paid to figure out that mess lol.


  • DC Josh

    Why shouldn’t Dempsey play on the left, or any wing for that matter? Because he isn’t a winger!!!!! He has no speed, and no crossing ability. The two most important abilities of a winger. He has neat footwork, and a decent shot, and good ability to find the ball with his head. He only plays winger for Fulham because the fullbacks overlap, allowing him to go inside. This also spreads the defense wide, providing more space.

    I’m sick and tired of people talking about Dempsey on the wing. He sucks out wide, better inside. Keep Donovan on the left, he is white lightning out there.



  • DC Josh

    This is one of the most randomly commented article I’ve seen in a long time. Denmark’s roster is loaded with players in big leagues. I can’t wait to learn more about their players and see them in action.

    Are any overseas SBI Mafia members making the trek up north, or south if you live really far up there?


  • Stephen

    Not saying that Donovan is a standout defender, I think he works harder to win the ball than Demps. I also think he works harder to show for the ball than Demps. Demps is good as an attacking player. He scores goals in that position. He looks confused and uncomfortable in the midfield, thus we always get mad at him. If we are worried about speed we should call up Robbie Findley. I just think Donovan’s confidence on the ball and distribution and work rate are invaluable in the midfield. If we want him attacking put his as an attacking midfielder. He is one of the main reasons we won the qualifying group, because of his distribution.


  • Stephen

    That said, I’m all for switching things up, but I also don’t want to do it so much that it’s a detriment to the team for the WC…you know?


  • Mike

    At least they are sending several of their capped players. I’m sick of us playing a Scandinavian C-team (I’m talking to you, Sweden and Norway) that only plays us because they are nearing their short winter off-season.


  • Brian

    Plays for AGF Aarhus with Benny. He got a call up last January against Sweden. If you check back on some of Ives’ American’s Abroad Weekend Rewinds, you’ll see that he is a frequent starter. I figured he’d get a call up since we’re playing in Aarhus (similar to the Beckerman and Findley call ups for the World Cup qualifier in Salt Lake)


  • Warren

    We do the same. It’s called our winter camp in LA. We do it every year because it’s convenient for both national teams. Our B/C team vs their B/C team. Last year against Sweden, this was our lineup:

    Califf (capt.)
    Parkhurst (Ihemelu, 82)
    Bornstein (Wingert, 79)
    Thorrington (Rolfe, 61)
    R. Clark
    Rogers (Carroll, 69)
    Davies (Cooper, 46)

    Does that scream A-team to you?


  • MakoSH00

    We’re likely to see the following players called up for the US in these Friendlies (pending MLS Playoffs):

    GK – Howard, Guzan, Perkings

    Def – Boca, Dolo, Spector, Castillo, Pearce, Califf, Goodson, Moor, Purdy, Marshall, Parkhurst, Conrad

    Mid – Bradley, Dempsey, Feilharbor, Torres, Adu, Donovan, Holden, Rogers, Clark (Would love Edu and Jones but still out injured)

    Stk – Ching, Altidore, Cooper, Casey, Johnson

    I’d love to see a 3-5-2 or a 4-4-1-1 formation.

    In a 3-5-2 I’d play….

    Spector (LD) – Boca (CD) – Dolo (RD)

    Bradley (HCM) – Clark (HCM)

    Castillo (LM) – Donovan(CAM) – Holden (RM)

    Altidor – Dempsey

    In a 4-4-1-1 I’d Play

    Castillo – Boca – Marshall – Spector

    Donovan – Bradley – Clark/Torres – Holden



    Personally I don’t care for Casey, Adu, Goodson, or Parkhurst. I think Conrad, Ching, and Dolo (maybe) are getting a little beyond their international careers. We need to get some of the younger players some significant time with a Core of Vets. Need to change-up Bob Bradleys tacktics a littel and insert some sparks.


  • MakoSH00

    OH and for Jozy 9…. Beasley should not be called in. He’s not playing for Rangers and played like crap the last 4-6 times he was called up. would rather get rogers and castillo playing the left side than beasley.


  • MakoSH00

    I agree he won’t call up 29 players. I was just thinking of likely candidates that could/would make since to be called in. And yes Drew Moor and Steve Purdy. With Gooch and DeMerit sidelined with injuries we need to find potential candidates for central defense. As I said I don’t think Jimmy Conrad is a good choice due to age and time away from the “A” squad. Besides we should be grooming some new players as well as getting ready for the WC next year. Just my opinion.


  • MakoSH00

    I agree he won’t call up 29 players. I was just thinking of likely candidates that could/would make since to be called in. And yes Drew Moor and Steve Purdy. With Gooch and DeMerit sidelined with injuries we need to find potential candidates for central defense. As I said I don’t think Jimmy Conrad is a good choice due to age and time away from the “A” squad. Just my opinion.


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