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Liverpool ousted, Barca rolls in UEFA Champions League

RafaGerrard (Reuters)

Liverpool's nightmare season got a bit worse on Tuesday after Fiorentina's 1-0 win over Lyon knocked the EPL club out of the UEFA Champions League.

Liverpool did its part, beating Debrecen, 1-0, but a penalty kick by Peruvian defender Juan Vargas gave Fiorentina the goal it needed to join Lyon in the Round of 16 and relegate Liverpool to the Europa League.

FC Barcelona went from club in danger of being eliminated to first club to advance from its group after posting a 2-0 win vs. Inter Milan at the Camp Nou. Playing without Lionel Messi and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Barca still dominated Jose Mourinho's men to move past Inter and Rubin Kazan into first place in Group F. Now Inter Milan will face Rubin Kazan on the final matchday with the winner moving on to the Round of 16.

Here's rundown of Tuesday's scores and some highlights:


Debrecen 0, Liverpool 1

Fiorentina 1, Lyon 0

Rubin Kazan 0, Dynamo Kiev 0

FC Barcelona 2, Inter Milan 0

Rangers 0, VfB Stuttgart 2

Unirea Urziceni 1, Sevilla 0

Arsenal 2, Standard Liege 0

AZ Alkmaar 0, Olympiakos 0


Here are highlights of Barcelona's 2-0 win vs. Inter Milan:

What did you think of Tuesday's action? Impressed with Barcelona's performance? Disappointed to see Liverpool ousted? Stunned to se Sevilla fall to Unirea Urziceni?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Emerald_City_Jason

    Watched the Barca game this afternoon. That second goal was just g*dd*amn beautiful. Pretty much one- or two-touch passing for a good thirty seconds.


  • DC Josh

    Ives, 2:31 am? Really?

    Barcelona is the best TEAM in the world. They move the ball and move off the ball perfectly. Their soccer is so sexy their games should be on pay-per-view. I’m not a fan of Barca, but I love watching them play. They made Inter look pathetic. Lucio is a dirty player, and Henry is a cheat. He dove at the top of the box when his foot was stuck and somehow that meant he fell down. Not sure why the defender didn’t fall down, but obviously Henry, a world class player, doesn’t have the balance necessary to compete at this level…


  • Isaac

    Alright, we get it, Henry dove, a lot of world class players do, go pick on them. Get over it, it’s a part of the game, it will never be completely gone, even WITH video review, just like eye-gouging is still a part of rugby, or holding a player’s jersey is a part of football.

    We know Henry done bad, HENRY knew he’d done bad, but almost as strange as it is that he keeps doing it, is that people STILL complain about it.

    I don’t mean to come off as a jerk and a whineybaby, but I just get annoyed with this sort of thing. Then again I geuss that’s how people feel about diving.


  • DJ Barnett

    Question: With Liverpool done in the champions league and with thier exit there goes a ton of money. Is Rafa done at Liverpool and if they sack him who replaces him? Klinsman, Hiddink, Mourinho, Sven??? Man this team is in trouble of not finishing in the top 4 and missing out on that money for a second straight year!!!


  • Citronomics

    Can’t help but think Liverpool’s season is ubfolding like that bumble bee guy on the Simpsons who has one catastrophe after another…


  • Isaac

    I don’t know nothin’ ’bout no bumble bee but I do agree that the ‘Pool has seen some of it’s worst days this season. A change of manager might just do the trick, but I do think that Rafa is a good manager, just not the right one for this club.


  • Joamiq

    Liverpool’s problem is top-level quality after Gerrard and Torres. Basically, there is none. That’s it. It’s impossible to compete at the highest levels with a top heavy squad with no depth. Spurs and City look stacked compared to what Liverpool has on its roster.


  • Citronomics

    Wonder if its top level quality so much (almost all Liverpool’s Starting line up are national team players for what its worth) but drop off from the ideal line up that is concerning and whether the system maximizes the talent they have. That’s where Spurs (cirrently) get more out of their players.


  • A.S.

    “FC Barcelona went from club in danger of being eliminated to first club to advance from its group after posting a 2-0 win vs. Inter Milan at the Camp Nou.”

    The post isn’t exactly clear, but if you are saying that Barca are through to the knockout round, I don’t think that’s correct. As far as I can tell, Barca can still be eliminated in the group stage if they lose to Dynamo Kiev by at least 2 goals on the final mathcday (playing in Ukraine) and the Inter-Rubin game doesn’t end in a tie.


  • K Bone

    I have to agree with Joamiq, they are clearly lacking in quality at the highest level after Gerrard and Torres. While most of their players do play for their national teams, most of them either don’t start or play for average national teams If you look at teams like Chelsea, United and Barca, just about all their players start for their national teams and are stars. Outside of Torres and Gerrard, no one but maybe Reina, Mascherano and Glen Johnson would get playing team on the other top clubs, and that’s not a gaurantee…


  • japan

    I agree that Liverpool’s depth is not as good as Spurs and City but the players Benitez put out against Fulham and Birmingham are more than capable of beating those teams.

    I think the main problem for Liverpool this season is that players like Mascherano, Carra, and Kuyt are not performing up to their standards.

    Getting rid of Benitez would be a very bad idea from Liverpool’s perspective.


  • Chris in Belfast

    I think Isaac is saying you’re letting your opinion of “le main de dieu” cloud your opinion of this play. Any other game and it’s just a fairly innocuous no call, but after *THAT* play, anything Henry does is magnified.


  • Chris in Belfast

    Second straight year?

    And the league season has yet to be finished. This time last year every one assumed Arsenal would finish outside the top four, and the status quo reigned. I think we’ve got one more year of big four dominance at least.


  • eltigreferoz

    I would give a **** about Liverpool, but I’d like to say that I find it enitrely senseless, not to mention unfair, that teams knocked out of the UCL get bumped into the already bloated and derided Europa League. This makes no sense to me and seems a slap in the face to all the teams who struggled to get there. But I guess that’s UEFA.


  • Spectra

    No genius. Barcelona is two points ahead of the two teams tied for second and four points ahead of last. The top two teams go through so Barcelona is not guaranteed the top spot from the group but whether Rubin and inter tie, or one wins Barca still goes through.


  • Spectra

    Nevermind I thought kiev had only 4 points you’re right they have five. So I don;t know what’s up


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